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Professor Michael J. Losacco CIS 1110 – Using Computers Application Software Chapter 3.

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1 Professor Michael J. Losacco CIS 1110 – Using Computers Application Software Chapter 3

2 Chapter3 2/28 Overview Identify Application Software Categories Differentiate Software Distribution Types Identify Key Features of Popular Software Discuss Web Applications Describe Learning Aids for Software

3 Chapter3 3/28 Application Software Make Users More Productive Assist with Personal Tasks Categories

4 Chapter3 4/28 Software Distribution Licensed Customized Shareware Distributed Free for Trial Period Warez Web Application

5 Chapter3 5/28 Software Distribution Freeware Copyrighted Free of Charge Open Source Collaborative Effort Free of Charge Public-Domain Freeware Donated for Public Use No Copyright Restrictions

6 Chapter3 6/28 Compatibility Upgrade Version Major Release Minor Downward Compatible Data Can be Used by Older Version Upward Compatible Old Data Can be Used by Newer Version

7 Chapter3 7/28 Business Word Processing Create & Manipulate Documents Contain Text & Graphics Clip Art Collection of Drawings Diagrams Photographs

8 Chapter3 8/28 Business Spreadsheets Organizes Data in Rows & Columns Performs Calculations Recalculates When Data Changes Creates Charts

9 Chapter3 9/28 Business Database Organizes Large Amounts of Data Create, Access, & Manage Data Extract Specific Information Create Reports

10 Chapter3 10/28 Business Presentations AKA Slide Show Communicate Ideas & Messages to Group Sales Education Special Effects

11 Chapter3 11/28 Business Note Taking Enables Users to Enter Typed Text Handwritten Comments Drawings Sketches

12 Chapter3 12/28 Business PIM (Personal Information Manager) Appointment Calendar Address Book ToDo List Other Features Synchronization Organize Info on Both Desktop & Phone

13 Chapter3 13/28 Business Software Suite Applications Bundled Together as a Unit Less Expensive Than Separate Purchases Work Well Together Share Common Features Microsoft Office

14 Chapter3 14/28 Business Project Management Plan Schedule Track Analyze Events Resources Costs

15 Chapter3 15/28 Business Accounting Record & Report Financial Transactions General Ledger Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable Payroll

16 Chapter3 16/28 Business Document Management Document Sharing Distribution Searching Converted to Format to be Viewed by Any User

17 Chapter3 17/28 Graphics & Multimedia CAD (Computer-aided Design) Engineering Architectural Scientific Design

18 Chapter3 18/28 Graphics & Multimedia Desktop Publishing Precise Layout Control Type Sizes Spacing Letters Words Lines Color PMS

19 Chapter3 19/28 Graphics & Multimedia Paint / Image Editing Create & Modify Graphical Images Painting Tools Brushes Pens Pastel & Oil Paints Layering Tools Masking Tools

20 Chapter3 20/28 Graphics & Multimedia Audio / Video Editing Modify a Segment AKA Clip Fade Zoom Splice

21 Chapter3 21/28 Graphics & Multimedia Multimedia Authoring Interactive Presentation Combines Text Graphics Audio Video Animation

22 Chapter3 22/28 Graphics & Multimedia Web Design Create Web Pages Without Using a Programming Language

23 Chapter3 23/28 Home / Personal / Educational Personal Finance Legal Tax Preparation Home Design / Landscaping Travel & Mapping Reference Educational Entertainment

24 Chapter3 24/28 Communications

25 Chapter3 25/28 Web Applications Software That Runs Over Internet

26 Chapter3 26/28 Learning Tools Online Help Electronic Equivalent of User Manual Ask Question Topics in Subject Order Topics in Alphabetical Order

27 Chapter3 27/28 Learning Tools Web-based Help Site Linked from Online Help Provides Updates More Resources FAQ Pages Chat Rooms to Converse with Tech Support

28 Chapter3 28/28 Learning Tools Web-based Training Instruction on the Web Self-directed Self-paced Distance Learning Delivery of Education at One Location Learning Takes Place at Other Locations

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