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CMPT 165 Introduction to Multimedia and the Internet

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1 CMPT 165 Introduction to Multimedia and the Internet

2 Course Information Instructor: Sarah Brown
MUST have CMPT 165 in subject Office hours: TBA, until then by appointment only TAs: TBA Course website: will be updated by Friday

3 Marking 30% assignments, probably 4 20% Midterm 50% Final
You must attain an overall passing grade on the weighted average of the exams Late assignments incur a 10% penalty per day Assignments which cannot be marked because of password protection, errors in files, or any other problem resulting from student error will also incur a late penalty Assignments will have to be put on the CMPT165 server Contact Ivan Matousek for access ASAP

4 Academic Dishonesty Cheating on an assignment will result in a 0 mark for that assignment Cheating on an exam will result in a recommendation of an F for the course

5 Copyright You cannot use another person’s material, whether written or images unless that material is 1. copyright free, or 2. you have received permission from the author to use it. You can summarize text, but not copy You must reference all information you use from another source, including a link to that source if it is online. Failure to do this falls under academic dishonesty

6 Textbooks Required: Optional: Study Guide (course pack)
How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python Not strictly required Optional: The Internet Book Designing with Web Standards The Non-Designer's Design Book

7 Content Covered The Internet and how it works Good webpage design
XHTML All work must be done “by hand” No graphical web editors may be used, e.g. Dreamweaver, FrontPage CSS – Cascading Style Sheets Python programming

8 Required Software Browser: Python Text Editor Firefox (recommended)
Mozilla Netscape 7 Safari Please do not use Internet Explorer Python Text Editor TextPad for Windows Emacs Any will really do Do NOT use a word processor (like Microsoft Word)

9 Questions?

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