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5th World Water Forum: “Bridging Divides for Water” 15-22 March 2009 Istanbul, Turkey.

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1 5th World Water Forum: “Bridging Divides for Water” 15-22 March 2009 Istanbul, Turkey

2 20082009 International Year of Sanitation & MDG mid-term evaluation to be incorporated into 5th Forum Preparatory Process 5th World Water Forum Results + emerging issues Future Action When:

3 Where: Istanbul,Turkey A history rich in water resources, culture and technology A region where the availability of water resources is essential to maintaining cooperation for peace and prosperity At the crossroads between East and West, North and South, Europe and Asia, rich and poor, developed and developing countries

4 What: Over-arching theme: "Bridging Divides for Water" Creating enhanced understanding and improved information exchange amongst: Water users, decision makers, practitioners Local, regional and global levels Rich and poor Youth and experienced generations Stakeholders inside and outside the water sector (health, climate, population dynamics) Thematic and Political issues

5 Programme Committee Political Process Committee Communication Committee Preparation of overall framework, definition of major themes, design and monitoring of preparatory processes, implementation of specific programmes Design of the process and its linkages with the programme, involvement of political groups, preparation of substance for decision makers Design of communication & marketing strategy and tools, involvement of communication officers of water community organisations Working organisation 3 Committees and Working Groups Each Committee reports to the International Steering Commitee.

6 Principles for building a thematic framework A pyramid structure including A limited number of major themes with quality inputs A framework enabling participation of a large diversity of stakeholders Each topic & session prepared using a short series of key questions

7 2 issues

8 Programme Framework: 6 main themes Providing Water for Sustainable Development:  Global Changes & Risk Management  Advancing Human Development and the MDGs  Managing and protecting water resources and their supply systems to meet human and environmental needs Enabling Mechanisms for Development  Governance and management  Finance  Education, Knowledge and Capacity Building Ends Means

9 Forum Political Process What does it mean? 1.Involve decision-makers and trigger commitment 2.Strengthen good governance of water resources and increase attention given to water issues 3.Bridge the thematic process and the political process; involve other stakeholders 4.Build on the experience of previous Fora and, in particular, facilitate dialogue between political groups: Governments Parliamentarians Local Authorities

10 Forum regional processes What is it? A regional status of water and sanitation A focus on regional and local specifities A definition of particular regional objectives A regional action plan Concrete actions to bring to the Forum  Example: The Asia Pacific Water Summit Process

11 Other Forum Components: Panels Fair & Expo “Open” segment Social & Cultural Events Water Prizes Side Events

12 How to get involved? Contribute to the thematic process as a: –Thematic coordinator –Topic coordinator –Session organiser Join one of the working groups Become a regional partner Become a panel member Host a meeting Carry out communication activities within your organisation and in partnership with other institutions

13 Timeline Nov. 2007 Jan. 2008 Today: 5th World Water Forum March 2009 - Present First Announcement and Programme Framework - Guidelines for thematic and regional coordinators finalised - Initiation of Regional processes 1 st Thematic Coordinator Meeting 2 nd Thematic Coordinator Meeting June 2008 - 3 rd Thematic Coordinator Meeting - 1 st Political Prep. Meeting August 2008 Final Session Programme Sept. 2008 2 nd Political Prep. Meeting Jan. 2009 Nov. 2008 - 3 rd Political Prep. Meeting - 3 rd Announcement 4 th Political Prep. Meeting March 2008 - 2 nd Announcement - Registration Opens

14 Other questions: How is this Forum going to make a difference? What can the Forum accomplish in terms of concrete actions? Why should I participate?

15 www.

16 5th Forum Secretariat DSI 14. Bölge Müdürlüğü Libadiye Cad. Nop: 54 34696 Küçükçamlica Üsküdar, Istanbul, Turkey Tel: +90 216-325-4992 Fax: +90 216-428-0992

17 WWC Headquarters 2-4 place d’Arvieux Espace Gaymard 13002 Marseilles, France Tel: + 33 4 91 99 41 00 Fax: +33 4 91 99 41 01

18 Questions & Answers

19 5th World Water Forum: Bridging Divides for Water 15-22 March 2009 Istanbul, Turkey

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