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Outline Overview Key Players Personnel Categories FAQs

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0 USS Fort McHenry Homeport Change Brief
Naval Station Mayport HPC Coordinator: LT Klanderman

1 Outline Overview Key Players Personnel Categories FAQs
Career Counselor FAQs Departmental Homeport Change (HPC) Coordinators and Responsibilities Information/Resources Questions?

2 Promulgation Date: 13 November 2013 Effective Date: 01 September 2014
Overview Promulgation Date: 13 November 2013 Effective Date: 01 September 2014 Current Priority Determine Needs / Desires of Ship and Sailors Goal Distribute and Collect Completed Questionnaires from each Sailor Plan Departmental HPC Representatives to coordinate distribution and collection of completed questionnaires and required forms to submit to ADMIN * While the HPC Committee will be identifying which category each Sailor will fall under, we need your help to determine your departmental/divisional needs along with each individual’s desires

3 Overview Considerations for Entitlements Critical NECs
Critical Schools WTRP Needs of the Navy Desires of the CO Desires of the Member

4 HPC Coordinators & Representatives
HPC Coordinator LT Klanderman Departmental HPC Representatives Deck : BMC Wolfe, BM1 Orrell Engineering: ENC Turner, EM2 McCray Operations: ITC Rayford, CTT2 Smiley Medical / Dental : HMC Williams, HM1 Artis Admin / Navigation : QMC Morales, YN1 Chin Supply : CHC Chavira, SH2 Adjeli

5 Personnel Categories 1 = Member PRD greater than 90 days prior to Homeport Change (HPC) 2 = Member PRD less than 90 days prior to HPC 3 = Member EAOS less than 90 days after HPC 4 = Member PRD less than 6 months after HPC 5 = Member PRD 7 to less than 12 months after HPC 6 = Member PRD greater than or equal to 12 months after HPC

6 Personnel Category 1 Member PRD greater than 90 days prior to Homeport Change (HPC) Present – 31MAY2014 Member transferring off ship prior to HPC HPC has no impact on you

7 Personnel Category 2 Member PRD less than 90 days prior to HPC
01JUN14 – 31AUG14 PRD can shift to right at CO’s discretion to support transition to Mayport

8 Personnel Category 3 Member EAOS less than 90 days after HPC
01SEP14 – 30NOV14 If member can be spared, separation/PCS orders will be issued prior to HPC If member cannot be spared, member is required to accompany the ship to Mayport (but cannot exceed EAOS) (Officers only) Members who intend to submit a resignation or retirement request must submit in accordance with the MILPERSMAN and meet the required submission dates. If the request is not submitted in time, they may be held to the Minimum tour for Separation

9 Personnel Category 4 Member PRD less than 6 months after HPC
01SEP14 – 28FEB15 PRD may shift to the left at CO’s discretion

10 Personnel Category 5 Member PRD 7 to less than 12 months after HPC
01MAR15 – 31AUG15 Member not entitled to Homeport Change Certificate (HPCC) but will move with ship to Mayport Member can extend on ship beyond 12 months after HPC to be entitled to HPCC

11 Personnel Category 4 & 5 No HPCC
Not entitled to move family or House Hold Goods (HHGs) on Government expense No entitlement for a partial HPCC for Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) shipment only HPC Committee currently working on low cost trip to deliver POVs

12 Personnel Category 4 & 5 Member with Dependents
Arduous Sea Duty Request Chit to keep Little Creek Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) for family living in Little Creek Waiver to keep family in Navy Housing Family Separation Allowance Entitled if not given HPCC and family will be in Norfolk or Designated Place (not in Mayport) Member without Dependents Sailors who will be on the ship for at least 90 days after HPC will be entitled to storage at government expense

13 FAQs: Personnel Category 4 & 5
I will not have 12 months remaining after the effective date of the HPC and am not eligible for a HPCC; will I be able to ship my car to the new homeport? No, there is no entitlement for a partial HPCC for POV shipment only I am a single Sailor NOT entitled to a HPCC receiving BAH at the single rate, what will happen to my BAH? Single members (or mil-mil) who are not eligible (and subsequently not issued) a HPCC - provided that they maintain a residence at the old homeport - and were authorized BAH prior to the homeport change, should continue to maintain BAH at the old duty station rate If single members place their items in storage at the old homeport, they will not be authorized to maintain their BAH because they are permanently assigned to FORT MCHENRY and occupation of government quarters (including onboard FORT MCHENRY) will be considered to be on a permanent basis, as they have no residence elsewhere

14 Personnel Category 6 Member PRD greater than or equal to 12 months after HPC 01SEP15 - and on Eligible for HPCC HPCC entitles member: (With dependents) to move HHG, 1 POV, dependent travel & transportation, and Dislocation Allowance (DLA) For single parents, continuing entitlement to BAH at the “with dependent” rate is dependent on the establishment of legal and physical custody BEFORE receipt of the order (in this case, the HPCC) (Without dependents) to move HHG, POV, or storage HPCC is good from date of issue until one year after the effective date (can move HHG from issue of HPCC until 31AUG2015)

15 FAQs: Personnel Category 6
What if I am not able to move my family before the effective date of 01SEP2014? If DUE TO MISSION REQUIREMENTS the member and/or family is not able to relocate HHG/family to new Permanent Duty Station (PDS) prior to effective date of 01SEP2014, member may be authorized to return from the new homeport to the old homeport after the effective change date of the HPC for the specified purposes associated with moving HHG, POV and/or to accompany dependents to the new homeport. Travel must begin within 180 days after the homeport change effective date and prior to the order expiration date. Requests for travel commencing after 180 days must be authorized/approved through the Secretarial Process.

16 FAQs: Personnel Category 6
What will a HPCC (Homeport Change Certificate) entitle me to? A HPCC will entitle you to shipment of HHGs, Dependent travel, shipment of POV, and DLA. Member will be entitled travel from the old PDS to the new PDS and back to deliver HHG I am a single Sailor entitled to a HPCC, how will I get my car to Mayport? You will be entitled to ship or drive a vehicle at government expense to the new homeport. You must have at least 12 months from the HPC effective date to be entitled to this.

17 FAQs: Personnel Category 6
I am a married Sailor, will I be able to ship two vehicles to Mayport? No, only one vehicle may be shipped w/ HHG in conjunction with a homeport change. A second vehicle can be driven and travel will be reimbursed. I am a single Sailor entitled to a HPCC receiving BAH at the single rate, what will happen to my BAH? If you are authorized to live off base in Norfolk, you may be able to receive BAH at the Mayport rate; however, you will be required to re-route your request chit through the chain of command upon arrival at the new homeport. Single BAH for E4 over 4 years is at the discretion of the base CO and dependent on the occupancy rate of the barracks. Because you receive Single BAH in Norfolk does not guarantee you will receive it in Mayport.

18 FAQs: Personnel Category 6
Will I receive DLA if I move my family from the old homeport to the new homeport before the effective date 01SEP14? Yes, if they are authorized transportation at government expense to the new homeport Will I receive DLA if I move my family from the old homeport to another location, other than the new homeport? Yes, but only one DLA payment is authorized. If you choose to move them to the new homeport later, you will not be authorized DLA or government funded travel. Sailors requesting to relocate dependents to a location other than the new homeport should request a Designated Place move.

19 Prospective Gains After 01JAN14
Not HPCC Eligible Will use PCS Orders to fund move HHG and family move to Mayport Member will not be able to move HHG to Norfolk, then to Mayport Member reports to USS FORT MCHENRY in Little Creek Entitled to move family to Mayport prior to reporting to Little Creek Not entitled to move family to Mayport after move to Little Creek May choose to not move family to Mayport or may move to Designated Place

20 FSA FAQs In what circumstances will I be entitled to FSA with a HPCC?
For those that are eligible for a HPCC, you will receive FSA (ship) only when the command is underway for periods in excess of 30 days. NOTE: If you are issued a HPCC and authorized to move your family to the new homeport yet choose not to, you will not receive FSA; this is a personal election that does not warrant payment of this allowance. If no HPCC is authorized, then FSA is payable. Sailors may not refuse a HPCC as a means to receive FSA.

21 FSA FAQs In what circumstances will I be entitled to FSA without a HPCC? If you are NOT entitled to a HPCC, you will receive FSA (restricted) on the 31st day of forced separation from family members once the command arrives in the area of the new homeport. Sailors that report after the promulgation date of 01JAN2014 whose family members are directed to move to the new homeport while the command is still at the old homeport will be entitled to FSA(R)

22 General FAQs When is the last day I can move my family or HHG to Little Creek on my current orders? HHG cannot be shipped and dependents are no longer authorized travel to the current homeport of Little Creek, VA as of the date of promulgation 01JAN2014 They are only authorized travel to the new homeport or designated place (there is no waiver authority in the JFTR for this) Again, you must have at least 12 months remaining onboard from the effective date of the HPC

23 General FAQs My family is currently living in Navy/Govt. Housing; when will I have to move my family out of housing? Can my family request a waiver to remain in housing at least to my PRD? Your family must relocate from base housing at the old homeport upon the effective date of the HPC; however, the Command can request a waiver in writing from the Director of Military Family Housing at your old homeport I need to break my current lease… how do I do that? With a HPCC/PCS orders, a member will be able to terminate a lease under the Service Members’ Civil Relief Act.  Those who aren’t entitled to a HPCC will get a Statement of Deployment letter to present to their landlord

24 General FAQs I am a married Sailor or a Sailor claiming dependents, when will my BAH rate change? It will change upon the effective date of the Homeport Change – 01 September You can also request BAH at dependent’s location (Designated Place) since we are considered Unusually Arduous Sea Duty or if your family moves earlier than the effective date of the HPC.

25 General FAQs I am married to another military person, what do I have to do for spouse co-location? You are required to have 1 year onboard prior to requesting spouse co-location. Once the 1 year minimum is met, cases will have to be worked through your applicable detailers. I have an Exceptional Family Member, what do I have to do? Contact the command EFM coordinator who will work with the EFM Coordinator at the new PDS to verify services Members should enroll/update their EFMP Arrange appointments w/ Medical Treatment Facilities, EFMP Coordinator

26 Career Counselor FAQs For enlisted: What if my EAOS is during the transit to Mayport and I don’t want to reenlist? The CO may grant, at their discretion, early outs up to three months prior to member’s EAOS. NAVADMIN 369/08 and MPM provide additional Early Transition Program guidance. In addition, MPM provides further guidance on separations incident to a HPC. For enlisted: Would a Sailor who requires orders due to a homeport change be waived from Perform to Serve (PTS)? No. Sailors must still obtain PTS approval for reenlistment if OBLISERV is required

27 Career Counselor FAQs I want to extend my PRD/EAOS for the homeport change in order to get a HPCC, what do I have to do? For enlisted: You will need to work with your Homeport Change Coordinator and Career Counselor to submit a 1306/7 to Naval Personnel Command (NPC) to request a PRD adjustment to 12 months past the effective date of the homeport change. In addition, you will have to request that your EAOS be extended to the new PRD. Please refer to NAVADMIN 242/09 in regards to short term extensions. For Officers: Submit PRD extension request IAW MILPERSMAN Article

28 Career Counselor FAQs I want to Swap with another command. What do I have to do? For enlisted: You will need approval from both command COs and have completed at least 12 months on board with your present command. Career Counselor will request at least 30 days prior to the desired date of transfer on NAVPERS 1306/7 to the appropriate detailer via both COs. Please refer to MILPERSMAN provides further guidance on Exchange of Duty (SWAPS). Remember: You will only be able to swap with someone who is very similar to yourself: Same rank, rate, qualifications, schools, etc.

29 Departmental HPC Representatives
Primary Responsibilities: Be familiar with the contents and purpose of the HPC Instruction and serve as the single point of contact for the department assigned. Secondary Responsibilities: Review all questionnaires for accuracy and completeness Ensure appropriate review and approval (where required) for requests contained in the questionnaire or supplemental forms Maintain a database of the status of each individual questionnaire and any requests indicated Maintain consistent liaison with the Administration Office and Command Career Counselor (CCC) to ensure a smooth transition for personnel executing HPC

30 Departmental HPC Representatives
Ensure the following forms for all departments/ personnel are properly completed and forward to the Administration Office: HPC Questionnaire (enclosure 2) DD Form 1746 (Application for Assignment to Housing) if member wants to apply for military family housing DD Form 884 (Application for Transportation for Dependents) if member wants to apply for government procured transportation of family members to Mayport, FL Properly review and approve Advance Pay Request and Authorization if member desires advance pay Request for an advance on Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders form for personnel who desire to draw advance travel allowances Approved NAVCOMPT 3065 (Leave Request/ Authorization) for leave desired in connection with PCS Travel Authorizations NAVPERS 7041/1 (PCS Travel Information Form) for personnel who drive/ship Personally Owned Vehicle (POV), ship household goods (HHG), or move family members. This form is now completed via Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System Electronic Service Record Self-Service.

31 Departmental HPC Representatives
Using department admin assets, prepare the following to support individual requests for: Letter of Extension for housing Letter of Extension for HHG storage No-Cost Temporary Additional Duty (TAD) orders for house hunting Charge regular leave authorized on NAVCOMPT 3065s in connection with TAD for house hunting or TAD for periodic travel. The Administration Office will charge leave in connection with funded travel Ensure that requests for advance pay meet established criteria and that they are forwarded to the Command Financial Management Specialist for review Upon completion of member's and/or family travel, assist in completing DD Form (Travel Voucher/Subvoucher), direct member to the Administration Office to update Records of Emergency Data (Page 2), and submit claims for reimbursement for travel expenses

32 HPC Questionnaire Schedule & Plan:
Brief your Sailors on their entitlements and options Provide them with resources, answer their questions Encourage all Sailors to talk with their families about their desires Have each Sailor fill out one questionnaire Category 4 & 5 Sailors will be most affected All HPC Questionnaires into ADMIN by COB 06JAN14

33 Information & Resources
Command Intranet Link to Resources Share Drive S:\MAYPORT\Homeport Change Resources- Mayport Limited Quantity Hard Copy Resources available in the Library More Ship and Family Briefs to be scheduled for next Spring and Summer

34 Questions? Please collect any questions you or your Sailors have and direct them to us, we will have these questions addressed when we visit BUPERS in Millington, TN in late January any questions/concerns to:

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