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Capitalizing on the Corridor 1000 Islands International Tourism Council.

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1 Capitalizing on the Corridor 1000 Islands International Tourism Council

2 Capital Corridor Tourism Tax Revenue CountyLocal TaxesState TaxesCombined Broome $ 16.3 $ 15.0 $ 31.3 Cortland $ 2.9 $ 2.7 $ 5.6 Onondaga $ 50.6 $ 46.5 $ 97.1 Oswego $ 6.2 $ 6.4 $ 12.6 Jefferson $ 13.5 $ 13.6 $ 27.1 Total $89.5 $ 84.2 $173.7

3 Tourism Tax Benefits CountyHouseholdsTax Benefit / Household Broome79,868 $ 392 Cortland17,579 $ 320 Onondaga182,420 $ 533 Oswego46,298 $ 272 Jefferson44,044 $ 614

4 Tourism Market Spending OntarioOther CAUSAOverseasTotalOntario Other CAUSAOverseas Ottawa Region $511,607$309,044$140,857$222,514$1,184,02343%26%12%19% Frontenac County $180,635$19,987$40,106$20,131$260,85969%8%15%8% Leeds- Grenville County $92,727$13,573$60,924$5,960$173,18454%8%35%3% $784,969$342,604$241,887$248,606$1,618,06649%21%15%

5 Niche Markets Destinations increasingly need to appeal to travelers based on specialized interests and audiences. In todays economy, destinations need to focus on value – representing a balance of experience, expense, and quality. Corridors provide opportunities to organize critical mass products and value driven offerings.

6 Example Niche Markets Recreational Fishing, boating, snowmobiling Heritage Military, Maritime Seasonal Homes & Snowbirds VFR: Military and College More... Agri-tourism, wine, sports...

7 Recreation The recreational corridor I-81 provides a corridor of access to recreational activity in Northern New York and Eastern Ontario Activities include mature products such as fishing, boating and snowmobiling Opportunities also exist in specialized niche and growth areas

8 Recreation: Fishing Fishing is a mature recreation activity 1/3 of all New York out-of- state fishing licenses are sold in the 1000 Islands – Seaway Region How can the Corridor better promote its world-class fishing destinations?

9 Recreation: ATV & Snowmobiles Motorized trail sports – ATV & Snowmobile Tug Hill (Oswego, Lewis, Jefferson, Oneida Counties) Haliburton & Mattawa (northwest of Kingston) Poconos (outside of Scranton) Can motorized trail sports be better moneitzed along the Capital Corridor?

10 Military Heritage The Capital Corridor has numerous military heritage sites. War of 1812 Bicentennial connections from Maryland to Ontario (Forts McHenry to Henry). Can stalled initiatives be re-invigorated in New York?

11 Vacation Homes The waterfront and recreational open land areas along the Capital Corridor attract many vacation home owners. Vacation home owners use the transportation system either as weekend commuters or for seasonal migration. What synergies exist along the Corridor to maximize the value of these seasonal residents?

12 Snowbirds Heading south, returning north Over 40% of Florida snowbirds are from the Northeast USA or Canada Travel south in fall and north in spring What is the opportunity to intercept on route during May & October? Month JAN Snowbirds In FL 79 Sunbirds Out FL 10.9 FEB81.112 MAR79.610.9 APR61.713 MAY23.125 JUN7.543.6 JUL7.855.1 AUG6.954 SEP7.837 OCT23.121 NOV4713 DEC55.113.3

13 Tourism: Military VFR Fort Drum growth has created new opportunities to attract visiting friends and relatives to the region With a payroll of $1.124 billion, the Fort is the major economic engine for Jefferson County. How will communities along the corridor coordinate effort to develop a strong VFR market?

14 Corridor Related Tourism Trends Cross border travel patterns have changed Driving vacations are up Tourism is value driven – with lower average spending

15 Trend: Shop & Stay During the 2000s cross-border traffic has gone from 50/50 US to Canada to 1/3 Americans and 2/3 Canadians.

16 Cross – border post WHTI How can Ontario re- capture its American Market? How will New York capitalize on renewed Canadian interest?

17 Trend: More vacations by car AAA says: Trips by auto are expected to increase in popularity with 87 percent or 28.0 million people reaching their destination by driving. This is an increase of 5.8 percent from last Memorial Day when 26.4 million travelers went by motor vehicle. How prepared are we to service and market to on-the-road travelers?

18 Capitalizing on the Corridor 1000 Islands International Tourism Council

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