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Future tense Ms Rodriguez

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1 Future tense Ms Rodriguez
El futuro Future tense Ms Rodriguez

2 I. Future tense A There are 3 ways to express future action in Spanish
Simple present tense – see before Ir a + INF voy a estudiar Future tense estudiaré

3 II. Future tense B Used to describe an action that one . . . Will do
OR Shall do

4 II. Future tense C Ex1: Comeré la cena a las 6.
I will eat dinner at 6. Ex2: Mario venderá fruta mañana Mario will sell fruit tomorrow. Ex3: Ellas no aprenderán nada. They will not learn anything.

5 III. Endings -emos -ás X -án

6 How do you conjugate? Keep the INFINITIVE and then add the future endings -é -emos INF + -ás x -á -án

7 X comprar compraré compraremos comprarás comprará comprarán I will buy
We will buy comprarás You will buy X comprará He, she, you will buy comprarán They, you all will buy

8 X vender venderé venderemos venderás venderá venderán I will sell
We will sell venderás You will sell X venderá He, she, you will sell venderán They, you all will sell

9 X vivir viviré viviremos vivirás vivirá vivirán I will live
We will live vivirás You will live X vivirá He, she, you will live vivirán They, you all will live

10 IV. Irregulars Group A – drop the -e- caber  cabr- haber  habr-
poder  podr- querer  querr- saber  sabr-

11 X caber cabré cabremos cabrás cabrá cabrán I will fit We will fit
You will fit X cabrá He, she, you will fit cabrán They, you all will fit

12 IV. Irregulars Group B – drop -e- or - i - and add -d- poner  pondr-
tener  tendr- valer  valdr- salir  saldr- venir  vendr-

13 X poner pondré pondremos pondrás pondrá pondrán I will put We will put
You will put X pondrá He, she, you will put pondrán They, you all will put

14 IV. Irregulars Group C – drop the -e- & -c- decir  dir- hacer  har-

15 X decir diré diremos dirás dirá dirán I will say We will say
You will say X dirá He, she, you will say dirán They, you all will say

16 V. Vocabulario Mañana tomorrow mañana por la mañana morning mañana por la tarde afternoon mañana por la noche evening

17 Vocabulario 2 la próxima semana next week el próximo día next day el próximo mes next month el próximo martes next Tuesday En el futuro in the future

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