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Welcome to International Business College Hetzendorf ibc-:

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1 Welcome to International Business College Hetzendorf ibc-:

2 Study Visit ibc-: in the Austrian School System school environment school development quality areas for teachers school programme QM Vienna Board of Education QM Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture ibc-: total quality management ibc-: evaluation tools Bilingual programme classroom hospitation www. ibc. 2

3 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17+ 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22+ working life tertiary colleges universities lower level Secondary academic school upper level advanced level secondary vocational school politech year elementary school lower division Lower secondary school special school secondary vocational school compulsory vocational school and apprenticeship

4 Ibc-: daytime forms Commercial college 5 years Bilingual commercial college 5 years Information technology commercial college 5 years Commercial school 3 years Upgrading college 3 years Tertiary college 4 semesters Bilingual tertiary college www. ibc. 4

5 Ibc-: evening forms Commercial school 4 semesters Commercial college 8 semesters Tertiary commercial college 4 semesters 1637 students 152 teachers School management –span of control 2:152 www. ibc. 5


7 School Development where from static hierarchical system –contents, rules –instructions –top-down decisions lack of responsibility resistance to change isolation burn out where to learning co-operating system –values, goals –creativity –confidence and solidarity autonomy –Power + responsibility quality management –self determined change –value added www. ibc. 7

8 3 quality areas for teachers www. ibc. 8 school development education teaching quality management planned, evaluated process teamwork based on joint values

9 school programme self-evaluation of schools and resulting goals –systematic evaluation of school quality by teachers, students and parents mission statement action plan for improvements review www. ibc. 9

10 QM activities Vienna Board of Education since 2003 –management review –School Audit by inspector –Quality Managers for schools Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture since 2005 –Quality Matrix –School Quality Report –Vienna Quality Report –Federal Quality Report www. ibc. 10

11 Ibc-: based activities TQM since 1996 Homepage 2011 EFQM Self Assessment Report IV 70 % of staff participating www. ibc. 11

12 Bilingual Business School Bilinguale HAK

13 Ibc-: BIK-Geschichte 1996 start Bilinguale Handelsakademie 2000 start Bilinguales Kolleg 1998 EU Seal für innovative language initiatives 2001 Reife und Diplomprüfung Projekt Papers 11 English Native Teachers 12 Klassen – ca. 300 students in bilingual programme www. ibc. 13

14 VBS Vienna Bilingual Schooling Bilingual Education Zweisprachige Ausbildung Foreign Language Proficiency Fremdsprachenkompetenz Intercultural Environment Interkulturelles Umfeld Business Competence Wirtschaftliche Kompetenz www. ibc. 14

15 Qualifications/Qualifikationen General Education Allgemeinbildung Vocational Education Berufsausbildung International Education Internationale Ausbildung www. ibc. 15

16 BIC 2014 – New Curriculum BIK 2014 - Neuer Lehrplan Stronger international emphasis verstärkte internationale Ausrichtung International faculty Internationales Lehrerteam International work placement Internationales Arbeitspraktikum www. ibc. 16

17 Organization / Organization Unterricht –50 % Deutsch –50% deutsch- sprachige LehrerInnen Teaching –50% English –30 % English- speaking experts –20 % English as the language of instruction by Austrian teachers www. ibc. 17

18 Teaching Methodology / Didaktisches Konzept deutschsprachige LehrerInnen Kooperative Lehr- und Lernformen –Planung –Unterrichtsmaterial –gemeinsamer Unterricht –Reflexion + Evaluation English-speaking experts Co-operative teaching and learning techniques –planning –teaching materials –teaching in teams –review + evaluation www. ibc. 18

19 Student benefits/ Nutzen für Schüler Integratives Fördern Individuelle Methoden Soziale Qualifikation –Kooperation –Teamfähigkeit –Problemkompetenz Mehr LERNEN Weniger LEHREN Integrative support Individual methods Social skills –co-operation –team orientation –problem solving More LEARNING Less TEACHING www. ibc. 19

20 20 Übungsfirma Virtuelles Unternehmen Simulation aller Geschäftsabläufe ACT Übungsfirmenzentrale Übungsfirmenmarkt weltweit Übungsfirmenmessen Kooperation NY Board of Education virtual enterprise Simulation of all business processes ACT practice headquarters Practice firms market worldwide Practice firms fairs Cooperation NY Board of Education

21 21 Notebook- Tablet- class rooms Wireless Lan Beamer E-Learning E-Portfolio Moodle Plattform Self - directed learning Eigenverantwortliches Lernen

22 22

23 EDV – lessons Unterricht 23

24 Sport and 24

25 Festival of Cultures Fest der Kulturen 25

26 Events - Veranstaltungen 26

27 27

28 28

29 29

30 Trade fair - Training firm Übungsfirmenhausmesse 30

31 31 See you in Vienna March 2015 Wiedersehen in Wien März 2015

32 Sightseeing Vienna - City Innenstadt

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