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Lecture 1 Definition of Business Feasibility Study Matakuliah: J0464 / Business Feasibility Study Tahun: 2007 Versi: Revisi 3.

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1 Lecture 1 Definition of Business Feasibility Study Matakuliah: J0464 / Business Feasibility Study Tahun: 2007 Versi: Revisi 3

2  Studying mechanism  Rule and studying discipline  Definition and activity process  Understanding “Business Feasibility Study”  The importance of investing  The reason studying Business Feasibility  MATERIAL 01

3  Reading Books : Kasmir dan Jakfar,(2003),Studi Kelayakan Bisnis, Penerbit Prenada Media Jakarta. Bab. 1 hal. 3-32  Online Readings : 1. 2.http://www.bps.go.id 3. 4. 5. monographs/partnership/assistance.asp monographs/partnership/assistance.asp

4  Understanding Business Feasibility Study  Investment understanding investment Based on William F. Sharfe, investment is about sacrificing money now for the money in the future.  Kinds of investment : 1. real investment 2. financial investment 01

5  Project understanding Project Generally Project is a kind of activity which involves many resources that are available within a particular bucket (organization) in a particular period of time to do an activity that has been assigned before or to achieve a particular goal. 01

6  Project’s activities include : 1.Building of new facilities 2.Repairment of current facilities 3.Research and development  How do projects appear : 1.A market demand 2.To increase a product’s quality 3.Government’s activity 01

7  Business Understanding  Is an activity or effort that had been done to get benefit based on a purpose and the target business that was done in order to achieve profit according to the goal and the target aimed in many aspects, whether it be quantity or time.  Profit is the main reason within a business, whether it be short term or long term. 01

8  Understanding Business Feasibility Study  An thorough study of an activity or a business that would be undertaken, it is done so in order to decide whether the business is feasible or not to be undertaken. 01

9  Factors That Causes Failure in Business  Data and information that are not sufficient  Not thorough  Miscalculation  Wrong direction of work  Environment condition  Element of deliberateness 01

10  Preventing Business Failure  Fulfilling and also the accuracy of data and information taken  Specialist workers that are used are reliable and good  Selecting the right methods and measuring tool.  Loyalty from the Business Feasibility Study team 01

11  Business Benefits  Achieving profits  Providing employment  Providing facilities  Opening geographic isolation  Increasing unity and helping the solidity of development 01

12  Economy Benefits  Increasing amount of goods and services  Increasing the product’s quality  Increase in devisa  Saving in devisa 01

13  The Reason Studying Business Feasibility 1.A voiding non-profitable risks 2.M 2.M akes planning easier 3.M 3.M akes initiating work easier 4.M 4.M akes watching over staff easier 5.M 5.M akes controlling easier 01

14  Organizations that needs Business Feasibility Study 1.B 1.B usiness owners 2.C 2.C reditor 3.G 3.G overnment 4.T 4.T he citizen 5.M 5.M anagement 01

15  Aspects in Evaluation 1.L 1.L aw aspect 2.M 2.M arket and marketing aspect 3.F 3.F inancial aspect 4.T 4.T echnic/Operation aspect 5.M 5.M anagement/Organization aspect 6.S 6.S osial economics aspect 7.E 7.E nvironmental issue aspect 01

16   Evaluation aspect schemes Law Aspects Market & Marketing aspects FeasibilityStudyAspect Operation/Technical aspect Financial Aspects Management aspect Result Social/Economic aspects Enviro aspects 01

17   Steps in Business Feasibility Study 1.A 1.A cquiring Data and Information 2.D 2.D ata Processing 3.D 3.D ata analysing 4.D 4.D ecision making 5.R 5.R eccomendation 01

18   Steps of Business Feasibility Study Scheme 01 Acquiring Data Processing Data Analysing Decission Making Under Taken not feasible feasible Recomended Abborted

19  Data & Information Resources 1.Economic and business publication taken from newspaper and magazine 2.Indonesia bank publication, Unity of private national banks (PERBANAS) and other financial organizations 3.Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal (BKPM), Badan Pengelola Pasar Modal (Bapepam) 4.Biro Pusat Statistik (BPS) 5.Asosiasi Industri dan dagang yang membawahi jenis usaha yang sejenis 6.Lembaga-lembaga penelitian seperti LIPI ataupun swasta 7.Departemen Teknis. (mis: jika usaha pertanian maka dari Departemen Pertanian) 8.Universities dan TAFEs 9.Other official resources 01

20 Thank You…. See you on lecture number 02

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