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Computing Fundamentals

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1 Computing Fundamentals
Unit 4- Computer Software

2 Objectives Identify how hardware & software interact
Explain how a software program works Describe the difference between application and system software Describe the software distribution process

3 Hardware vs. Software What is Hardware? What is Software?
Hardware is physical You can touch it What is Software? Instructions to perform a task Programming code Program is another name Program gets loaded into RAM Both work together & interact Look! This is a notes page. Here, I can write notes to myself & print it out so when I give a speech I can remember to say what I wrote here.

4 Hardware & Software Working Together

5 How a Program Works Computer processes data by applying rules
Algorithm Steps to perform a task What are the steps to doing laundry?

6 Developing Software Develop algorithm into flowchart
Programmer writes code Beta testing Evaluated by actual users Does it meet requirements? Report bugs Debugging Fixing the problems

7 2 Types of Software Applications Systems Helps you do a task
OS & utility programs Allows you to interact w/ hardware Manages computer resources

8 Application Software Runs on top of system software & performs a specific function Productivity Software Word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation, desktop publishing Entertainment Software Playing music, videos, viewing photos Media Editing Software Creating & modifying graphics, animations, videos These are often packaged in suites, which include multiple programs in one (cheaper than buying separate programs). Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Open Office, Apple iWorks Adobe Creative Suite, CorelDRAW

9 Review What are the two types of software categories?
Application & System Describe hardware. Physical device What’s another name for software? Programs A new game has been developed. Who made it? Programmer Who tests it? Beta tester/user What process fixes all the problems? Debugging

10 Productivity: Word Processing
Create, edit, format, print documents Letters, reports, memos, flyers Collaboration Share via , cloud, or blog Edit in real time Word, Word Perfect, Google Doc, Apple Pages Note the difference between editing & formatting. Formatting- appearance of elements on the page (stylized text, colors, styles)

11 Productivity: Desktop Publishing
Similar to word processing Text & graphics Used to create & print high quality brochures, magazines, newspapers, etc. Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, Publisher

12 Productivity: Spreadsheet
Evaluate & calculate data Worksheet, workbook, cells, functions, formulas, charts Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, Quattro Pro Note the difference between functions & formulas. FUNCTION- =SUM or =NOW is an equal sign with a word FORMULA- =1+2+3 is an equal sign with no words formulas can be within functions Sample uses: budgets, balancing checkbooks, forecasting loan payments, maintaining grade books

13 Productivity: Presentations
Organize & present information Slide show Present to audience PowerPoint, iWork Keynote, Prezi, Corel Presentations Can apply layouts, themes, transitions, animations

14 Productivity: Presentations
Notes Page Slide

15 Productivity: Database Management
Collection of info organized for quick retrieval Create, maintain, provide access to data Access What business would use it & what info? Keywords: Table (all info stored in it) Field (a column of info, such as Name of Movie) Record (a row of info; related fields) Primary Key (unique ID) Query (request for specific info) About the data database- customer info, hospital records, inventory DVDs, collect data

16 Productivity: Database Management
Table- columns & rows of data; record- row of info; field- column specific info; query- asks a ?; report

17 Review- Q

18 Media Editing: Graphics
Pictures/Photo editing Photoshop, Paint, CAD Formats Tiff, jpg, gif, bmp Each has different qualities Tiff BEST but not browser compatible

19 Paint Select Zoom Text Draw Shapes Erase

20 Project Recreate a project in Paint Become familiar with functions

21 Other Software Multimedia- Video, Music, Animation Email Browsers
Mpg, mp3, wav Windows Mail/Outlook Eudora (one of the 1st) Browsers IE, Chrome, Opera, Firefox Name some audio editing software: Adobe Audition, Garage Band, Audacity Video editing: Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere, iMovie

22 Review What was one of the 1st email programs?
Eudora A record can be found in which program? Database Name some picture formats. Jpg, gif, bmp, tiff Name some multimedia formats. Mpg, mp3, wav Which program can calculate data? Spreadsheet

23 Review What is the highlighted area called? Record

24 Systems Software Manage resources, files OS Utilities
Communicates between user & hardware GUI Utilities Antivirus Backup File management (more on next slide)

25 Utilities Backup Antivirus Saves data on another drive
Protects PC from virus damage Subscription Scheduled Scans Antivirus terms- Malware (Malicious software which includes viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware) DEFINE BASICS OF EACH!

26 Defrag, Cleanup, Compress
Defragmentation (example) Files are all over the place Defrag places parts of a file closer together Disk Cleanup Frees up disk space Deletes Recycle Bin & temp files File Compression Makes one large file smaller Disk Compression Squeezes files on HD

27 Review- Q

28 Getting Software Licensing Web applications (SaaS)
Single-user (one PC) Site/Network/Volume license (installed on all PCs in business) Site license is cheaper than buying all single-user license Web applications (SaaS) Login online Google Docs Upgrade existing software to new version New features & better compatibility Like a new version of Office Single-user license cost $200. Site reduces the per PC cost to $100. Find the version of office (About)

29 Updating Software Updates/Patches/ Service Packs Fix errors
Change minor features Get from manufacturer’s web site Version 1.2.1 Windows 7 SP2

30 Freeware vs. Shareware Freeware Shareware Free software to download
Owner has copyright For personal use No rights for you to distribute Shareware Trial period Pay after that

31 Review What is the purpose of defrag?
Moves parts of a file closer for faster access Which software is a trial version? Shareware Where is the best place to get a download that will fix a security hole in Windows? Microsoft (manufacturer of program) Which utility option will squeeze files on a HD closer together to create more room? Disk compression

32 Review To use software legally, you must have what?
License Which software is free for personal use only? Freeware What is a patch? An update that fixes an error in a program Which utility option will delete the Recycle Bin & temp files? Disk cleanup What protects a PC from viruses? Anti-virus software

33 Computing Fundamentals
Unit 5- Computer Software

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