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Enlisted/Officer Separations and Retirements. General Information Retirements and Fleet Reserve.

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1 Enlisted/Officer Separations and Retirements

2 General Information Retirements and Fleet Reserve

3 Requests  Enlisted Fleet Reserve/Retirement requests may be submitted no earlier than 24 months prior to requested date and normally no later than 6 months.  Officer requests for retirement may be submitted no earlier than 12 months and no later than 6 months.

4  Enlisted requests are made by special request chit through your chain of command. Your Command Career Counselor will attach an OPINS worksheet to the request chit and forward it to PSD for electronic submission.

5  Officer requests are made by letter IAW MILPERSMAN article 1810-020 and may also be submitted electronically. Officers may bring a copy of letter request and command endorsement to PSD to be submitted.

6 Separations Officer and Enlisted

7  Officer resignations are prepared via command admin offices and mailed to BUPERS.  Enlisted separations must make an appointment with PSD no later than six months prior to separation date to begin processing. Separations

8  If you are authorized early separation, you must provide PSD with a copy of your approval. MILPERSMAN article 1910- 102/104 refers.

9 Separation Orders  Officer orders arrive via message traffic and are endorsed by PSD.  Enlisted orders are prepared by PSD locally


11 Physical  A medical/dental physical is required for all personnel Separating, Transferring to Fleet Reserve or Retiring. You will receive a memo from medical indicating a completed physical.


13 Medical and Dental Records  All separating/retiring personnel must turn in their active duty dental record to PSD prior to departing on PTDY or terminal leave.  Active duty medical and dental records are mailed to the National Personnel Records Center in St Louis MO upon your separation/retirement date.

14  You should make a copy of your medical and Dental records prior to turning them into PSD, we are unable to allow you to make copies at PSD.  You can request a copy of your active duty medical record after separation/retirement by mailing a written request to: Department of Veterans Affairs Service Medical Records Center PO Box 5020 St Louis MO 63115


16 Family Member Medical Records  Family member medical records will be maintained at Naval Medical Clinic Washington Navy Yard for a period of two years for separation personnel and indefinitely for retiring personnel staying in the local area.  Retiring personnel who are leaving the local area can request their family member medical records be transferred to the new servicing MTF.  POC for Medical Records:

17 Terminal/Separation Leave  Leave is taken after completion of separation processing and ends at 2359 on your last day of active duty. If you are requesting leave, you must give PSD an authorized/approved leave paper with no Leave Authorization Number assigned.

18 IMPORTANT  Make sure your leave balance is correct prior to submission of leave paper. You will be charged for excess leave taken.  You can sell a maximum of 60 days in your Naval career. Leave is automatically sold back at separation/retirement if not used.  You continue to accrue leave while you are on separation leave.

19 Permissive TDY (PTDY)  Pre-separation job/househunting, which may be authorized by your CO for the purpose of easing the transition from military to civilian life. See your command’s admin office for procedures. Provide PSD with a copy of your no-cost TAD orders.  PTDY may be taken at any time after receipt of authorization to retire and is normally taken in conjunction with terminal leave.

20 IMPORTANT  PTDY is only authorized for involuntary separating personnel with Transition Benefits, Transfers to Fleet Reserve and Retirement.  IAW NAVADMIN 109/92, the combination of both terminal leave and PTDY may not exceed 100 days.

21 Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty. (DD 214)  Officers are required to provide PSD with their service record information including schools and all awards noted on page 13’s.  DD 214 is prepared from information contained in your service record. You will need to ensure that your record is correct prior to separation processing.

22 IMPORTANT  DD 214 will not be issued until your separation/retirement date. And only after PSD has received your medical and dental records, separation evaluation (if applicable), and ID card(s) (separations only).

23 Evaluation  Only separating personnel are required to have an evaluation. The ending date will be the date of separation (EAOS).  Evaluations must be turned into PSD prior to commencement of PTDY and or Terminal leave.  An EVAL/FITREP is not required for Retirement or Transfer to Fleet Reserve.

24 ID Cards  Any ID card issuing facility will issue a reserve/retired card with a copy of your DD 214.  Retirees may obtain a retired card early by taking a copy of your retirement/fleet reserve orders to PSD Washington’s ID card lab for issuance.

25 IMPORTANT  Enlisted/Officer separations are required to mail back their ID and family members ID cards (if outside local area) before DD 214 will be forwarded.

26 Certificates  Fleet Reserve, Retirement and Discharge certificates are prepared by your command. See your command admin or career counselor for details.

27 The following documents are required prior to departure on PTDY, Terminal Leave or EAOS.  Separation/Retirement Questionnaire  Approved early out authorization  Completed physical memo  Medical and Dental Records  Carit brief or TAP Page 13  Evaluation (Enlisted separation only)

28  Security Termination Statement (OPNAV 5511)  Pre-Separation Counseling Checklist  No Cost TAD orders (if authorized PTDY)  Approved leave paper with no LAN assigned  Data for payment of retired personnel (DD 2656) (45 days prior to retirement)

29 Home of Selection  Home of Selection is an election authorized for Fleet Reserve, Retirees and involuntarily separated personnel entitled to Transition Assistance Benefits.

30  A member authorized Home of Selection May select a home:  Anywhere in the United States, or…  Their Home of Record (if outside the United States), or…  The Place from which the member was initially called or ordered to active duty (if outside of the United States).

31  You have up to one year to make election and must be done in writing.  You must make a home of selection prior to drawing an advance, or shipping household goods.

32 Travel  Separating personnel are reimbursed for travel from your current duty station to a place not to exceed either home of record or place of acceptance to active duty.  Retirees, Fleet Reservist and involuntarily separated personnel entitled to Transition Assistance benefits are entitled to travel from current duty station to home of selection.

33  USNR personnel released from active duty and transferred to Naval Reserve are entitled to travel days for return to their home of record/place of acceptance.  Honorable separations that do not complete 90 percent of their initial enlistment and OTH separations are only entitled to lowest cost transportation in kind.

34  Advance payment for travel is authorized upon request. Retiree’s must elect home of selection in order to be paid in advance.  Separations receive 80 percent of travel advanced. The remaining 20 percent is paid upon receipt of a travel claim.  Retirees receive 100 percent of travel.  No DLA is payable at time of separation or retirement.

35 POV mileage entitlement (Per POV)  Member/Driver only ------------- $0.15  2 authorized travelers ------------ $0.17  3 authorized travelers ------------ $0.19  4 or more travelers --------------- $0.20

36 Final Pay  Active duty pay stops on the payday prior to separation. Final pay will go into your DDS EFT account approximately 3 days after separation date. This EFT will include your clothing allowance, lump sum leave, etc…

37  Retainer pay will start on the first day of the month following your separation. Enlisted - Retires 31 December. First retainer payment will be made on 1 February. Officer – Retires 1 January. First retainer payment will be made on 1 February. Example

38  All allotment can be carried over to retired pay, except charity and VEAP. To start or stop an allotment to affect your retired pay, it must be done no later than one month prior to retirement.  Bonds in safekeeping must be requested one month prior to separation/retirement. All request must be made in writing.  Tri-Care Dental will be deducted from you last month of active duty pay for retired personnel. This is because it is deducted in advance. You will be mailed a refund check for your last month’s deduction directly from Tri-Care. You must ensure you update your address in DEERS because this is the address they will use.

39 Please don’t wait until the last minute to notify PSD of your intentions. Plan ahead.

40 Questions???

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