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1 The Italian Institutional Design for Administrative Simplification HIGH LEVEL REGIONAL SEMINAR ON “STRATEGIES, TOOLS AND CAPACITIES FOR ADMINISTRATIVE SIMPLIFICATION” Cairo, Egypt 20-21 June 2007 Fiorenza BARAZZONI Head of the Secretariat of the Unit for Simplification and Quality of Regulation

2 The institutional framework for administrative simplification Existing institutions and rules Political arrangements Pursued goals

3 Institutional framework: different options Single purpose entities Administrative simplification agencies Regulatory reform agencies External committees A combination of different structures

4 A. The Italian Structure Inter-ministerial Committee Tavolo permanente for Simplification Unit for Simplification and Quality of Regulation (7 Working Groups of Experts and Technical Secretariat)

5 Inter-ministerial Committee Political leadership and guidelines on better regulation Chaired by the Prime Minister Composition: 1.Under Secretary of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers; 2.Minister for Public Administration Reform and Innovation; 3.Minister for Regional and Local Affairs; 4.Minister for European Policies; 5.Minister for the Implementation of the Government program; 6.Minister of the Interior; 7.Minister for the Relations with Parliament; 8.Minister of Economy and Finance; 9.Minister for Economic Development.

6 Tavolo Permanente for Simplification  Inter-Ministerial Committee  Regions and Local Governments  Social and Economic Actors It represents a stable form of consultation It is formed by:

7 Unit for Simplification and Quality of Regulation  coordinating the legislative process, ensuring the implementation of the better regulation policies and tools  supporting the identification of the Action Plan priority areas and developing better regulation proposals for action Tasks:

8 Unit for Simplification and Quality of Regulation  chaired by the Under secretary of State, the Unit comprises 20 high-level experts and a network of the Heads of the Legislative Offices (in relation to those Ministers with better regulation competences)  a Technical Secretariat, led by an Executive Coordinator, with a competent team of 20 officials Structure:

9 Unit for Simplification and Quality of Regulation  Taglia-leggi («cut-laws»: legislative guillotine)  Measurement and Reduction of Administrative Burdens  Regulation on Impact Assessment (Light Approach)  Reduction of Procedural Length  Re-engineering of Administrative Processes  Participation with Regions, Local Governments and Social Actors  Control and Check of Quality Indicators The Unit meets in plenary sessions, as well as in 7 working groups of experts:

10 B. The Italian Strategies 1.Adoption of an annual Action Plan on Simplification and Quality of Regulation 2.Reduction of Administrative Burdens 3.Administrative Simplification 4. Ex Ante Measures: “Light” RIA 5.Regions and Municipalities Better Regulation

11 The Action Plan links strategic goals actions assessment and evaluation of results improvement of competitiveness and welfare

12 The Action Plan determines main simplification and better regulation goals involved institutions timetable of planned actions framework of legislative and administrative governmental policies

13 The Action Plan is focused on Results real reduction of administrative burdens administrative simplification innovative organization and technology to reengineer the administrative procedures

14 Administrative Burdens administrative burdens reduction target of 25% as indicated by the EU Commission participation to the EU Commission Action Programme AB Measurement based on EU SCM methodology a Plan for administrative burdens reduction on national priority areas (e.g. privacy, environment, welfare and contributions, safety and risk)

15 Administrative Burdens Reduction of burdens for business e.g. single communication for business start-up abolition and simplification of red tape for new enterprises Reduction of burdens for citizens e.g. single communication to the register office: the data will be sent by the public administration in case of changes of residence simplification and reengineering of procedures for migrants, to obtain/renew permits of residence, visa for work or to ease family reunification

16 Administrative Simplification Time reduction and certainty of administrative procedures length target: 10% reduction of times for administrative procedures procedural time measurement and evaluation of best practices public administrations obliged to pay a monetary compensation to citizens in case of deadlines infringements

17 Administrative Simplification Transparency and e-government availability of information on procedures, deadlines and needed documents through a web portal digital communication among central PA to eliminate the paperwork exchange; digital signature; code of digital administration

18 Ex Ante Measures: «Light» RIA Development of a light RIA checklist for major regulatory proposals including: affected categories consideration of different options evaluation of advantages and disadvantages of the options for the affected parties justification of the preferred options Fostering its use among the national Public Administrations

19 Regions and Local Governments Better Regulation AGREEMENT between State, Regions, Provinces, Local Communities and Municipalities (March 29 th, 2007) State and Regions are committed to simplification, reducing the amount of laws through codification and recasting common methodologies on RIA and Evaluation clause joint administrative burdens reduction target of 25% (as indicated by the European Council) common initiatives on training for Public Administrations unified manuals on legislative drafting and standardization State – Regions working group to monitor the implementation of the agreement

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