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2 OPENING STATEMENT Adrian Marcu - Chairman



5 MISSION STATEMENT The Gaming Standards Association (GSA) is an international trade association that creates benefits for gaming manufacturers, suppliers, operators and regulators. We facilitate the identification, definition, development, promotion and implementation of open standards to enable innovation, education, and communication for the benefit of the entire industry.

6 BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2012 Adrian Marcu IGT Chairman Walt Eisele Bally Technology Vice – Chair Rick Gilhuly Manitoba Lotteries Secretary Mark Pace WMS Gaming Treasurer Jeanne-Marie Wilkins Isle of Capri Casinos Jeff Wyton Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission Jim Morrow Spielo International Keith Wood Aristocrat Technologies Klaus Peltsch Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation Melissa Price Caesar’s Entertainment Steve Sutherland Konami Gaming Syed Hussain Oregon State Lottery

7 FINANCIAL REPORT Mark Pace - Treasurer

8 FINANCIALS 2012 Budget vs. 2011 Audited 2012 (Budget)2011 (Audited)Variance Revenues $ 1,686,200 $ 1,492,15713% Expenses($ 1,606,644)($ 1,692,880)(5%) Net$ 77,556($ 200,723)359% Equity/Cash $ 157,434 $ 77,878200%

9 FINANCIALS 2012 Projected (Jan-Aug) vs. Budget 2012 (Projected)2012 (Budget)Variance Revenues$ 1,738,028$ 1,686,200 3% Expenses($ 1,656,458)($ 1,606,644) 3% Net$ 81,570$ 79,556 3% Equity/Cash$ 159,448$ 157,434 2%

10 2012 ACHIEVEMENTS Peter DeRaedt - President

11 ORGANIZATION  Stabilize Our Standards  Commissioned A Study On GSA’s Role In Online Gaming  Held a Seminar on Industry Collaboration  Retained Highly Respected Consulting Company To Facilitate The Strategic Planning Process  Increased Global Standards Adoption  Canada (17,870 VLT’s in 2 provinces alone), Austria, Hungary – G2S/GDS  Organizational  Overhaul all our policies  Redesign of web site  New alliance with iGaming publications  GSA Asia Finalizing MPI Gaming Knowledge Transfer  MPI Offers BSc degree with specialization in Gaming Technology  Degree accredited by Institute of Engineering & Technology, London

12 COMPLIANCE VERIFICATION  Board Focus On GSA Certification  Recognized the Creation of a Compliance Verification Tool (CVT)  After an in-depth evaluation the Board identified Radical Blue Gaming, Reno, NV as the developer for the CVT tool  Development plan was approved  CIC Committee Created Functional Specification  CVT Tool Terms And Conditions  Tool To Be Purchased Directly From RadBlue  Site License Costs:  Supporting Customers - $60K  Customers (P/G/S) - $75K and $90K (B/Non-Members)  Annual Maintenance Fee: $15K/Year  Deliverables  Core Classes Available: 9 Months  Balance Of All Classes in G2S 1.1 and 2.1: +18 Months

13 MEMBERSHIP UPDATE UPGRADES To Platinum Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission Ontario Lottery To Gold Atlantic Lottery Oregon Lottery Multimedia WCLC NEW MEMBERS Arrow Gaming Casino Austria Casino Technology Gauselmann Fortunet Four Winds Interactive Interseven Gaming JCM Global Mohegan Sun Nanoptix Station Casinos Random Consulting Tipping Point Gaming

14 INDUSTRY AWARENESS  Malta  Greece  South Africa  Canada  Peru  Philippines

15 OPERATORS ADVISORY COMMITTEE Kerry Wolfe – Chairman of Operators Advisory Committee

16 OAC ACHIEVEMENTS  Enhanced Interactions between the OAC and the GSA Technical Committees  Technical Committee Chairs attending OAC face-to-face meetings  Providing updates to OAC for each Technical Committee  Direct feedback from OAC to Technical Committees  Benefit: direct communication between the users and the developers  The highlights of recent meetings have been a series of presentations on actual deployments of GSA protocols  AGLC’s G2S Implementation, Brian Macsymic, AGLC  Connecting eGaming with Land-Based Lines of Business, Cameron Adams, BCLC  Lessons Learned from an Independent Testing Lab, Zack Hollis, GLI  Public Key Infrastructure Lessons Learned – An Operator’s Perspective, Brian Macsymic, AGLC  Player User Interface – An Operator’s Perspective, Brian Macsymic, AGLC

17 OAC FUTURE PLANS  Increased Operator involvement  Broaden participation in the OAC to include more GSA members!  Operator survey  Continued feedback/lessons learned from organizations implementing the protocols  Update Player User Interface (PUI) business requirements  Review current PUI implementations  Conduct workshops to update PUI business requirements  Determine methods to assist Operators with implementing the standards  Provide useful information to operators on implementing GSA standards  E.g.. PKI infrastructures, etc.  Integration of Internet Gaming with Traditional Operations  Monitor of the state of Internet/Mobile gaming and assess its impact on GSA standards; make recommendations to the GSA Board.

18 STANDARDS UPDATE Ethan Tower – Director Standards Development

19 TECHNICAL COMMITTEE ACHIEVEMENTS  November 2011 – Serial GAT 4.0 released (0 TBs).  Authentication of peripheral devices such as note acceptors and printers.  March 2012 – S2S 1.6 released (0 TBs).  Additional download and GAT support plus alignment of player tracking with G2S.  April 2012 – GDS 1.2 released (6 TBs).  Clarifications and corrections to GDS 1.1 plus full multi-lingual support and 2-D barcodes.  April 2012 – G2S 2.1 released (19 TBs).  Clarifications and corrections to G2S 1.1 plus various manufacturer extensions and OAC-requested extensions.  September 2012 – Transport 1.2 released (1 TB).  Clarifications and corrections to Transport 1.1.

20 TECHNICAL COMMITTEE STATUS  Serial GAT – Maintenance mode.  S2S – Further alignment with G2S; standardize download manifests; expand internet gaming support.  GDS – Upgrade developer’s toolkit.  G2S – Additional manufacturer extensions (16); address certification issues.  Transport – Alignment with newer versions of underlying standards (IPv6, TLS 1.2, etc.); address certification issues; evaluate survey results.  CIC – G2S compliance verification tool (CVT); interoperability testing program.

21 KEYNOTE Victor Duarte – President and COO of SPIELO INTERNATIONAL


23 COMMITTEE CHAIRS Committe e ChairVice Chair OACKerry Wolfe (Manitoba)Brian MacSymic (AGLC) CICPaul Digrazia (WMS)Dennis Kleppen (IGT) S2SKevin Higgins (IGT)Chris Jarrell (VGT) G2SDan Milligan (VGT)Ram Reddy (Bally) GDSAbdul Ali (Aristocrat)Ben Lechlitner (VGT) XPTDale Buchholz (WMS)Erik Peterson (IGT)


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