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Central Direction of Innovation Technologies

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1 Central Direction of Innovation Technologies
MOTORWAYS OF THE SEA Marco Mattiocco Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli/ Italian Customs and Monopolies Agency Direzione Centrale Tecnologie per l'Innovazione/ Central Direction of Innovation Technologies Venice, March 2015

2 The customs dilemma Favouring reliable traders Protecting the security
and safety of citizens Fostering the competitiveness of enterprises Protecting the EU/ national budget speed controls All Customs Administrations acting as one 2

3 The Complexity of Operations
The Fragmentation of Customs Momentum Ministry of Communication Ministry of Foreign Affairs …elettromagnetic compatibility… …armament authorization… Ministryfor Economic Development Ministero delle Politiche Agricole e Forestali …marks, quality and security of products… …CITES… The World Bank estimates that customs clearance process can take, in addition to the customs declaration, up to 73 different documents in most cases released on paper, and await the outcome of the controls exercised by more than 20 different bodies (In Italy 68 and 17) Ministry for Infrastructures and Transports Ministry of Public Health …certifications… …sanitary and veterinary…

4 Legal framework 1/3 WCO defines Single Window according to REC n. 33 UN\CEFACT: “a form of facilitation that allows... to lodge information and documents at one single point of entry, to meet the regulatory requirements prescribed for import/export/transit”. Reg. EU. 648/2005: has introduced the principle of the unicity of a customs operation and of the consequent coordination of the controls performed by different authorities. 4

5 Legal framework 2/3 Reg. (UE) n. 952/2013 of the European Parliament and the Council (Union Customs Code): Article Cooperation between authorities 1. Where, in respect of the same goods, controls other than customs controls are to be performed by competent authorities other than the customs authorities, customs authorities shall, in close cooperation with those other authorities, endeavour to have those controls performed, wherever possible, at the same time and place as customs controls (one-stop-shop), with customs authorities having the coordinating role in achieving this. 5

6 Legal framework 3/3 At national level:
2004 Financial Law (art. 4 points 57 and 58 of Law 350/2003) establishes the Single window approach , (At the offices of the Customs, is established the Single window to simplify the import/export operations and to concentrate the administrative requirements, also regarding other administrations) The Decree of the Prime Minister (DPCM) 242/2010 having regulatory nature has been published on 27 January 2011. 6

7 DPCM 242/2010 synthesis of obligations for import and export operations (annex A and B of DPCM) - art. 2 Documents and certificates that can be requested before the arrival of goods (PRODOMAL) Competent Government Agency Document/certificate Release Time (days) Annex A Documents and certificates that can be released only if goods are available for a possible physical inspection (CONTEXTUAL) Competent Government Agency Document/certificate Time limit for documentary check Time limit for physical check Annex B

8 DPCM 242/2010 the request and the control of certification/authorization is done electronically to the customs agency (single window) - art. 3 The controls by customs and other public administrations are unified (one stop shop) - art. 4 The single window is coordinated electroniclally, according to the Digital Administration Code - art. 5

9 Italian Customs Agency Single Window - Architecture
Chaired by the Director of the Italian Customs and Monopoly Agency Trade Facilitation MISE (Ministry of Economic Development) Working Groups: Interoperability Problems of Operators Financial Services Aid for Trade Monitoring Committee Service Conference SubCommittee for Interoperability Sharing of strategy with other working groups Technical / Architectural Only one Working Group Functional-Procedural MISE Health Other Administrations Prodromal Contextual 9 9

10 The AIDA IT System Automazione Integrata Dogane Accise
Major assets: “Computerization” and parallel re-engineering of service processes and of the relevant activities, to customize them to the simplification opportunities offered by ICT. Re-engineering based on the single-window/one-stop-shop approach (integration of processes and unification of controls carried out by other administrations) Usability of ICT services on-line training/information steady contacts - via web - with enterprises to record their needs and to measure the effectiveness of action Telematic access extended to the services provided and to the information processed Digital Signature Totally free of charge for economic operators

11 The Added Value for Traders: a Fully Digital Approach
AIDA Leads you AIDA Corrects you The front-office is no longer needed YES Correct? NO Better compliance Usability of ICT services How to get: - on-line assistance Reduction in litigation - elearning - training environment Recording needs Measuring effectiveness Knowledge System Network of assistance to enterprises Updating of the Knowledge system

12 Results Achieved: nearly 100% of e-Declarations

13 AIDA, TARIC and Single Window: automated checks
Example of an import: Kg of garlic from Egypt The customs declaration is acquired through electronic means. 2. According to commodity code, customs procedure requested, origin, preferences… 3. Measures and documents are checked automatically on TARIC. Online request to the Ministry for Internation Trade to check the AGRIM validity and residual quantities 4. And automatically compared with the documents stated in the declaration (box 44). Certificates coded at Community level Certificates coded at national level 5. In case of difformity the declaration is rejected (admissibility control). Formal Control of the AGECONTROL product (to be integrated) 6. If everything is ok the declaration is registered and the AGRIM quantities are simultaneously updated online by the Ministry of Economic Development.

14 The model of interoperability with the Ministry of Economic Development
Agrim / Agrex Licences Ministry of Economic Development Declarant Italian Customs Declaration submitted Request forwarded YES Is the licence valid? Goods released Quantity updated NO Goods stopped Declaration rejected

15 From 2012 fully digital process
From paper to electronic Agricultural license The electronic Agricultural license has the same content of the paper document. The Economic Operator must indicate the AGRIM / AGREX licences (paper, electronic, issued by another EU country) necessary to the operation of import / export in the box 44 of the customs declaration: Document Type: X001 (EX) or L001 (IM) Licence identification Country Code Quantity Year Unit From 2012 fully digital process AIDA performs an automatic admissibility control of the electronic licence and updates the quantity and sends the information to MISE

16 The model of interoperability with the Ministry of Health
tfin Before Single Window time Submit the request Checks goods Releases the certificate Submit the declaration Checks goods Releases goods Costs to move the container for the inspections Waiting time to submit the declaration Zero waiting time With Single Window Submit the request Unified check Releases goods Reduction of time and costs for the inspection Only one control Releases the request code The economic operator can lodge the declaration with “request code” in box 44. The status of the certificate is checked by interoperability. Submit the declaration Economic Operator Ministry of Health Customs Agency 16

17 State of the art The model of interoperability with the Ministry of Economic Development can be applied to all documents/certificates listed in Annex A of DPCM 242/2010. The model of interoperability with the Ministry of Health can be applied to all documents/certificates listed in Annex B of DPCM 242/2010. Currently data exchange is in operation with: Ministry of Economic Development (agrim/agrex licences) Ministry of Health (sanitary and veterinary certificates) Minitry of Foreign Affairs (weaponry licenses) Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry (phytosanitary certificates) It has been covered at least the 80% of all supporting documents in customs declaration. 17 17

18 Single Window information and transparency
At web site in the Single Window section

19 Monitoring of the declaration life cycle…
“AIDA Servizi per l’interoperabilità” is a tool that provides the monitoring of all phases of declaration and status of release of the supporting certificates.

20 …and the supporting certificates
FULL TRANSPARENCY FOR ECONOMIC OPERATOR: it is clear the administration that is currently in charge of the process.

21 ensuring Safety&Security
The Customs Single Window: a good practice according to the air couriers From 3 day to 7 hours about 70% of time saved ensuring Safety&Security 1

22 What we are doing in Italy
Customs Single Window The availability of the data in advance of manifests and information about security is an essential prerequisite for further simplifications Clearance at sea Digital supply chain

23 Let not reinvent the wheel
Ministry of Transport Italian Customs Agency Maritime National Single Window PMIS Customs National Single Window AIDA Inbound manifest (Fal form ) 18 Administrations Maritime Health, etc. Security Berth authorization Ship release Ship Goods Traders Interface Customs Telematic Service Obligations delegated to the various national authorities by regulations Obligations delegated to the customs authority by EU legislation ENS/EXS Ship info Inbound Manifest Principio Once: inviare le informazioni una sola volta! IMO/FAL Import/Export Health info EU Directive 2010/65 (completion of reporting formalities) ONCE Economic Operators 23

24 Clearance “at sea”: Integration with port authorities
Italian Coast Guard Italian Customs Economic Operator Communicate the vessel to monitor send e-Manifest Vessel monitored (Italian waters) Authorization to lodge the Customs declaration Customs Single Window with other Administrations Customs declarations can be lodged when goods are ongoing ONLY if the Italian Coast Guard assures the Customs to have the vessel under control. Italian Coast Guard indicates deviations in order to prevent unauthorized landings or tampering of goods. Thanks to the Customs Single Window, Customs and other Administration can anticipate the risk analysis in order to have a shorter time release and, in the case, address goods to physical inspection areas to perform an unified control .

25 Prerequisites to the clearance at “sea” Clearance at “sea” start date
Ship monitored by the Italian Coast Guard Customs Office Clearance at “sea” start date UD LA SPEZIA 20/02/2014 UD GENOVA 2 UD GENOVA 1 UD SAVONA 04/08/2014 VADO LIGURE UD RAVENNA 01/09/2014 UD VENEZIA UD TRIESTE 02/09/2014 UD CIVITAVECCHIA 10/09/2014 UD LIVORNO 01/10/2014 UD TARANTO 22/10/2014 UD BARI UD NAPOLI 1 15/12/2014 UD SALERNO 15/01/2015 UD ANCONA 16/02/2015 UD PALERMO Single window activated in the customs office related to the landing port Terminal handling containers and landing operations and handling containers using telematics for managment of the temporary Custody 25

26 Pre-clearing + Single window: Through an efficient seamless model
Before Single window… Attention!!! Pre-clearing not allowed for goods subjected to controls of other bodies (for instance Health control) eManifest Customs declaration Customs controls Health controls After Single window … Pre-clearing allowed also for goods subjected to controls of other bodies (for instance Health control) … Control unification … Costs and times reduction emanifest pre-clearing declaration Customs and Health Controls

27 Findings in La Spezia and Genova
TIME ACCURACY to plan containers handling and organize intermodal transfer COST AND TIME REDUCTION due to a short dwell time from to 5,5 days to 3,5 days (La spezia) and from 5 days to 4 days (Genova) the permanence in stock area about 30% of containers leave the port after 12 hours 27

28 Strengths of the Italian Single Window
Reduction of time Simplification of the customs procedures that leads to a drastic reduction of time and costs for businesses and Public Administration. One stop shop Unified controls, more effective and efficient based on risk analysis, document check in parallel. Monitoring “AIDA Servizi per l’interoperabilità” provides the monitoring of all phases of declaration and status of release of the certificates.

29 Thank you for your attention

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