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Prepared by Erkan ERCOŞKUN

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1 Prepared by Erkan ERCOŞKUN
Past Simple Tense TEST Prepared by Erkan ERCOŞKUN

2 Present Past speak do come buy see have give SPOKE DID CAME BOUGHT SAW HAD GAVE

3 Present Past talk carry help travel mend cry study TALKED CARRIED HELPED TRAVELLED MENDED CRIED STUDIED

4 went – sold – ate – drank - slept
1. George ________ his old car last week. 2. We all ________ chocolate cake at the pary last night. 3. I was tired so I ________ very early last night. 4. My classmates all ________ to the theatre after school yesterday. 5. I ________ two glasses of milk before I slept last night. ate slept went drank

5 ___ A. Cemile had a bad headache all afternoon.
1 2 3 4 6 5 7 ___ A. Cemile had a bad headache all afternoon. ___ B. She walked to the office. ___ C. She arrived late for work ___ D. Her boss was very angry. ___ E. She went to a party last night. ___ F. She missed the bus. ___ G. She got up very late. 7 4 5 6 1 3 2

6 They _____ a meeting yesterday morning.
hold a meeting = toplantı yapmak visited bought held spoke

7 This engineer _____ by a helicopter last week.
mended cried used travelled

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