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The Austrian Education System Doris Sygmund KPH Wien/Krems June 2008.

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1 The Austrian Education System Doris Sygmund KPH Wien/Krems June 2008

2 basic facts kindergarten 57% are open all day 90% five - year olds language support fees vary according to provinces training schools for kindergarten teachers

3 basic facts Compulsory education – 9 years 4 years of primary school 4 years of lower secondary school *academic secondary schools *regular secondary schools 1 year of pre-vocational school September 1st / six year – olds

4 basic facts upper secondary schools (general education, business, ICT, tourism…) special schools ( for children with special needs) homeschooling private schools (churches, bilingual…)

5 basic facts Tertiary education Universities (1365) Post-secondary/tertiary colleges Fachhochschule (science, ICT, job related) Bologna process

6 facts and figures 1774 Maria Theresia 6 years of compulsory education 1918 Otto Glöckel optimal education of all children regardless of gender and age 1975 co-educational state schools 1993 integration of children with special needs

7 facts and figures 2006/07 1.226.638 pupils since 2000 minus 11,8 % in primary education 2001 49% plus university graduates 385.000 2007 74 600 early school leavers – below EU average 10,9%

8 facts and figures 2005 education expenditure 13 337,3 million (5.4% of gross domestic product)

9 primary school 1class teacher (entire instruction) 80% women marks and verbal assessment (years1+2) cross-curricular approach modern foreign languages

10 schools for 10 – 14 year olds regular secondary schools ability groups working world low social status teachers – colleges municipality money academic secondary schools one ability group university high prestige teachers- university federal government money

11 Reforms ? standardised tests – years 4 and 8 – results not publicised selection criteria at an early age children with non-Austrian background limited language knowledge (33% in Vienna)

12 Reforms? Social prestige of secondary academic schools education / income of parents Lower Austria primary school – 6 years, period of transition

13 Links and more detailed information view/324/1/69/?swlang=en view/324/1/69/?swlang=en detailed description of Austrian school system in English Graphical Overview of the Austrian Education System


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