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Pauline Ng Bao Ling Chen Hui Tan Li Min Chia Boon Siew Elaine Yeo Yi Lin Hong Zhen Yi Ayers.

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1 Pauline Ng Bao Ling Chen Hui Tan Li Min Chia Boon Siew Elaine Yeo Yi Lin Hong Zhen Yi Ayers

2 To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries. Aldous Leonard Huxley – English writer of the famous novel “Brave New World”

3 WHAT OUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS TELL US WHAT WE REALLY SEE & EXPERIENCE  What’s there to see in China?  There are no doors in the toilets one.  You cannot find chili sauce in China.  China got many people.  China has a lot of imitation goods.  Which one to see? (Jia Lat… TOO many scenic areas…)  Got door… But where are the locks?  The food is already spicy, oily and salty (at some restaurants).  China has TOO many people.  You mean they sell authentic ones? (Actually they do but it is TOO expensive)

4  Too many places.  Too many pictures.  Too much information.  Group them.  Choose the nicer ones.  Input our experiences.

5  China is multicultural and has a long history.  China has many beautiful Gardens and Lakes.  China has an effective Education system.  China has many excellent Businessmen and women.  China has a lot of good Food.


7  Zhanyuan 瞻园  Bamboo Garden 个园  Humble Administrator’s Garden 拙政园  Lingering Garden 留园  The Master-of-Nets Garden 网师园

8  UNESCO World Heritage Site  Consists of three major parts set about a large lake: the central part (Zhuozheng Yuan), the eastern part (once called Guitianyuanju, 归田 园居 ), and a western part (the Supplementary Garden 补园 ).

9  Stonemason Zhou Shicheng ( 周时臣 ) designed and built the East Garden ( 东园 ) as it was initially called  Ownership passed to Liu Su, another official in 1798, then Sheng Kang in 1873  In 1876, the garden was renamed to Liu Yuan ( 留园 )  divided into four distinctly themed sections; East, Central, West, and North ; central area as the oldest part of the garden


11  Freshwater lake in Hangzhou capital of Zhejiang province  UNESCO World Heritage in 2011  Influenced garden design in the world  Idealized fusion between humans and nature

12  Numerous temples, pagodas, gardens, and artificial islands within the lake  Fish Viewing at the Flower Pond ( 花港觀魚 ) park,  Orioles Singing in the Willows ( 柳浪聞鶯 ) park  Lingyin Temple ( 灵隐寺 )  Three Ponds Mirroring the Moon ( 三潭印月 )  Curved Yard and Lotus Pool in Summer ( 曲院風荷 ) park  Exploring Plum Blossoms at Ling Peak ( 靈峰探梅 )

13  Origin of the name Slim shape of the lake compared to the West Lake (round) Western suburb of Yangzhou  Marked for its natural elfish beauty

14  A number of buildings have been erected on the lakeside White pagoda Five-pavilion bridge Bridge Twenty-Four, a moon-watchers' observational deck Square pavilion, which have all incorporated the grace of southern gardens and the grandeur of northern ones


16  ‘Sheng Jian’ bun  ‘Xiao Long’ bun  Fried chicken noodles

17  Soup bun  Scallops  Fried rice cakes

18  Cai Fan  Mango pudding  Spaghetti

19  Dog meat  Pigeons  Donkey meat  Corn


21 Education system: 1.Similar to Singapore in which university is the tertiary education of a student’s school life 2.Independent learning 3.Encourage students to have a healthy lifestyle

22 Special Features of the school: 1.Natural Scenery of Suzhou-lakes 2.Old buildings preserve in the school campus 3.Unique environment of the school which makes the school a better place to study


24  Labour-intensive industries - Nongfu Spring, Super Food Tech  Entrepreneurship -  Research institutes - Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry,RISUN Technology, Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano- Bionics

25  Produce and export non-dairy creamer – substitute for milk/cream  Unique selling point: Customization in various features of the product  Made use of spray-drying technology - Common technology to produce dried dairy products - Technology also used in pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries

26 THE ENJOYABLE SUGGESTED IMPROVEMENTS  Balanced, well-executed plan – sightseeing, school and company visits  Great exposure!  Tea appreciation class  Lecture slides in classes to illustrate main points  Translation needed for technical terms. Would be good if teachers or students don’t insist Chinese to be spoken.

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