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The Future Of Technology At UHHS Let’s Get Real!.

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1 The Future Of Technology At UHHS Let’s Get Real!

2 The Future Of Technology At UHHS Are we using our computers effectively to achieve our goals? Does it matter to our students if they use computers at school? Should it matter to us whether we are using computers well? What are we going to do about the current state of things?

3 Are we using our computers well? Very few classes use computers for anything but word processing or “internet searching”. “Internet Searching” is, generally, a waste of time. With one or two exceptions, students are not using the Internet to communicate. We do not have a “computer lab and skills orientation” as part of our program. Teachers have not been using the projector in class. We do not have any portable computers to loan out.

4 How much does it matter? Should we take technology planning seriously, given our uncertain future? Would it help us achieve our new mission? Can computers help us work smarter? How much do they matter to our kids?

5 Do computers help achieve our mission? –Computers motivate kids. Well-planned computer activities show we’re serious. –Better Outcomes Initiative has shown a 30% improvement in Regents from use of a computer lab. –A cumulative curriculum supports a learning community. –Technology is a high priority for the Board of Education and in the Alternative Schools.

6 Does computers help us work smarter? –Skilled use of computers makes clearer classroom materials in shorter time. –Skilled use of the Internet saves time and money on copies. –Online discussion and materials sharing supports curriculum development. –Saving materials on the server helps us connect classwork between classes.

7 Does it matter to our kids? –Computer skills mean employability. –Television is Broadcast; Internet is Multicast. Kids want to be heard. –Access to the outside world helps kids orient themselves to it. –Kids identify with new media. It “belongs to them”.

8 Do we seem to care? –Technology is confined to our lab now. There’s a reason for that. –We don’t consider technology in any of our team functions now (e.g. CAR). –We miss out on new equipment, money and training that could support our development as a school. – If we want to raise scores without sacrificing our human touch, we need to work smarter.

9 What are we going to do about it? CAR needs to consider technology, and therefore needs a designated member. Teachers need training to make better use of what we have, here and through ASD. Teachers need support to feel comfortable taking the leap. Tech Leaders can help!

10 Next Steps NAST is a two-week workshop July 9-20th. We should send 2-5 people. Shantanu is running a two-week network workshop August 20-31. Who’ll join Alex? The “Better Outcomes Initiative” can help us teach more efficiently. Tech Leaders can grow in many directions, supporting your work as it helps our kids.

11 Today, we'll talk about using computers to: –Make Classroom Materials –Run Classroom Presentations –Access & Share Digital Info –E-Connect with the World

12 Make Classroom Materials The effective classroom thrives on high-quality materials such as outlines, schedules, product examples, evaluation rubrics, and supporting information. Microsoft Office can help produce materials that show respect for students as a worker and inspire them as learners. Tech Leaders can show you how to use Office applications to meet your needs.

13 What are your needs? –Schedules. Graphs and Rubrics: start with Excel and then cut-and-paste to MS Word. –Project Work Examples: put templates on our network for students to work with electronically. –Flyers and banners: use Microsoft Publisher. –Handouts: use the Web and the network, rather than copying from textbooks. You can format the print, adjust for readability, and link to support stuff.

14 Powerpoint Presentation: Why? Does it focus or distract students from the topic? Does it increase or “script out” active participation? Does it facilitate or interfere with control of the class? ANSWER: It depends on what and how you teach.

15 Powerpoint Presentation: How? –Brainstorm at home: make an ordered list of the things you want to say, on MS Word. –Open your list in Powerpoint as an outline. –Use the indent arrows with the slide miniature window to determine how much will fit on each slide. Adjust fonts and split lists accordingly. –Should we make one this now? Time check.

16 Access & Share Digital Info Now it’s time for us to move to the computer lab and learn to use First Class, our email and conferencing system. Grab some goodies, find a computer, and log in. We have a full schedule!

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