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AHS/GSS Membership Bargaining Update February and March 2015.

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1 AHS/GSS Membership Bargaining Update February and March 2015

2 Presentation Overview History of Bargaining (2011 and 2014) Government Spending in Health Care- Sustainable (Revenue or Spending Problem) Our Commitment to Members Your Options to Consider Our Recommendation and Next Steps

3 History of Bargaining 2011 and 2014 2010- Bill 27 puts all bargaining units into a common provincial structure, GSS is probably most harmed by this action. As of July 2014, approximately 1,200 members remain red circled due to transition bargaining issues. December 2011, after nine months of bargaining and mediation, Mediator recommends a three year deal of 2%, 2%, 2%.

4 History Continued… January of 2012, members reject the report, due to the improving Alberta Economy, by a 95% rejection vote. Mediation restarts and AHS offers 0%, 0%, 2% and a Cost of Living Adjustment. February 16, 2012, members take action and withdraw services to AHS. Mediation/ Arbitration process is set up to settle the dispute. In April of 2012 members ratify a deal of 3%, 3%, 3% and other monetary improvements.

5 History Continued April 2014, bargaining for a new collective agreement starts again. April 2014 GOA settles with AUPE for 6.75% over four years (includes other monetary adjustments) July 2014 AHS settles with UNA for 7.25% over four years (includes lump sums and benefit improvements)

6 History Continued AUPE asks for AHS monetary proposals on October 7 th, no proposals provided, AUPE files first Bargaining in Bad Faith complaint. HSAA received a monetary offer in mid November of 1%, 1%, 1%, settles in late November for 1% ($1,000 lump sum), 1.25% ($1,000 lump sum), and 2% over three years. AUPE GSS received a similar opening proposal in late November of 1%,1%,1% over three years, plus a market adjustment for Pharmacy Assistances.

7 History Continued… January 19, 2015, AHS removes ingoing monetary offer, and offers 0%, 0%, 0% over three years, no market adjustment. AUPE discovers through a disclosure request that although there is supposedly no recruitment difficulties, over 250 Temporary Foreign Workers are being used by AHS to fill positions.

8 Government Spending (A Revenue or Spending Problem) Albertans presently enjoy the lowest taxes in Canada, the tax advantage is estimated to be worth 11.6 Billion dollars per year over the next most competitive province Over the last two years Government operating expenses have been below the combined rate of inflation and population growth (only 3% a year) (Source Alberta’s Fiscal Challenge-A Primer for Discussion)

9 Government Spending … In 2013, private sector wages average weekly earnings were 26% higher than rest of Canada, In public sector wages were 12% higher than the rest of Canada. (Source Alberta’s Fiscal Challenge-A Primer for Discussion). A number of GSS occupations are significantly below private sector wages in Alberta. Modest wage increases are required for competitiveness and service delivery stability.

10 Our Commitment to Members Upon bargaining breaking down, we committed to go out to members and seek your input into our next steps. So far we have filed for Interest Arbitration and filed our second “bargaining in bad faith” complaint against AHS.

11 Your Options to Consider On January 31, 2015, the Supreme Court of Canada affirmed the right to strike as an essential and protected constitutional right. AUPE believes that the right to strike will be extended to all public sector and health care bargaining in the next twelve months (essential services will be narrowly applied). Currently we are reviewing how this decision will affect your bargaining.

12 Your Options Continue with Interest Arbitration (leave application with Government) Begin to mobilize members and the public If AHS resolves the bargaining in bad faith complaint, offer to recommence bargaining. Consideration of a legal strike application might be considered in the future if a deal can not be reached through negotiations, and once the processes has been appropriately settled with the Government of Alberta.

13 Our Recommendation Do not consider a “Wildcat strike” given your new legal right to strike. Mobilizing campaigns for members and a communications campaign for the public is essential. If we can resolve the Labour Board Complaint, we recommend the recommencement of mediation.

14 Next Steps… Based on feedback we will set dates and local plans for the campaigns. Questions:

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