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Do Not Lie Ryan, 5C.

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1 Do Not Lie Ryan, 5C

2 What do you know about it?
We need to always tell the truth to all people because if we lie it makes people sad but if we tell the truth people will be happy.

3 What do you want to know about it
What will happen if we do white lies to other people? Why do people lie?

4 Observation what happen out there?
At home: one time my brother lied that he don’t have a girlfriend but actually he has one. At school: students often lie so the teacher will not be mad like usually when the teacher asked to submit the homework the students tell that they had leave it at home so students often lied to keep the teacher to not be angry but in fact the teacher even get more angry.

5 Ask someone else Welly: we may not hurt other person from the time we said the lie, but sooner or later a lie is still a lie. Others may us depends on the situation that happened to them. welly: to save their self and other people around. Jeff: other people will have broken heart Jeff: so other don’t know what is going on.

6 According to Holy Book Jika kita katakan, bahwa kita beroleh persekutuan dengan Dia, namun kita hidup di dalam kegelapan, kita berdusta dan kita tidak melakukan kebenaran. My own words: if we lie we don’t tell what is in reality and we live in sadness. 1 Yohanes 1:6

7 How do you conclude it? Not lying is important because people will have a Brocken heart and broke God’s commandment number 9.

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