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Book p.16 Chinese New Year is round the corner. Did any of you buy new clothes this year? Book p.16 I bought many new clothes this year! None of my old.

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2 Book p.16

3 Chinese New Year is round the corner. Did any of you buy new clothes this year? Book p.16 I bought many new clothes this year! None of my old clothes fit any more because I have grown bigger. Why do we grow bigger? And how much bigger will we grow?

4 Book p.16 Why and How We grow From the time we are born until we become adults, we keep growing and growing. We grow taller, bigger and heavier. We grow because important parts of our bodies change. Our bones grow bigger and longer to give us more height and width. Our muscles grow bigger to support our bigger to support our bigger bodies. Our skin also grows as our bodies get bigger.

5 Book p.17 Different parts of our bodies grow at different speeds. Your nose might reach its full size while the rest of your face is still changing and growing. Just like the different parts of our bodies, each child grows at his or her own pace. Some grow faster than others, so they are big and tall. Others grow more slowly, and may be small and short. That is why children come in all shapes and sizes.

6 Book p.17 How much you grow depends partly on how big and tall your parents are. Short parents are unlikely to have very tall children. Tall parents are just as unlikely to have very short children.

7 Book p.18 If you want your body to grow well, you must take good care of it. You should get plenty of rest and exercise. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables to get your vitamins, and drink plenty of water. This will help your body to digest the food you eat. The next time your clothes do not fit, remember that you have grown bigger and taller. This is all part of growing up!

8 Book p.19 Oh no! This shirt is getting too small for me. I hope my other shirt fits. Both your shirts are too small. I’ll have to buy you another one, Sam. Here, I have two different sizes. If they don’t fit you, I’ll get you another size. Thanks, Mum! I think that shirt is too big, but the other one looks like the right size for me!

9 Book p.20 Mum and Dad are tall, so I will probably be tall when I grow up. I am growing very quickly so my shirts do not fit me any more. I want to have lots energy in the daytime, so I have a good rest every night. That’s right! A good night’s sleep is good for you. You should go to bed early every night so that you will stay healthy.

10 Book p.21 I eat healthy food and do plenty of exercise so that I will be tall and strong when I grow up. I came to the playground so that I could play with my friends and exercise at the same time. You are growing fast because you eat well and exercise. I exercise because I want to be as tall as my father.

11 Book p.21 Mum, I can’t wear these shoes any more because they are too small for me! Have they shrunk? No, your shoes are too small because your feel have grown bigger. Let me buy you a new pair.

12 Book p.22 I know a curious little boy Who is always asking, “Why?” Why this, why that, why then, why now, Why not, why by-and-by? He wants to know why wood should float, Why lead and marbles sink; Why stars should shine and winds should blow, And why we eat and drink. He wants to know why fish have gills, And why boys cannot fly; Why steam comes from a kettle’s spout, And rain falls from the sky. He wants to know why ice should melt, Why spiders eat the flies; Why bees should sting and why the yeast Should make the bread dough rise. Some of his Whys are not too hard To answer, if you try; But others – no one ever yet Has found the reason why. Anonymous

13 Book p.22 Why can’t I fit into my old clothes any more? How do we know we are growing bigger? That’s because you keep getting bigger. You can measure your height and weight.

14 Book p.23 Do all children grow to the same height? Can I grow very tall if my parents are short? No, some children grow taller than others and some do not grow very tall at all. Yes you can, but if both your parents are very short, it is unlikely that you will grow very tall.

15 Book p.23 Will I always be short then? What should I do to take care of my body? Maybe, but taking good care of your body will help you grow well. You should get plenty of rest, eat wisely and exercise.

16 Book p.24 Exercising is easy and fun! I can exercise in the playground! Yes! Running, jumping, throwing and catching are all great ways to exercise!

17 title first paragraph topic sentence Why and How We Exercise We need to exercise regularly to grow us strong and healthy. Exercise keeps us fit and helps us to fight illnesses. There are many different types of exercise. One type of exercise is called aerobic exercise. It makes the heart and lungs work harder. Some aerobic exercise are walking, running, skating, cycling, swimming, skipping or even climbing stairs! Book p.24

18 Book p.25 illustration Another type of exercise is strength training. We can lift weights at home or in the gymnasium. Strength training builds strong muscles and bones. Team games are another type of exercise. They are fun and also a good way to spend time with our friends. Some team games are football, volleyball and basketball. Ending statements Different people enjoy different types of exercise. You should find an activity that you like and do it regularly.

19 Book p.28 aw saw awful lawn crawl hawk may way play okay today ay

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