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Advocacy through embedding: Integrating repositories and Current Research Management Systems (CRIS) William J Nixon Enlighten Service Development Manager.

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1 Advocacy through embedding: Integrating repositories and Current Research Management Systems (CRIS) William J Nixon Enlighten Service Development Manager OAI7, 23 rd June 2011

2 Enlighten [Screenshot]

3 Research System [Screenshot]

4 Research System and Repository at Glasgow Student System Research Mapping System & Web Pages Research System Enlighten - Institutional Repository Finance System Human Resources System

5 Embedded Repository Service An embedded repository service is one that has been integrated with other institutional services and processes such as research management, library and learning services – JISC Call, 10/2010

6 Silos are the past… Photo by docsearls on Flickr - used under a Creative Commons licencedocsearls

7 LDAP Embedded Repositories are here

8 Our Embedded Journey 2009- JISC ‘Enrich’ and ‘Enquire’ projects Information Environment Programme 2009-11 (Inf11) Embedding Enlighten alongside other University systems Enabling sign-on with institutional ID (GUID) Managing author disambiguation Linking publications to funder data from Research System Feeding institutional research profile pages Piloting the collection of output, impact and esteem data via the repository

9 Embedding (and integrating) is about… Being stitched into the fabric of the institution –Culturally, Technically,Holistically Adding Value [for the] –Researcher, Funder(s), Institution, UK Plc Re-use –REF, Research Profiles, Interoperability, crosswalks and metadata schema Reducing Duplication –Ingest, workflows, reporting Exploiting new opportunities –Data mining, business intelligence, KPI’s, Analytics, “stickiness”, visibility

10 Repositories and Research Systems – 3 P’s PeoplePoliciesProcesses

11 People: Partnerships Academic staff Departmental administrators University Library IT Services Corporate Communications Research and Enterprise Human Resources Archives “No Repository is an island.”

12 Browse by Glasgow Author [Screenshot]

13 Staff A to Z with Publications

14 Linking Outputs to Awards

15 Browse by Research Funder Name

16 ESRC Funder

17 Enlighten Funder Data

18 Link from Research System

19 University Publications Policy – June 2008 The objectives of this policy are: To increase the visibility of research publications produced by staff employed by or associated with the University of Glasgow To ensure that research outputs are prepared and curated in a way which helps maximise the value that they have for the university in terms of the external use of bibliometric data e.g. league tables, post-2008 RAE

20 Policies: Our Publications Policy

21 Screenshot: REF 2014

22 REF and MiniREF (Oct-Dec 2010) Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014 Internal REF exercise Enlighten being used as the platform to carry out this exercise Using modified version of the RAE add-on software developed by the University of Southampton for RAE 2008 Has significantly increased staff engagement with Enlighten – which has continued beyond the exercise

23 MiniREF in Figures Over 1200 academic colleagues returned data Exercise ran for just over six weeks… More than 4000 additional records were added The Enlighten team dealt with over 700+ enquiries There were 4083 selections made (3085 articles) –Books, chapters, exhibitions, compositions, audio, reports

24 Key success factors for Enlighten and the MiniREF Comprehensive coverage Single Sign On (GUID) in place Additional functionality for selecting records (IRRA) Impact and Esteem data Reporting options (Word and Excel) Devolved REF Administrators Staff “impersonation” options

25 MiniREF Selections

26 MiniREF Selection Details

27 Impact and Esteem

28 Further Embedding Working with College staff to address their needs Searching Web of Science from within Enlighten Enabling Open Access Repository Junction deposit [Sword] Applying CERIF model for export (IRIOS and CERIFy) Dealing with Data (!) Updating our REF functionality (Summer 2010)

29 Our Lessons Advocacy, advocacy, advocacy (no matter how embedded) –Repeating our message to management and academic colleagues People (Relationships) –Building good relationships with key people in the University and gaining their support Different needs –Respecting and accommodating different disciplines and their distinct academic requirements External influences –Using the work and decisions made by other institutions/funders to influence local change Processes (and Systems) –Understanding the research management requirements of the University and responding

30 A Full Text Mantra for Enlightenment – 4 R’s Remind the staff in your School/College of the Publications Policy and the requirement to provide full text copies of journal articles and conference proceedings. Reignite enthusiasm by reminding them of the benefits and advantages of making their papers available in Enlighten – worldwide audience, more citations, more impact. Reassure them that Enlighten staff will check publisher copyright policies to ensure that we are permitted to make their papers available. Reiterate that in the majority of cases we need their own final version – the closest version they have to the published version and not the PDF version provided by the publisher. Result: more full text! Morag Greig, Enlighten Manager (Advocacy)

31 Find Out More Me @williamjnixon Enlighten Web 2.0 Blog and Twitter http://enlightenrepository.wordpress.com

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