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The institutional repository and research management at the University of Glasgow Susan Ashworth.

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1 The institutional repository and research management at the University of Glasgow Susan Ashworth

2 Repositories at Glasgow: Timeline 2001-2006 2001: In-house Testing –Initial repository work began with ePrints software 2002-2005: DAEDALUS Project –Received national funding from to develop our repository work [JISC Fair Programme] 2004: Scottish Declaration on Open Access –Scottish Universities agreed to set up institutional repositories, and/or liaise with other organisations to establish a joint repository. 2006: Enlighten launched –Our project work moved to a sustainable service called Enlighten

3 Repositories at Glasgow: Timeline 2006- 2006: University Publications Statement –Statement released by Vice Principal for Research “strongly encouraging” deposit 2007: Theses Mandate –Higher degree theses mandate introduced and our theses service launched 2008: University Publications Policy –New policy which requires details of all journal publications and full text where © permits 2009: Publications Database –Enlighten launched in January as University’s publication database 2010: JISC funding for enhancement work [Inf11]

4 University Publications Policy – June 2008 The objectives of this policy are: To increase the visibility of research publications produced by staff employed by or associated with the University of Glasgow To ensure that research outputs are prepared and curated in a way which helps maximise the value that they have for the university in terms of the external use of bibliometric data e.g. league tables, post- 2008 RAE

5 Enlighten Home Page

6 Enlighten: Example Record

7 Publications Policy: Processes Different Deposit Models –Self deposit by academic staff –Proxy deposit by administrative staff on behalf of academics –Fully mediated deposit (full text sent via e-mail to Library) Different Publication Data Models –Added directly into Enlighten or, –Imported from departmental publications databases (Reference manager, EndNote etc.) Copyright Issues –Library staff will review and check copyright and open access conditions for material

8 State of Enlighten 15,000 User records 38,300 Publication records to date 3,600+ Full text papers 530% increase in records (Dec 2009 to Dec 2010) Data Matching exercise with Thomson Reuters (InCites) in February 2011

9 Google Analytics

10 Developmental Work Funding from JISC for project ‘Enrich’ 2009- 10 Enrich aimed to embed Enlighten alongside other University systems, such as Research System, HR system Author disambiguation Creating system in which we can demonstrate compliance with the Open Access requirements of funders

11 Browsing by Glasgow Author New Glasgow Author view Replaced “All author view” Uses staff names in the Staff A to Z Independent of name cited in the publication Publications linked to author with GUID Glasgow author autocomplete field now available which includes e-mail and GUID No need to add or use Staff Number

12 Browse by Glasgow Author [Screenshot]

13 Adding Funder Data New Funding option in the deposit workflow Award data from Research System where "publicity flag = “yes“ Staff will check. Data added with a new autocomplete field

14 Linking Outputs to Awards

15 Browse by Research Funder Name

16 Enlighten Dev

17 Staff A to Z with Publications

18 Mini-REF Internal REF exercise Enlighten being used as the platform to carry out this exercise Using modified version of the RAE add-on software developed by the University of Southampton for RAE 2008 Has significantly increased staff engagement with Enlighten 200+ staff self-depositing records and full text over four week period.

19 MiniREF Selections

20 MiniREF Selection Details

21 Impact and Esteem

22 Impact and Esteem 2

23 REF Reporting

24 Using publications data for research management University now has comprehensive record of its publications Senior management interest in re-using and analysing this data Publication lists pulled from Enlighten to pre- populate Professorial Performance and Development Review forms Comparison of University’s publications with ERA (Excellence in Research for Australia) journal rankings list

25 Key Lessons Advocacy, advocacy, advocacy –Repeating our message to management and academic colleagues Relationships –Building good relationships with key people in the University and gaining their support Different needs –Respecting and accommodating different disciplines and their distinct academic requirements External influences –Using the work and decisions made by other institutions/funders to influence local change Systems and processes –Understanding the research management requirements of the University and responding

26 Find Out More Me Enlighten Web 2.0 Blog and Twitter

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