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Welcome to Sunday School

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1 Welcome to Sunday School

2 A Brief History of Israel 1 Chronicles 1—29

3 Something To Think About Over the years the Jews had lost their sense of identity. Solomon’s golden years gave way to the divided kingdom under his son, Rehoboam. Israel, composed of the 10 northern tribes, completely lost her way and eventually was captured and destroyed by Assyria in 722 B.C. Glimmers of hope shined in the south from time to time, as Judah benefited from the reign of several righteous kings. Those glimmers seemed to fade, however, when Judah, the southern kingdom, fell to Babylon. Many of the people were taken to Babylon from 605-586 B.C. in an exile that lasted 70 years. The Jews returned to their homeland under the leadership of Zerubabbel after the demise of Babylon and the rise of the Persian Empire. Into these dark times God sent His Word to remind the people of His faithfulness to them in the past.

4 KEY VERSE 1 Chronicles 22:19 “Now set your heart and your soul to seek the LORD your God; arise therefore, and build ye the sanctuary of the LORD God, to bring the ark of the covenant of the LORD, and the holy vessels of God, into the house that is to be built to the name of the LORD”.

5 Lesson Objectives To survey the history of Israel To establish the fact that respecting God results in divine favor To evaluate our lives in light of God’s judgment

6 THE GENEALOGIES OF GOD’S PEOPLE 1 Chronicles 1:1—9:34 The Line of David (1:1—3:24) The Tribes of Israel (4:1—8:40) 1 Chronicles 4:10 Jerusalem After the Exile (9:1-34)

7 Did you know that of Jonathan Edwards’ descendents, 13 were college presidents, 65 professors, 100 lawyers, 30 judges, 60 doctors, and 80 who held public office? Those holding public office included: three mayors, three senators, three governors, one head of the U.S. treasury, and one vice president. Descendants wrote 135 books and edited 18 journals. One hundred went into overseas missions. No wonder the author of 1 Chronicles emphasized the nation’s godly heritage!

8 SAUL, ISRAEL’S FIRST KING 1 Chronicles 9:35—10:14 Saul’s Family (9:35-44) Saul’s Death (10:1-14)

9 Afraid of the torture his enemies would inflict upon him, Saul chose to take his own life. Historically, suicide is not uncommon among military leaders facing humiliating defeat. On April 30, 1945, with allied forces storming the city, the ruthless Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler, committed suicide. Such men assume they can circumvent punishment and torture by taking death into their own hands. We must note, however, that after death men experience God’s judgment. Far from being a path around justice, suicide can prove to be a fasttrack to the most fearful judgment of all.

10 DAVID, A KING AFTER GOD’S OWN HEART 1 Chronicles 11:1—29:30 David Ascends to the Throne (11:1—12:40) David and the Ark (13:1—16:43) David’s Desire to Build the Temple (17:1-27) David’s Activities (18:1—28:21) David Makes Solomon King (29:1-30)

11 David was committed to leading his people to worship God. He brought the ark into the capital, led the people in worship, and prepared the nation for the construction of the temple. What do you do to celebrate God’s goodness to you? With paper and pencil quickly list three events in your life that demonstrate most clearly God’s goodness to you. Then quietly thank Him once again for His grace and provision.

12 QUESTIONS FOR STUDY AND DISCUSSION 1. Why is it so important to study the history of God’s people? 2. What are some of the incidents cited in Scripture that reflect Saul’s unworthiness to be king? 3. Why was the line of David important to the nation of Israel? 4. David committed several “major” sins. Why did God reject Saul while David was accepted? 5. Although David desired to build the temple, God did not allow him to do so. Why? 6. Why was it wrong for David to take a census? Was God’s punishment too harsh?

13 May God Bless You For Coming To Sunday School This Morning! Bring Someone With You To Bible Study On Wednesday Night!

14 Acknowledgements Applications taken from Bible Teacher Bible Studies for Adults—Summer Edition (2011) This power point slide presentation may be altered by additions or deletions to fit your own teaching style. There is more information in viewing Note Pages Click on View then Note Pages Presentation Compiled For Randall House By Earl Scroggins

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