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Maadi British International School Welcome to Year 3LC.

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1 Maadi British International School Welcome to Year 3LC

2 The Class Teaching Team n Class Teacher – Miss Churchill n Teaching Assistant – Mr Steven

3 A little about me… I have taught at MBIS for the last 8 years in three different year groups. Prior to working at MBIS I taught in London. My interests outside of school include my horse and all things horse-related! I also practise yoga when I can and am an avid reader. Oh and I love to go on safari when I have enough money in my piggy bank!

4 Year 3 Subjects n English n Mathematics n Science n ICT n Second languages (Mrs Cassimer, Miss Marwa) n Physical Education (Mrs Razek) n History, Geography, PHSE, RE, Art, DT, Drama

5 English – main areas of learning n Stories with familiar settings n Adventure stories n Traditional tales n Poetry n Instructional texts n Letters n Information texts n Handwriting n Spelling and Grammar

6 Mathematics – main areas of learning n Shape and space n Number and place value n Calculations +,-, x and n Data collection n Time n Money n Measures n Tables n Problem solving/investigations

7 Our timetable… n Handout n Timetables are flexible to meet the needs of the children

8 Routines n Reading/Reading scheme n Weekly spellings n Weekly times tables n Library books

9 Home Learning… n Weekly activities as per schedule Teacher expectations Teacher expectations n Kid blog n MBIS Home Learning Policy will be reviewed in the second half of Term 1

10 Home learning schedule n Please refer to your childs home school learning diary. n If you would like a certain book or homework book to be sent home again please let us know!

11 How to help your child with home learning n Establish a routine with your child: a set time and place for home learning to be done n Check what tasks have been set and that your child understands what needs to be done n Encourage independence: facilitate not dominate!

12 Expectations In Year 3, the children will be encouraged to: n Further develop their ability to work independently n Manage their routines maturely n To present their work in a variety of ways n To become self-motivated to achieve their goals. goals. n To work in a variety of ways- paired, group, independently independently

13 Reward systems n Class rewards ……. n House system – contributing to team success

14 Looking ahead… n Theme days – Greek Day, International Day n Trips - n Events – Class assembly, Sports Day, Swimming Gala, Halloween. n Middle School production

15 The Home School Partnership Lines of communication: n Open Door Policy n Home School Book n E-mail ( n Appointment n Parent Consultations in November, March, and June

16 New school website After half term… n Key information about the year group including: curriculum, timetables, how you can help your child at home n Increased use of Kidblog to support home learning

17 FOMBIS n Halloween – n Class volunteer system – class parent coffee morning? class parent coffee morning? trips trips parties parties cooking cooking

18 Any Questions...?

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