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2010-2011 AACE Goals Goals as identified by AACE’s Board of Directors for 2010-2011.

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1 2010-2011 AACE Goals Goals as identified by AACE’s Board of Directors for 2010-2011

2 AACE Goals 2010-2011 During the August 2010 Board of Directors meeting, the AACE International Board identified the following goals and objectives as the major organizational priorities for 2010-2011: – Improve communications and marketing efforts with members and major stakeholders to better communicate the value-added to AACE membership – Improve section leadership training – Improve the congruence and alignment of goals and objectives among the Board, associate boards, regions, sections, and members

3 Marketing/Communications Redesign and streamline the AACE website to be easier to navigate for members and prospective members, incorporating more contemporary design and graphics, enhanced description of the value of resources on the website, and more value added features to bring individuals to the website more frequently Continue to deliver consistent and well-designed e-publications to inform members of activities In coordination with the North American Marketing Committee (NAMC) and International Marketing Committee (IMC), develop a comprehensive, cost-effective marketing plan designed to increase membership, Annual Meeting attendance, certification, and educational program income

4 Marketing/Communications Redesign Cost Engineering journal with a more attractive cover design and more contemporary look, shape content based on readership survey, cross-reference articles to the Virtual Library, and promote web. Improve accuracy of articles printed. Increase emphasis on more professional growth and include more practical, transferable articles

5 Marketing/Communications Solicit and capture areas of professional interest on individual members to provide capability of market segmentation and to better target communications and benefits Develop more compelling membership marketing materials that allow for customization to address various groups, including corporate sponsors, government entities, and allied organizations Conduct a comprehensive membership survey to provide information for future leadership decisions Develop a plan to maximize the impact of partnering agreements

6 Section Leadership Development Create systematic communication program to all Section and region leaders using an e-newsletter Improve online tools to assist section leaders in building section membership and visibility Create an online leadership training program that provides section leaders with guidance on how to run a successful section Deliver and promote the “Seminar in a Box” program to sections Provide resources to sections to more effectively orient and mentor new members

7 Alignment of Association Components More clearly define association goals and objectives to all association stakeholders to improve communications and effectiveness More clearly define the respective role and scope of the Board, associate boards, sections, and other components and orient leaders as to the respective roles of each component Develop an updated strategic plan Develop a strategy to more directly involve associate boards into the Board decision-making process

8 Alignment of Association Components Assure that association volunteer, staff, and financial resources are invested in activities consistent with the vision, mission, and goals of the Association and justified in light of current needs of our members

9 Timetable & Accountability President will report on the achievement of these goals at the 2011 Annual Meeting – Anaheim, CA, June 19-22 Board will be provided quarterly reports from staff and others responsible for implementation as to the progress toward achieving the goals and objectives The Board will provide specific goals and objectives in accordance with the strategic plan annually to membership and stakeholders in an effort to continually enhance the value added of AACE International membership

10 Schedule for Release Outline approved by the Board on 21 August, 2010 News release created and approved by AACE President on 27 August, 2010 Distributed to key leadership and section leaders in early September 2010 Full email newsletter to be distributed on 15 September, 2010 Initial quarterly report scheduled for 15 December, 2010

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