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Strategic Planning College Division Biology Department.

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1 Strategic Planning College Division Biology Department

2 Examples of reforms facilitated by institutional planning Further integration of mathematics and computer science in the biology curriculum Retooling the faculty will require that the institution invest in faculty development In light of the challenges in obtaining research grants, institutions will need to make a greater commitment to providing intramural funds

3 Divisions at Morehouse College Science and Mathematics Humanities and Social Sciences Business and Economics

4 Strategic Planning College Division Biology Department

5 Departments in the Division of Science and Mathematics Biology Chemistry Computer Science Mathematics Physics Psychology

6 Selected Early Objectives of the Division of Science and Mathematics To enhance learning among students To foster development of interdisciplinary curricula and research To promote the development of faculty To plan the strategic development of the sciences and mathematics at the College

7 Division-led Projects to Achieve Objectives Provide a competitive start-up package and 50% release from teaching for 2 years Sponsor workshops on Teaching and Learning Hired an instructional technologist who has led effort to put course material online Support the implementation of PLTL in gatekeeper courses across the Division

8 Division-led Projects to Achieve Objectives (cont.) In conjunction with the Development Office, the Division has raised funds towards establishing a $5 million research endowment fund Supported the development of interdisciplinary minors in Neuroscience and Bioinformatics Supported the development of a grant to HHMI which includes hiring an interdisciplinary faculty member.

9 Division-led projects to Achieve Objectives (cont.) Provided financial support to establish a state-of-the-art teaching demonstration laboratory Coordinated the development of 5 year strategic plans for the 6 departments in the Division

10 Areas of Department Focus Faculty Vitality and Distinction Student Development Research Enhanced Productivity and Quality Assurance

11 Some Common Department Objectives Support efforts of faculty in submitting grants for research and educational program development Promote interdisciplinary education among students Foster integration of research in the curriculum Improve assessment of the curriculum for majors

12 College Goals in the new 5 year Strategic Plan Enhance classroom instruction Promote and support faculty research Support an undergraduate research program

13 Lessons Learned Align reform in the Biology Department with Strategic Planning at the College Seek to play a role in setting College (University) goals and objectives Use Division of Science and Mathematics or some other administrative unit larger than the Biology Department to support and coordinate reform Check to be sure that reform priorities of the Biology Department are on the list of fundraising priorities of the Institution’s Development Office External funding is needed to catalyze reform until the benefits of reform are clear to the administration.




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