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Logo Next Welcome to an interactive overview of the Non-GMO Project. Throughout the presentation, please click on any underlined links to be connected.

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1 Logo Next Welcome to an interactive overview of the Non-GMO Project. Throughout the presentation, please click on any underlined links to be connected to pages on our website with further details and information.

2 “The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization” The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization, created by leaders representing all sectors of the organic and natural products industry in the U.S. and Canada, to offer consumers a consistent non-GMO choice for organic and natural products that are produced without genetic engineering or recombinant DNA technologies.non-GMO genetic engineering or recombinant DNA technologies Previous Next

3 Title: Background BACKGROUND Previous Next

4 “The Project began as an initiative” The Project began as an initiative of independent natural foods retailers who were interested in providing their customers with a non-GMO choice. Initial efforts to obtain information about the GMO status of products were largely unsuccessful, pointing to a critical need for a consistent, industry-wide standard for non-GMO, and an independent 3rd party verification program to identify compliant products.began as an initiative of independent natural foods retailers Previous Next

5 “With a focus on meeting that need” With a focus on meeting that need, in the spring of 2007 the Non-GMO Project expanded its governance to include representatives from all stakeholder groups in the natural products industry, including consumers, retailers, farmers, and manufacturers.governance Previous Next

6 “The Project’s Board of Directors” The Project’s Board of Directors currently includes the CEOs and managers of industry leaders in the growing, manufacturing, distribution, and retail sectors.Board of Directors Previous Next

7 “The Board receives valuable input” The Board receives valuable input from both a Technical Advisory Board and an Outreach Policy Board. In total, the governance framework for the Project includes over 50 esteemed individuals from all sectors of the industry and from public advocacy organizations.Technical Advisory Board Outreach Policy Board A commitment to collaboration is central to the Project’s success in finding new solutions to handling the GMO issue. Previous Next

8 Title: The Standard THE STANDARD Previous Next

9 “In October and November of 2007” In October and November of 2007, a 60-day public comment period was held to review a draft Standard. Feedback received has been incorporated through a rigorous revision process, and the resulting Working Standard was activated by the Board of Directors in late February 2008.Working Standard This Working Standard is being presented for public comment from March 10th to April 10th 2008, and semi-annual comment periods will continue thereafter, ensuring that the Standard continues to be both meaningful and achievable. Previous Next

10 “Comments on the Working Standard” Comments on the Working Standard can be submitted to Standard Comments are reviewed by the Project’s Standard Revision Committee, which includes members from both the Technical Advisory Board and the Outreach Policy Board. Changes to the Standard are approved by the Board of Directors, based on recommendations from the Committee. The revision framework is grounded in the Project’s core principles of collaboration and transparency, and questions and comments are always welcome. Previous Next

11 “For an overview on” Previous Next For an overview on how the Standard facilitates achievement of the Non-GMO Project’s goals, please click here

12 Title: Product Verification Program PRODUCT VERIFICATION PROGRAM Previous Next

13 “The Project’s independent 3rd party verification” The Project’s independent 3rd party verification program identifies products that are compliant with the Non-GMO Project Standard.3rd party verification program The verification program is overseen by FoodChain Global Advisors, who the Project has contracted with to be its technical consultants. Previous Next

14 “FoodChain Global Advisors are part of” FoodChain Global Advisors is part of the Global-ID family of companies, and offers: Internationally-recognized expertise in GMO detection and certification In-depth knowledge of government regulations and industry practices Strong relations with all industry segments across the globe A reputation for integrity and impartiality Previous Next

15 “Elements of the Verification Process” Elements of the Verification Process Brand Company Product Line Product Ingredient  Lists Brands  Lists product lines  Lists Ingredients  Describes Plant  Lists Products Explains what’s in the product and how it was made.  Lists Ingredients  Describes Plant MANUFACTURER BRAND OWNER Previous Next The Product Verification Program engages every level of the supply chain. Enrollment in the Program can be initiated at any stage of production. This shows the process beginning with the Brand Owner:

16 “To watch a 4 1/2 minute video” To watch a 4 ½ minute video introduction to the Product Verification Program, please click here Previous Next

17 “The verification program has been designed” The Verification Program has been designed to avoid duplication of costs and work. Compliance assessment begins with a review of current documentation and SOPs. Certified organic operations already meet the majority of the Project’s traceability and segregation requirements.Verification Program Attention has also been given to ensuring that there is no disruption to existing service relationships.  Test results can be provided by any accredited laboratory.  On-site audits can be conducted by current inspectors. The first training for organic inspectors on Non-GMO Project audits will take place at the Independent Organic Inspectors Association training in April 2008 Inspectors Association training in April 2008. Previous Next

18 “Products are now being enrolled” Products are now beginning to be enrolled in the program. The next 18 months will be a transition period during which companies will have an opportunity to adjust production systems to meet the requirements of the Standard. Starting in the fall of 2009, products compliant with the Standard will be identified through public verification claims, including optional use of the Non-GMO Project seal. Previous Next

19 Title:Get Involved GET INVOLVED Previous Next

20 “Contact us to find out more” Contact us Contact us to find out more about how you can be involved. Previous Next

21 “Industry Members:” Industry Members: Enroll in the Product Verification Program, or request more info. Companies beginning the process now will be in the best position to use the seal when it is launched in fall 2009. Previous Next

22 “Retailers:” Retailers: Sign up for the e-newsletter, and add your store to the searchable database of retailers who support the Non-GMO Project. e-newsletter searchable database of retailers Previous Next

23 “Consumers:” Consumers: Stay tuned to the website for lists of products enrolled in the verification program. Use your purchasing power to support companies involved in the Project, and make the statement that you value having an informed choice when it comes to GMOs! Previous Next

24 “Your support and participation” Your support and participation is welcome in this innovative effort to inspire and ensure viable non- GMO alternatives long into the future! Previous Next

25 Logo Thank you.

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