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CONFIDENTIAL Science World Odyssey Program March 2004 - Draft.

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1 CONFIDENTIAL Science World Odyssey Program March 2004 - Draft

2 CONFIDENTIAL Executive Summary Objectives SW Odyssey Program Highlights Educator Defined Odysseys Selection Criteria A Science World Outreach Program Funding and Budget Next Steps and Schedule Agenda

3 CONFIDENTIAL Executive Summary The Odyssey Program is a key Science World outreach initiative enables committed educators at selected public schools to enrich the minds of students aged 12 to 14, by funding innovative and imaginative enhancements to their core curriculum.

4 CONFIDENTIAL Objectives Engage, Enlighten and Enrich within Education – Stimulate and encourage student participation in science, mathematics and fitness in the BC public school system Enable and Expand through funding – Provide vital and meaningful funding to enable committed and gifted educators to expand the core curriculum with imaginative, innovative and unique custom defined programs – Direct funding to institutions in economically underpriviliged areas Promote Parental Participation and Mentorship for students – Encour ongoing multi-year involvement of with odyssey students, super science club members, parents and educators. Cooperative Programs – Leverage Science World and its Marquee Outreach Programs such as Super Science Club for the Greater Vancouver Regional District

5 CONFIDENTIAL Science World Odyssey Highlights Science Council Program targetted to Grade 8-10 Educators Teacher Defined Programs – Educators (departments) within the public school system can apply for and receive up to $25 per school over 3 years to fund enhancements (odysseys) to their science, mathematics, fitness (bodyworks) programs. Peer Review – Student Science Council comprised of peer volunteers will review and select the winning applicants Focus on students – Programs must be designed to engage, enlighten and enrich the lives and minds of the educators students A Science World Outreach Program – Program must include some association and linkage to Science World – Selected schools will be designated as Science World Odyssey Schools similar to Nasa Explorer Schools

6 CONFIDENTIAL Educator Defined Odysseys Example Odyssey Program Concepts – Specific Learning modules: archeaology, anthropology, astronomy, oceanography, engineering, physics, chemistry, biology, etc – Hands-on Laboratories and equipment – Computer, software and other teaching Teachers are the target – Teacher have said that the best way to enrich the student’s learning experience and provide for more student participation is through focused funding on educational programs. – The majority of teachers have specific core competencies and interests that could be leveraged with funding to augment the core provincial curriculum. NASA Explorer Program – Model program to be used as a key reference – 50 schools in the US (80% underprivileged) receive 30k over 3 years for NASA related programs Similar to Science Council Tech BC Program – But designed for teachers to benefit students and involve parents

7 CONFIDENTIAL Selection Criteria Imagination and Innovation – 25% – Uniqueness, core competencies of teacher/school – Use of funds Student Participation – 25% – How involved is the student – Number of students to be reached Mentorship of Students – 25% – Parental involvement, student retention (needs work) Science World Participation/Leverage – 10% Financial Need – 15%

8 CONFIDENTIAL Why Science World ? Science World is the premier institution with similar focus, mandate and philosophy Mandate to improve and expand key outreach programs – Super Science Club Complementary to related Science World programs – Super Science Club (K-7) – Odyssey (8-10) – Science Fairs and Scholarships (11-12) Showcase exhibit area to showcase Odyssey Programs Science World Memberships/Passes for parents directly involved in odyssey Specific Odyssey Events/Days for Odyssey teachers, students and parents.

9 CONFIDENTIAL Key Budget Items Administration – – Use Science World to administer programs Awards – Year 1: Pilot 3 Odyssey Schools 25k 3 schools, 3 year commitment, 8.3k per school per year – Year 2: 9 Odyssey Schools 75k Year 1 follow 25k 6 additional schools, 3 year commitment, 8.3 per school per year – Year 3 : 15 Odyssey Schools 150k Year 1 follow-on 25k Year 2 follow-on 50k 9 additional schools, 3 year commitment, 8.3 per school per year Science World – Exhibit areas, memberships, free passes, etc ($$$ tbd) Ancillary Projects – Super Science Club Schools – Scholarships

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