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University Communications THE FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY.

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1 University Communications THE FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY

2 University Communications is your campus connection to your colleagues, the community, the country and the world. University Communications, the news, information and public relations unit of The Florida State University, is staffed by professionals who can help you reach campus audiences and the public -- and help the University put its best foot forward.

3 Faculty, Staff and Students May Contact Us About: THE FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY

4 Publicity Planning Let us know about the date, time and place of special events as soon as they are scheduled so we can help you target your publicity to the right audiences for maximum coverage.

5 We inform local, regional, national and international audiences, as appropriate, about people, research, unique programs and other news at Florida State. If you are involved in research or a special project -- especially anything of general or consumer-related interest -- help us tell the world about it. News stories are provided to the Associated Press, newspapers, magazines, television and radio networks and stations, and other media outlets, and are posted on the Internet at. We also contact editors and writers directly with Florida State news leads, and respond to news media inquiries daily. News Stories

6 News reporters around the nation send news queries to ProfNet, a cooperative of hundreds of college public information officers linked via the Internet to provide journalists with quick access to expert sources. With quick responses to these queries, Florida State University experts may be quoted in news media across the country. ProfNet

7 “FSU Headlines” is a daily, three-minute radio program promoting academics, research and news at Florida State. “FSU Headlines” airs on Florida State’s public radio stations in Tallahassee and Panama City. “FSU Headlines” is a monthly, half-hour public affairs program promoting academics, research and news at Florida State. It airs statewide on the Sun Sports regional cable television sports network and throughout north Florida on WFSU-TV. “FSU Headlines” on Radio “FSU Headlines” on Television

8 “Florida State Times” is a newspaper published six times a year that reports news about The Florida State University to alumni, friends, faculty and staff across the nation.

9 The faculty and staff bulletin is published biweekly in the fall and spring semesters and monthly during the summer. It is posted on the Internet at, the newsletter includes a calendar of events, personnel information, campus notices and a listing of the professional activities of Florida State University employees.

10 Information about FSU-related events are compiled in semester, monthly and more frequent calendars and may be found at. Calendars

11 Professional photographers provide quality work at costs usually below commercial establishments. Faculty and departments are offered a range of services, including events coverage, studio portraits, passport photos, color film processing and printing. FSU Photo Lab

12 Visit the University Communications site on the World Wide Web at:

13 310 Kellogg Building 108 S. Copeland Ave. Tallahassee, FL 32306-1380 Phone: (850)644-4030 -- Fax: (850)644-9643 The Florida State University Communications THE FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY

14 News and Public Affairs 310 Kellogg -- (850)644-4030 Print Media and Publications 310 Kellogg-- (850)644-4030

15 “Florida State Times” and “State” 324 Kellogg -- (850)644-1360 FSU Photo Lab 324 Kellogg -- (850)644-4712 FSU Broadcast Center -- (850)487-3170 x313 Visual Media and Promotions and “FSU Headlines”

16 University Communication Staff Click on: “Staff Directory”

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