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Brave New Network The music, entertainment, and news network for college students.

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1 Brave New Network The music, entertainment, and news network for college students

2 What is Brave New Network? Developed in 1994 by a creative team led by Brian Dean Sought hottest new music from labels and independents Packaged into weekly 1-hour radio shows BNR had a huge impact on college radio and the industry Helped launch careers of many platinum and gold artists: Sheryl Crow, Beck, Rage Against the Machine, Offspring, Everclear, Yo La Tengo, Freedy Johnson, Lisa Germano, Meat Puppets, 1000 Mona Lisas, Down By Law.

3 What is Brave New Network? Expanding to full music, entertainment and news network Produces and syndicates Music, News, Talk, Comedy, Drama, and Educational programming Flagship program BNR expands to 2-hours, and will simultaneously be released as a cable show, BNTV Programs taped live in LA studio and hot spots, and at live performances in clubs and college auditoriums

4 Connecting You to Student Buying Power 18- to 29-year-olds spend $135 billion each year BNN provides integrated marketing to colleges and universities nationwide Enhanced underwriter support ads are packaged with our programming, promotions and events Best and most cost-efficient ways to reach students through BNN’s music programming, print and internet advertising, and live concerts

5 Target Demographics 10 million undergrads living in the dorms at 600 major colleges 40 million registered students at 3000 colleges Reach

6 Strategic Relationships with Colleges 600 college radio stations 500 college TV stations 800 student activities councils 500 student marketing organizations 120 university press publishers 800 college weekly newspapers Access to DSL-wired dorm rooms

7 Other Media Outlets Public FM radio Commercial FM radio Internet radio stations and sites Cable TV

8 Impressions Radio Reaches 10 million, average listenership over 1 million TV Reaches 4 million, average viewership over 425,000 Web site 750,000 hits per week College newspapers, posters, product tents/campaign

9 Reports Arbitron, Nielson, Acutrack reports supplied to sponsors College Research Consortium has contract with Arbitron (used by NPR) BNN supplies hits on sites BNN supplies sales on site to sponsors

10 How do we get the hottest new talent? Over 28,000 CDs released each year New talent from labels Unsigned bands through scouting BNN has a great track record Rage Against the Machine, Everclear, Beck, Sheryl Crow, The Offspring, 1000 Mona Lisas, Freedy Johnson, Lisa Bermano, Meat Puppets

11 How Can You Get Involved? Tour Sponsorships Club Sponsorships Media Advertising

12 Tour Sponsors Series of 8-week college tours 2 colleges per week $30,000 per concert $30,000 x 16 = $480,000 for entire tour Single event sponsorship also an option. Example: sponsoring concert in Florida during spring break

13 Tour Sponsors Up to 5 sponsors per tour Different product categories $6,000 per concert for each sponsor $6,000 x 16 = $96,000 each sponsor

14 Current Tour Schedule West Coast Tour (50) Top Media Market Tour (40) Canadian Tour (10)

15 Tour Groups Each Touring Group has 3 newly signed bands and 2 unsigned bands Tours begin in September

16 Summer Season LA Club dates SNN/BNN tour $5,000 per date Up to 5 sponsors per date, $1000 each sponsor

17 LA Clubs The Roxie The House of Blues King King’s The Knitting Factory

18 SNN and BNN West Coast Tour Winston’s Beach Club, San Diego The Belly Up Tavern, Salana Beach The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano The Light House Café, Hermosa Beach The PCH Club, Longbeach Schooners, Pacific Beach Canes Bar & Grill, Mission Beach The Beach Chalet Brewery, San Francisco The Maritime Hall, San Francisco Pier 23 Café San Francisco

19 Value Add New Club and Tour Sponsors get free BNR, BNTV, and Website media coverage 6 weeks out media blitz through college radio and cableTV Print ads, posters, BNN monthly CD sampler BNN website promotions (Giveaway drawings of BNN products and/or Sponsor product) SNN website promotions

20 Media Sponsors Weekly 2-hour radio shows sent to 600 college radio stations 16 units per 2-hour show, airing 2 times per show $25 per spot per broadcast per station, with 2nd airing free

21 Media Sponsors Examples 1 unit, all 600 stations, 50 weeks out of the year = $750,000 nationwide 10 units, 16 stations, 14 weeks = $56, 000 (Flood market for Southern California tour, 6-week lead + 8-week tour) (Other 6 units in reserve for sponsors and BNN)

22 Brave New Network Connecting you to student buying power

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