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What word do you see in the term… conditional?

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3 What word do you see in the term… conditional?

4 Conditional That’s right! And what exactly is a condition?

5 Conditional As you can see, there are lots of meanings for the word condition. What if I said that your parents will permit you to go to the movies under one condition?

6 Conditional What would be an example of one such condition? Si quiero ir al cine, tengo que… limpiar mi cuarto hacer mi tarea lavar los platos

7 Conditional In the three previous examples, I would go to the movies, but there is a condition in the way. In order to go to the movies, what three things would I have to do? 1. limpiar mi cuarto 2. hacer mi tarea 3. lavar los platos

8 Conditional So, the next question might be: “How do you say I would do x, y or z in Spanish?” Simple…most of the time. For most verbs, just start with the infinitive. Can someone remind me of what an infinitive is again? What are some examples?

9 Infinitives trabajar correr comer vivir viajar Note that every infinitive ends in the letters ar, er or ir. When you translate them, always start with the word to. To work, to run, to eat, to live, to travel

10 Conditional Once we have the infinitive, simply add ía. Of course, sometimes it will end with ías ían íamos

11 Conditional Now, let’s put it all together. How would you say: I would eat? Start with the infinitive… comer Add ía And voila! You have comería…or I would eat. So, how would you say: We would eat? comeríamos

12 El Tiempo Condicional: “Would” Yo ía Keep the infinitive. Tú ías Él ía Nosotros íamos Ellos ían I would speak: hablaría I would travel: viajaría We would listen: escucharíamos You would go: irías They would study: estudiarían

13 Irregular Conditional There are a few words that don’t quite follow this pattern. They are just like the future tense. Can you remember what happens to these next few words? See if you can guess.

14 Irregular Conditional To have: tener To leave: salir To come: venir tendr saldr vendr

15 Irregular Conditional To say/tell: decir To do/make: hacer To want: querer dir har querr

16 Irregular Conditional To tell: decir To know: saber To be able: to poder dir sabr podr

17 Irregular Conditional To put: poner To be worth: valer pondr valdr

18 İFabuloso!

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