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Welcome to Sunday School

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1 Welcome to Sunday School

2 Haman Honors His Enemy Esther 5:1— 6:14

3 Something To Think About In this lesson, we begin to see more clearly the hand of God at work in turning the tables on the enemies of the Jews. The straw castle built by Haman’s enormous ego begins to tumble down around him in the most ironic fashion. In the darkest hours of the Jews’ distress, the light of hope began to dawn. In this reversal of events, we have a preview of what God was going to do for all the Jews. He would do nothing less than turn the tables on the enemies of the Jews who sought to destroy them and bring upon them the destruction they planned for the Jews.

4 KEY VERSE Esther 6:11 “Then took Haman the apparel and the horse, and arrayed Mordecai, and brought him on horseback through the street of the city, and proclaimed before him, Thus shall it be done unto the man whom the king delighteth to honour”.

5 Lesson Objectives To remember that the Lord will vindicate His true servants in due time To stand on God’s great promises To do whatever is necessary to become God’s tool for service

6 ESTHER OBTAINS THE KING’S FAVOR Esther 5:1-8 A Favor Obtained (1-2) A Request Granted (3-5) Another Banquet Planned (6-8)

7 In the previous lesson we left Esther saying she would speak to the king on behalf of her people and declaring, “If I perish, I perish” (Esther 4:16b). But just prior to those unforgettable words she had instructed Mordecai to have all the Jews in Shushan to fast on her behalf. Fasting is always linked with prayer in the Scriptures and it is no different here, although the text does not specifically state it. Thus, it was in answer to the prayers of His people that God moved upon the king’s heart, and he received Esther warmly. We often need to be reminded that God still answers prayer as He did in Esther’s day.

8 HAMAN’S JOY IS HINDERED Esther 5:9-14 Joy and Indignation (9-11) A Gallows for Mordecai (12-14)

9 Haman’s actions depict the self-honoring aspect of pride. Those who are proud and haughty tend to concentrate on tallying up their honors and patting themselves on the back. But the Bible warns us against comparing ourselves with one another to determine our value and says that those who do so “are not wise” (2 Corinthians 10:12b). In Haman, we also see the self-deceiving nature of such pride. Being so haughty, he expected that every honor was to be his. This brings about an insecurity that cannot bear even constructive criticism and allows the actions of a minority to affect us entirely. Pride is a problem we all must face to some degree.

10 MORDECAI RECEIVES REWARD Esther 6:1-14 A Debt Remembered (1-3) Haman’s Suggestion (4-9) The Tables Turned (10-14)

11 “Humility is perfect quietness of heart. It is to expect nothing, to wonder at nothing that is done to me, to feel nothing done against me. It is to be at rest when nobody praises me, and when I am blamed or despised. It is to have a blessed home in the Lord, where I can go in and shut the door, and kneel to my Father in secret, and am at peace as in a deep sea of calmness, when all around and above is trouble.” —Andrew Murray

12 QUESTIONS FOR STUDY AND DISCUSSION 1.Discuss Esther’s appearance before the king. What was the significance of the extended scepter? 2. Discuss the “coincidences” God used to accomplish the downfall of Haman and the exaltation of Mordecai. 3. Many people suffer from pride. How can a person overcome this awful sin? 4. Why is bitterness so dangerous? How can a person overcome this evil? 5. How can a person balance bold action and waiting on God? 6. Esther risked her life to save her people. What risks have you taken in your service of the Lord?

13 May God Bless You For Coming To Sunday School This Morning! Bring Someone With You To Bible Study On Wednesday Night!

14 Acknowledgements Applications taken from Bible Teacher Bible Studies for Adults—Summer Edition (2011) This power point slide presentation may be altered by additions or deletions to fit your own teaching style. There is more information in viewing Note Pages Click on View then Note Pages Presentation Compiled For Randall House By Earl Scroggins

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