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Great Britain.

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1 Great Britain

2 Great Britain consists of four parts:
England Scotland Wales Northern Ireland

3 The British flag is called the Union Jack
England Scotland Northern Ireland

4 The capital city of England is London, Scotland – Edinburgh, Wales – Cardiff and Northern Ireland – Belfast.

5 England is the biggest of four parts of Great Britain
England is the biggest of four parts of Great Britain. Famous people, for example: Isaak Newton, Charles Darwin, William Shakespeare and „The Beatles” come from England.

6 A visitor to Britain can visit big cities, such as: London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham

7 The city of London is in the south – east of England, on the River Thames. About eight million people live in London and millions of tourists visit the city every year!!

8 In London people travel by red double – decker buses, black taxis or the London Underground which has got twelve different lines and more than 275 stations.

9 There are a lot of interesting places to visit in London, for example: Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, London Eye, Trafalgar Square.

10 A visitor to London can go to Notting Hill Carnival in the summer or go shopping.

11 In London, there are more than 40.000 shops and more than 80 markets.

12 Another famous tourist attraction is a circle of stones called Stonehenge, situated 13 km from Salisbury.

13 Wales is in the western part of Great Britain
Wales is in the western part of Great Britain. You can visit: the castle, the fortress and St. David’s Cathedral. There is the national park ’Snowdonia’ there.

14 Scotland is in the north of Great Britain
Scotland is in the north of Great Britain. It is famous for: kilts, bagpipes, whisky and old castles. A mysterious animal – Nessi, lives in the most famous lake called Loch Ness.

15 The Northern Ireland is famous for Mount Steward House, Coole Castle and Giant's Causeway

16 British houses Most people in Britain live in a house, although in the big cities a lot of people live in flats. You can see some typical houses and flats in the pictures. They are: a semi-detached house, a detached house, a terraced house, a cottage and a block of flats.

17 Generally, people in Britain don’t live in the city center
Generally, people in Britain don’t live in the city center. The buildings are usually just offices and shops. Most people live in suburbs in a house with a small garden. The British are fond of pets and they have cats, dogs, fish, hamsters and birds.

18 British eat In a real English breakfast you have fried eggs, bacon, sausage, tomato and mushrooms. Then there’s toast and marmalade. British people eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday in February or March. People race with a frying pan in one hand.

19 Five o’clock Tea is Britain’s favourite drink. It’s also a meal in the afternoon. You can eat tea at home or in a hotel. Tea at the Ritz hotel in London is very good. Pubs are important part of British life. People talk, eat, drink, meet their friends and relax there.

20 Great Britain is one of the most interesting countries
Great Britain is one of the most interesting countries. It is beautiful, exciting and full of life. It has also got a rich history. It is worth visiting!

21 Prepared by: Adam Szczerba V c

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