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RETIREMENT ENTITLEMENTS Transportation Personal Property

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1 RETIREMENT ENTITLEMENTS Transportation Personal Property
JFTR Chapter 5

2 Retiring Service Members are Entitled to Shipment of Household Goods to Home of Selection. This includes: Any place within the United States, Alaska or Hawaii Any place outside of CONUS (States) from which member was called or ordered to active duty to first duty station Any place, not to exceed what it would have cost the government to ship to a location in CONUS (Retiree agrees to pay excess cost, custom charges and international taxes, as applicable).

3 The Types of Moves You are Entitled to are:
A Government arranged move A Self-Procured Move Or a combination of both moves Or the placement of your Household Goods in Nontemporary Storage (NTS) (at origin) until you choose your Home of Selection. You are authorized storage (at Government expense) up to one year from date of retirement.

4 Release of HHG from Nontemporary Storage
You will need to mail or fax a letter to our office stating the earliest date you will be able to accept delivery Furnish delivery address and contact telephone numbers Once your shipment is released from NTS, direct delivery to your residence must be made – no further temporary storage will be authorized at destination

5 Extension of Shipping Entitlements
Can be requested in one year increments – up to five years Circumstances: Schooling, Hospitalization, Seeking Permanent Employment (or) Other Deserving Cases Submit Letter to Transportation Officer at least 30 days in advance of your first year’s expiration date Supporting documents: Retirement Orders, Letter from School Registrar, Realtor Letter, etc.

6 Extensions When Property Located in Nontemporary Storage
Shipping entitlements may be extended; however, government will not pay cost of storage beyond one year from date of retirement You may elect to request extension and agree to pay for storage costs at government rates

7 Did You Know? If you are residing in Government Quarters at the time of retirement, you are entitled to a local move from quarters (since you are required to vacate the quarters) You will then be authorized to make another move to your final Home of Selection within one year from date of retirement

8 Contact Numbers: Counseling: 804-734-4164/3688/4165
Nontemporary Storage: Inbound: /4169

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