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BEC Vantage 郑军锋 Tel: 13246800324 QQ: 252929285.

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1 BEC Vantage 郑军锋 Tel: QQ:

2 BEC Vantage 郑军锋 Tel: QQ:

3 Module Ways of working  Lead-in  How many ways of working can you name? 1.part-time vs full-time 2.shift 3.teleworking ( working from home) 4.freelance : freelance journalist /writer /photographer 5.…

4 Module Ways of working  How do you study most effectively?  By studying…  At the same time every day/at different times of the day?  Early in the morning/late at night?  On you own/with others?  In your dormitory/in the classroom/canteen?  Through visional/auditory material? How do you work most effectively? By working… Regular hours/flexible hours? From home/ in an office? In a team/on your own? For a boss/as your own boss?

5 Module Ways of working  Multiple matching--Ex.2 –P6 Vocabulary  job-sharing: a system in which two people share the work from a single job  shift: day/night/evening shift  temping: If someone is temping, they are working as a temp  consultancy--consultant  flexitime (flextime)  hot-desking

6 Module Ways of working  Which ways of working would you like to try in future? Why?  Ex. 3 Multiple matching  Think and discuss in groups—Ex.4 Think of one more advantage or disadvantage for the above ways of working mentioned.

7 Module Ways of working possible advantages possible disadvantages freelance teleworking job-sharing shift work part-time temping consultancy flextime hot-desking

8 Module Ways of working  Lead-in (Review)  What’s your understanding of job-sharing?  What advantages and disadvantages do you think job sharing has?  Reading—How to job-share  Task 5—reading for gist (general idea)

9 Module Ways of working Reading—How to job-share  Vocabulary  share credit and blame  managing director (MD)=GM (general manager)  consultancy  embrace the benefits  over-optimistic (pessimistic)  fit in with…  hand work over: transfer to…

10 Module Ways of working  Vocabulary  play (according) to each other’s different strengths  delegate: ~ (sth) (to sb) entrust (duties, rights, etc) to sb in a lower position or grade  workload: amount of work  in terms of : on the subject of  job-sharer  parental leave (time away from work, usually without pay, that parents are allowed in order to look after their children)  one voice, one unit: unanimously

11 Module Ways of working  Review  What advantages and disadvantages does working from home has?  Michela: talking about working from home  Task 1  Task 2 (p8)

12 Module Ways of working  Listening: Working from home

13 Module Ways of working  have the morning (a day) off  have a timetable and stick to it  catch up on sth : acquire information about sth belatedly 事后了 解对某事物的情况 Eg: Come over for a chat so we can catch up on each other's news. 来聊聊天, 彼此好通通最近的消息.  every so often: sometimes but not often

14 Module Ways of working Pair work  A: employee—wants to start job-sharing with another colleague. Try to convince B that it is a good idea and mention the advantages.  B: employer—be skeptical and mention disadvantages.


16 Module 1 presentpastfuturepast future simple ★ continuous ★ perfect ★ perfect continuous ★ Grammar: present tenses  Ex. 3/4

17 Module 1 Grammar: present tenses

18 Module 1 Grammar: present tenses

19 Module 1 Grammar: present tenses  NB  Ex.5  After-class Brainstorming:  Can you think of more tips for working from home?

20 Module 1 P18

21 Module 1


23 Module 5.3 Speaking test—part two (p54)  mini-presentation  Introduction  Tips:  1min preparation—no more than 10s choose the topic; about 50s make an outline (记下关键词、 词组,注意用英语思考和记录 ; 可采用此模式: )  1 min presentation  关于提问:听时要思考,集中精力,及时记录可 提问点;关于回答:要简明扼要  练习:给自己定时;快速读题,果断选题,重点 放在思路拓展、提纲列举及快速记录

24 Module 1



27 Module 5.3 Speaking test—part two (p54)  Regarding to/With regard to this topic, from my point of view/as far as I’m concerned, there are ….aspects to consider. (I have the following consideration/ I have the following points.  When…, I think the following points are important.  …  Well, that’s all my points. It looks as if I’ve covered the main areas/points.

28 Module 1




32 1.1 Ways of working Mini-presentation (P54)

33 Module Ways of working Suggested answer

34 Module Ways of working Suggested answer

35 Module Ways of working  Homework  To find, read and know more about 0-8.

36 Module 1 About homework  Temping Offers a Way to Build Your Resume -- and Much More egies.html  Freelancer  …


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