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Chapter 5 Application Software.

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1 Chapter 5 Application Software

2 Presentation Overview
Types of Application Software Productivity Software Software for Household Use Graphics and Multimedia Software Communications Software

3 Types of Application Software
Types of application software for business users:

4 Types of Application Software
What is application software? Packaged software – programs sold to the public on a retail basis Customized software – created by programmers to meet a company’s specific requirements Other application models Shareware – available for a small “contribution” fee Freeware – provided free of charge Open Source Software – code is owned by a developer, but the public can experiment with it

5 Productivity Software
Examples of productivity software

6 Productivity Software
Word processing software allows users to create (enter) text edit text format the document save and print the file

7 Productivity Software
Desktop publishing (DTP) software allows users to create impressive documents with text, drawings, photographs, and graphic elements in full color.

8 Productivity Software
Electronic spreadsheets allows users to organize, calculate, and present financial, statistical, and other numerical information.

9 Productivity Software
What are the features of spreadsheets? Grids – form columns and rows in a matrix Number formatting – formats numbers in a variety of ways Formulas – process data derived from other cells Macros – automate complex or repetitive actions by a set of commands Charting – makes data easier to read and understand

10 Productivity Software
Database Management Database – collection of data organized in one or more tables consisting of individual pieces of information Field – collection of related tables Record – collection of related fields

11 Productivity Software
Database management system (DBMS) allows users to create and manage a computer database and to produce reports from stored data.

12 Productivity Software
Relational database allows tables to be linked and allows data to be retrieved from more than one table.

13 Productivity Software
What are the usual features of a database management system? Sort – arranges records in many different ways Find – locates information in a table Query – uses more advanced features for searching the database Links – joins tables in meaningful ways that make sense for a particular business

14 Productivity Software
Presentation graphics software allows users to create computerized slide shows.

15 Productivity Software
What are software suites? integrated software programs designed to work well together information can be copied and pasted, or object linking and embedding (OLE) can link information and change or update it automatically among the programs

16 Productivity Software
Project management software is widely used to plan construction projects and to track schedules and budgets.

17 Software for Household Use
Personal finance software assists users with paying bills, balancing checkbooks, keeping track of income and expenses, maintaining investment records, and other financial activity. Tax preparation software aids in analyzing federal and state tax status, as well as prepares and transmits tax returns.

18 Software for Household Use
Legal software helps analyze, plan, and prepare legal documents. Entertainment software is interactive games, videos, and music that provide fun. Educational and reference software include encyclopedias, dictionaries, and tutorials.

19 Graphics and Multimedia Software
Painting and Drawing Software Painting programs create, edit, and color images in bit-map form (one bit at a time). Drawing programs use lines, curves, and other features to draw images; enable users to create images that can be modified. Image editing programs allow users to touch up, modify, and enhance image quality.

20 Graphics and Multimedia Software
Computer-aided design (CAD) software provide tools that enable users to create architectural, engineering, product, and scientific designs. Video and audio editing software allow users to create and modify recorded video and audio clips. Web authoring software help users develop Web pages without learning Web programming.

21 Communications Software
Electronic mail sends and receives messages over a worldwide system of communication networks.

22 Communications Software
Web browsers allow users to move from one location to another on the Web and to access and retrieve Web pages. Search engines search, locate, and retrieve information from various Web sites.

23 Communications Software
Instant messaging software enables people to communicate with other users over the Internet in real time.

24 Communications Software
Groupware allows people to share information and collaborate on projects. Webconferencing software allows online meeting between two or more participants at different locations using computer networks.

25 On the Horizon Based on the information presented in this chapter and your own experience, what do you think is on the horizon? Suggested final slide for each chapter. CLH SLIDE Please have this slide be the final slide for each chapter.

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