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Planning Your Year. Introductions Time Management Planning Your Year Eight Step Planning Process Workshop Topics Publications.

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1 Planning Your Year

2 Introductions Time Management Planning Your Year Eight Step Planning Process Workshop Topics Publications

3 Your Masonic Leadership Training Team Honored Guests Attendees Name Lodge & Location Title and Position, if any

4 Restrooms Cell phones/PDAs Sign-In Sheets

5 Florida Digest of Masonic Law Lodge Officers Handbook Masonic Leadership Training Manual Lodge Secretary Administrative Guide (GL215) Worshipful Masters Program Notebook (GL218)

6 The Lodge is yours for 365 days, 8760 hours and 585,600 minutes Master your own schedule or let it master you Schedule a portion of each day for Lodge business No phones, visitors, distractions (ask wife to watch kids)… Pass schedule to your Officers so they know Keep updated priority list of things to do each day Keep any calls during this time short and to the point Dont procrastinate & follow your set times

7 Waiting for perfection can cause missed timeframes, you may never have all the information Learn to say No – you cant accomplish everything everyone wants to do Be decisive – delaying causes waste of valuable time, dont revisit past decisions Delegate, you cant do everything Make and keep appointments – your time is important and those you spend it with Cross examine and re-evaluate your time management

8 Four ways to help your Lodge Enlist the commitment and participation of your Brothers and Officers There are many activities outside that compete for the attention of todays men, how many can you fulfill at your Lodge Plan activities and events that are rewarding to your members Involving your Officers ensures consistency over the years and leaves the Lodge in good shape when you leave the East

9 1 - Worshipful Masters Direction When I have completed serving as Worshipful Master, I want the year to be remembered for… 2 - Every member has something to offer and in return, they desire: To meet new friends To have fun To feel proud To be well led A role for their family A Lodge active in the community

10 3 - Identify key areas of work Meet with your incoming Wardens and identify key areas Each of the Senior Officers individually plans their year in the East Ensues continuity Promotes long term goals Create a Planning Team Effective Past Master Businessman or Owner Recently-joined, young Mason Effective committee chairman Skilled financial planner Experienced planner Good communicator Interested member

11 Brainstorming Strengths & weaknesses Meetings Work Fellowship Membership Community service Communications with Members Fundraising Prioritize results & identify current and out years

12 4 - Refining the plan This planning team consists of key members excited and committed to achieve their goals The members of the planning team will make excellent members of committees to implement the plans Involving your Wardens (especially the items marked for future years) ensures a long range plan for success of your Lodge

13 5 - Preparing the initial calendar Have Wardens draft their own as guidelines for their term Add top priority items from Planning Team Add historical Lodge activities (meetings, dinners…) Add Grand Lodge activities & events Add Masonic charities (MMRL, Child ID, etc.) Additional items PRN (civic, military, etc.)

14 6 – The final plan Bring the three calendars into one document (Incoming WM & Wardens) to present to the craft Enlist assistance to head or sit on committees in support of the calendar 7 – The big announcement Present your plan to the craft Make copies for the members Print out a one page calendar on the back of the trestleboard Hand it out at installation Place it on the Lodges web site Send in an e-mail to the members

15 8 – Launch the plan Appoint committees to support the plan Talent and abilities of the member Interest in the committee Responsibility Willingness and ability to devote the time necessary Ambition for leadership, teamwork Only one event per night (no widows & PM night) Allow sufficient lead time to organize the event Plan event around purpose (widows lunch vs. dinner as many do not like to be out at night)

16 Food – type and style (hint – work closely with your JW) Location (how accessible for widows night) Plan the theme for the event Invitations & coordination for attendees Entertainment Call & remind guests a week (or less) in advance of the event Logistics (supplies purchased, Bldg opened early, greeters placed) Make the guests feel welcome Send thank-you letters after the event

17 Grand Lodge planning publications GL-218 Worshipful Masters program book GL-215 Lodge Secretarys administration guide Masonic Renewal Committee of North America (MRC) Masonic Leaders planning guide Getting set for success 101+ Ways to Improve Interest and Attendance in your Lodge 75 Ways to Attract and Retain New Members


19 Thanks for Attending!!

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