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Keeping fit. Задачи: Развивающие Учебные Воспитательные.

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1 Keeping fit

2 Задачи: Развивающие Учебные Воспитательные

3 Развивающие: Развивать аудитивные умения и навыки; Выражать свое мнение с помощью 2-3 фраз.

4 Учебные: Учить читать, понимать текст, содержащий незнакомые лексические единицы.

5 Воспитательные: Вести здоровый образ жизни, отказ от вредных привычек.

6 Оснащение: Учебник, картинки о спорте, мультимедийное оборудование, компьютеры.

7 Ход урока: Оргмомент Good morning, children! Glad to see you! Sit down! The theme of our lesson is keeping fit. What does keeping fit mean?

8 Ход урока: Речевая зарядка. Проходит в форме мозгового штурма Play football Do morning exercise s Joggin g Hiking Eat vitamins Do not smoke

9 Ход урока: Read and say what sports these people are talking of. It’s one of the most popular sports in my country. It has a glorious history and traditions. Our sportsmen have usually been the first and had great success. All over the world people have been coming to see their unforgettable performances. It was born in England. But now it has become a national sport of many countries. About 20 million people fill the stadiums every year to support their favourite players. It’s usually associated with Australia or California, with sunny climates and ocean, joy and rest. But to do this sport you have to be strong, brave and patient. There are moments when it’s impossible to see what’s happening on ice. Because quick changes are taking place. Players should be able to change direction while moving at very high speeds.

10 Ход урока: Учащиеся развивают догадку, употребляя разговорные клише. I think … I consider … In my opinion … Затем учащиеся отвечают на вопрос: What is your favorite sport? Why

11 Ход урока: Парная работа. Discuss and name: a) at least three purposes to keep fit; b) at least five ways to keep fit.

12 Ход урока: Let’s have a rest. Учитель называет глаголы, а дети выполняют Например: run, swim, jump, clap your hands, dance и т.д.

13 Ход урока: Работа с текстом Ex16 p. 104 Read the information and find out how people keep fit. Затем учащиеся отвечают на вопрос: How does your family keep fit?

14 Ход урока: Выполнение теста на компьютерах Do you keep fit? Answer the following question and read the advice. Yes No Do you often eat vegetables and fruit? Do you do sports regularly? Do you watch TV for more than an hour? Do you eat chocolate, sweet, chips, and biscuits every day? Do you sleep 8-10 hours at night? Do you sometimes think about how fit are? Put “One” for each “Yes”. What is your total score?

15 Ход урока: Now read about yourself: 0-3: Oh, dear! Forget about sweets and chips. You need fruit and vegetables and more exercises. 3-4: Do more exercises and eat more carefully. 5-6: You keep fit! Well done!

16 Ход урока: Подведение итогов урока

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