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Research & Information Technology RIT Prof. Rob Bobeldyk IDIS 110h.

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1 Research & Information Technology RIT Prof. Rob Bobeldyk IDIS 110h

2 Calvin Catalog description of IDIS 110 “ A first-year introduction to the computer and to college-level research skills, making full, but discriminating use of current electronic information technology and the resources of the Hekman Library, with a discussion of the cultural impact of computer technology and the ethical responsibilities of its users.”

3 What does that really mean?  The ability to conduct quality college-level research using new information technologies;  The ability to employ computer technology to formulate and communicate ideas;  A genuine understanding of the information systems that operate in so many areas of the world and our lives.

4 Key Components  Breakout sessions Breakout sessions  Work outside of class Work outside of class  Plenary sessions Plenary sessions  Workshops Workshops Wrapup

5 Breakout Sessions  This is your first breakout session. – Each breakout will start with a survey in KnightVision. This is how attendance will be taken.  Discussion of plenary session and reading assignments.  Hands-on & Group exercises to encourage critical thinking about information technology or to prepare for outside of class work. back back

6 Work Outside of Class All are available from KnightVision  WebBook readings  skills Tutorials  simple assignments  online Portfolio

7 Work Outside of Class: WebBook  online (free!) textbook  7 chapters Each chapter relates to one of the plenary sessions.  Required online quiz associated with each chapter.

8 Work Outside of Class: Tutorials  6 Mandatory online tutorials introducing computer skills – You must pass all 6 quizzes to pass the course. – You may take each quiz multiple times. – The sample exercises are not manditory. Operating Systems 8/10 Word Processing – Microsoft Word 16/20 Web Authoring – Macromedia Dreamweaver 16/20 Multimedia – Digital camera, scanners, sound 16/20 Presentation Software – Microsoft PowerPoint 16/20 Spreadsheets – Microsoft Excel 16/20  2 Optional Tutorials – Email – Webmail (Optional) – Web Browsing – Internet Explorer (Optional)

9 Work Outside of Class: Assignments  Various assignments may be assigned in the breakout session.  These assignments are due the next breakout session.  Assignments will build upon skills and concepts introduced in RIT.  Most of these will generate material for your online portfolio

10 Electronic Portfolio  An important project for today’s college student  Web-based information about you and an exhibition of your abilities: – Creating documents: introduction and resume – Presentation graphics or multimedia – Spreadsheet  Update this over the course of your Calvin career. back back

11 6 Plenary Sessions These relate to the WebBook reading Feb. 11:The Changing Nature of Information: The Digital Library Feb. 25:Anatomy of the Computer March 11:Modeling Reality with Computers April 1: Networking April 15:Moral and Ethical Considerations May 13:Critical Evaluation of Information Technology

12 Plenary Sessions (cont.)  Students must sit with their section at Plenary. – Seating chart will be on the screen at the first Plenary. Seating chart  Sign-in sheet for this section will passed around at beginning of plenary session. – You must sign in to receive credit for attending. – Signing in for another student constitutes academic dishonesty. – Incidents will be referred to Student Life office.  Online quiz on plenary must be completed by midnight of the next day. – You will not receive credit for this quiz if you did not sign in at the plenary. back back

13 Workshops  These will be held in this classroom during your breakout time during certain plenary weeks.  Two Research Workshops  One Web-authoring Workshop

14 Workshop: Research  Conducted by Hekman Library staff.  Hands-on experience with digital research tools  What is college level research?  Use of information technology in research – Misconception: “It’s all on the WWW…” – Actually, a very small portion of quality sources is available on the free, public Web.  Evaluating Sources – Is the source credible – Misconception: “It’s on the WWW; it must be true.”

15 Workshop: Web-Page Authoring  Conducted by CIT staff.  Assistance with creating web pages using Dreamweaver  Being able to use Dreamweaver is the basis for your portfolio. backback

16 Grading  Skills Tutorials:  Assignments and Portfolio work  WebBook and Plenary quizzes  Exercises in Breakouts and Workshops: – attendance and attentiveness Email, web surfing, IMing (unless assigned by instructor) will result in an unexcused absence for the session. – in-class exercises

17 Help!  How do I keep this all straight – Answer: KnightVision – Send email or call me if you have any questions  Help is available in the “Digital Studio” in the ITC – 1 st floor of the Hekman Library – Hours are limited. See sign on the Digital Studio.

18 Login to KnightVision  Review where material is found  Take quiz  Note: In all KnightVision surveys, your answers are completely anonymous even though KnightVision will give you credit for completing the survey)


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