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Focus Group Discussion Guide for Cellular Handsets.

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1 Focus Group Discussion Guide for Cellular Handsets

2 Process 1.Pre-Amble (5 mins) 2.Intros & Warm-Up (3 mins) 3.Cellular Environment (5 mins) 4.Cellular Usage (10 mins) 5.Past Handset Purchase (20 mins) 6.Usage of Handset Features (10 mins) 7.Desire Feature (3 mins) 8.Motivations for Replacement (10 mins) 9.Triggers to Past Upgrade (10 mins) 10.Barriers to Past Upgrade (5 mins) 11.Triggers & Barriers to Future Upgrade (20 mins) 12.Closing Exercise (10 mins)

3 Pre-Amble (5 mins) Thanks and welcome Nature of focus group (informal, multiway, expansive, all views, disagree) May ask obvious questions-humor me (sometimes actually obvious, sometimes not ) There are no right or wrong answers-all about finding out what people think Audio & video recording Colleagues viewing Help self to refreshment Going to be talking about cellular phone handsets

4 Intros & Warm-Up (3 mins) Like to go round the room and have you introduce yourselves… First name Best thing about having a celular phone Worst thing about having a cellular phone

5 Cellular Environment (5 mins) When you’re out and about, what do you take with you ? Let’s start with the things you always take with you ? FLIPCHART And what are the things you often take with you? FLIPCHART

6 Cellular Usage (10 mins) I’d like to understand a bit about you typically use your cellular phone… Hoe many calls do you typically make or receive a week ? What are some of the most common types of outgoing calls you make ? Briefly explore What are the most common types of incoming calls you receive ? If we were to take away your cellular phone from you, what difference would that make to your life ? Briefly explore

7 Past Handset Purchase (20 mins) Thinking now about your handset. I’d like to talk about two different things… First, how you actually went about the process of choosing the handset and, second, any criteria you had for the handset itself… Past Handset Selection Process So thinking first only about how you went about choosing your handset, not any features you wanted, how did you go about choosing one? EXPLORE PROCESS Past Handset Criteria OK, so now tell me what you actually looked for in a handset?

8 Usage of Handset Features (10 mins) Thinking now about handset features. I‘d like to start by making a list of all the handset features you can think of-anything the handset can do, any settings you can change, etc. We’ll talk in a minute about which features you actually use, but I want to start with a list of everything your handset could do. FLIPCHART Which features have you ever used, even if only once ? FLIPCHART Are there any settings you only changed once, but are really glad could change ? Why? EXPLORE

9 Desire Feature (3 mins) Are there any features your handset doesn’t have but you wish that it did ? EXPLORE

10 Motivations for Replacement (10 mins) You’ve all been invited here because you’ve replaced your handset at least once… What motivated you to replace your hand set ? EXPLORE Was the hand set replacement tied to your switching or renewing your operator contract, i.e., contract with your wireless service provider ? What do you think are some of the reasons that people would replace their handsets ? EXPLORE

11 Triggers to Past Upgrade (10 mins) You’ve all been invited here because you’ve upgrade your handset at least once… What was it that made you want yo upgrade to a better handset? UNPROMPTED FIRST What were ALL the factors involved in that decision ? What was the single biggest reason ? EXPLORE

12 Barriers to Past Upgrade (5 mins) How long was it from the first time you ever considered upgrading, however briefly, until the time you actually went ahead and bought the new handset ? What were all the reasons you didn’t do it immediately ? EXPLORE What was the main reason for leaving it a while ? EXPLORE

13 Triggers & Barriers to Future Upgrade (20 mins) What about the future—when do you think you will next upgrade your handset ? EXPLORE What would spur you to do that ? Is there a killer feature that would have you upgrade immediately? EXPLORE How would you go about choosing your next handset? EXPLORE

14 Closing Exercise (10 mins) Finally, I’d like your creativity for a few minutes—to come up with ideas… Don’t worry about whether it’s good idea or a bad idea. The only word I’m going to ban is “free” ! Supposing a handset manufacturer wanted to encourage you to upgrade tomorrow… What would you do ? Just call out anything at all that occurs to you—obvious, profound, serious, silly, whatever… EXPLORE & REFINE Thank the respondent and close the session.

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