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Wenxin Zhang Department of Civic Design University of Liverpool

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1 Wenxin Zhang Department of Civic Design University of Liverpool
Using Integrated Industrial Waste Management System to Develop and Promote Urban Sustainable Development Wenxin Zhang Department of Civic Design University of Liverpool

2 Research Background Sustainable Development “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs ” (WCED, 1987) An overarching set of objectives that can be used to help to guide the design and implementation of a wide range of strategies and programs

3 Spatial Dimensions of Sustainable Development
World Continent country Region City Community

4 Sustainable Development
Urban Sustainable Development City

5 Research Aim Aim To identify and assess the factors which determine the success or failure of the adopted by industrial activities which contribute to environmental management approaches urban sustainable development

6 Research Objectives 1. To identify and assess the influence exerted by the introduction of environmental management techniques of industrial activities upon urban sustainable development 2.To develop and apply theoretical and practical explanations for the variable progress of the contribution made by industrial activities to urban sustainable development 3.To develop and enable the introduction of appropriate methods and techniques which can assist in improving the contribution of industrial activities to urban sustainable development.

7 Use the case of industrial waste management
Economic Benefits Reduce waste treatment cost energy saving Opportunities to Urban Sustainable Development Environmental benefits Reduce ecological effects Better environment Industrial Waste Management Social Benefits Improve the relationship and promote partnerships

8 New waste management approaches across the world
Data Regulation Market-based Instruments “3R” Approach Eco-industry Waste Management Hierarchy

9 Integrated industrial waste management system

10 Different approaches to waste management systems in China

11 Waste Management Laws and Regulations in China
National Environmental Protection Act Response and compliance to International Agreements National Solid Waste Pollution Prevention Act Medical Waste Management Regulation Nuclear Medical Waste Management Regulation Hazardous Waste Management Licenses Regulation Departmental rules, technology standard Industrial Waste Management Policy System

12 City Waste Management Center
State Government Provincial Government State Environmental Protection Administration of China(SEPA) Construction Department Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau Provincial Construction Department Department of Pollution Control City Construction Department Division of Urban environment Division of Waste Management City Environmental Protection Bureau City sanitation Department In charge of waste pollution prevention and monitor across the whole country .Policy and regulation making .National waste management Planning .Establish the inspection network of waste management 4.Take part in the approval process of important construction project In charge of the public environment management in national scale .Policy and regulation making .Set up technical criteria .Public awareness improvement Monitor of urban public environment .Monitor and manage industrial waste resources, Waste Disposal Planning .Hazardous Waste Management 3.Selection of landfill site, environmental evaluation and examination 4.Inspection of waste disposal facilities 5.Take part in the approval process of important construction project Waste collection, transportation, and storage City Waste Management Center

13 Is it possible to evaluate the chief commonalities and differences in the way industrial waste management options have been adopted in different cities? Method: Case Study Pilot case in the UK : Preston Positive case, Negative case and Average case in China


15 Main Case Study Methods
Quantitative data collection Site survey Questionnaires Interviews Economic data Industry data Urban environmental management data Companies waste production and management data Waste Recycling Process Eco-industry cases Waste industry Waste landfill and incineration facilities To representative samples of local authorities, environment agencies, industry and waste industry etc Fixed-choice Semi-structured Informal Comment collection from key related organisations Main Case Study Methods



18 Main Comparative Points
Management Organisation Structure Management tools to encourage industrial waste reduction Development of ecological industrial park Implementation of urban waste management plan Financial support from city government Amount of people (especially management staff) who knows waste management very well

19 Some Initial Ideas Education of waste management employees
Coherence of planning and waste management strategy Encourage of better practice (e.g. performing waste analyses and inspections) providing employee training, addressing public concerns, maintaining important records and statistical data ………..

20 Thank you Comment and Advice are welcome!

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