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Working Effectively Towards A Better School With Happier Children.

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1 Working Effectively Towards A Better School With Happier Children

2 Outline: Definition Interesting facts Suggested roles and responsibilities Suggestions for projects

3 What is the parent association? Parent Association Principal StaffParents Students Board Management

4 The WINS of this relationship: Happier and better achieving children

5 More efficient and understanding teachers

6 Better parenting

7 Coherent communication

8 HOW? 1.Information sharing about school and about education Class mums School newsletter School handbook Access for parents to leaflets and books of interest Information for parents about helping their own child Parents 'room Parents development opportunities

9 Can contribute and help in spreading: Home School Partnership policy Homework policy Code of behavior Policy on special needs Policy for addressing bullying behavior 2. School policy and planning

10 It’s not the parent association’s job to pursue a complaint on behalf of an individual parent

11 Then what is the role of Parent Association in addressing complaints?

12 Help find good ways of approaching a teacher about a problem Let a parent know that if they need to make a formal complaint there is a complaints procedure available through the school and encourage the parent to use the procedure Parents’ association can address complaints by:

13 3.Partnership with teachers in delivering the curriculum and in assessing children’s progress Through: Paired reading, paired mathematics, paired writing Projects to improve the school environment: Examples: music concerts, field trips, gardening projects, sports, book fairs…

14 4. Networking among parents Prepare lists of contacts of children of the same class. Arranging opportunities for parents to meet informally Running a social event (such as a coffee morning) for parents of a particular class Having a parents’ page on the school website Welcoming new parents Providing a parent association notice board in the school

15 5. Extra-curricular activities for children Extra curricular activities are an important way of Widening children’s experience Giving children opportunities for social development Enriching children’s learning The parent association can help by Consulting with children about their preferences Helping to organize, supervise and fund extra curricular activities that would benefit children

16 6.Affirming the work of teachers Showing appreciation Supporting their policies Organizing events on teacher’s day

17 7. Fund Raising Art exhibition Non uniform day Painting competition Cake sale Musical Soirees Poetry reading Quiz night Fancy dress competition Guided Walk Coffee morning Birthday books


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