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Beautiful Question By Megan Cullen. What makes people happy?

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1 Beautiful Question By Megan Cullen

2 What makes people happy?

3 Why this? Happiness seems to be something that is on most peoples minds a lot of the day weahther they are feeling happy, wishing they were happy, trying to get happy, or remembering happy times. Being happy is a goal most people seem to have so…what is it that makes them happy?

4 My sources The documentary, “Happy” The documentary, “The Secret” Friends Family

5 Happy “Happy is a 2011 feature documentary that takes us on an incredible journey around the world, exploring the power and mystery of human happiness.” (Belik, 2011)

6 The movie begins with a quote- “The constitution only guarantees the American people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself.” -Benjamin Franklin

7 Happiness around the world… some of the happy people Manoj Singh, India - rickshaw driver, lives in makeshift house with only 3 sides. Seeing his child’s face makes him happy, staying together with the neighbors makes them all happy Roy Blanchard Sr., Louissianna - nature makes him happy, watching the birds and listening to the stillness (Belik, 2011)

8 Happiness around the world continued Okinawa Island, Japan - more 100 year olds than any other place in the world per capita, farm, eat dinner, talk with grandkids, family traditions make them healthy and happy. “having a lot of friends is happiness” Namibia, Africa - most closely related to ancestors, hunters and gatherers, “just being together makes us happy”, “to laugh is very important” (Belik, 2011)

9 Wise words Ronaldo Fadul, Brazil - “it doesn’t make sense to make money for yourself”, “each person has to be what they want to be”, “work to live your life in tranquility” Melissa Moody, Texas - beautiful mother run over by a truck by her sister and law, husband divorced her, totally disabled for 9 ½ years, 30 surgeries on her face, “accepting my life is part of healing”, now more happy, more grounded, more centered, more grateful (Belik, 2011)

10 The movie concludes… Dopamine (neurotransmitter responsible for happiness)- “use it or lose it” People who focus on the internal goals of personal growth, relationships, and community feeling are happier than people who focus on the external goals of wealth, image, and popularity Count your blessings on a regular basis Do acts of kindness on a regular basis (Belik, 2011)

11 Last conclusion from Happy Happiness is 50 % genetic and 40 % intentional behavior Intentional behavior= things we can do on an everyday basis to make ourselves happy, everyone has different things that they are happy about (Belik, 2011)

12 The Secret Basis of the documentary- The law of attraction If you hold onto the thoughts that you want, you become and attract what you think about most “Thoughts become things” When you give thoughts intention, the law of attraction works every time (Byrne & Heriot, 2006)

13 The Secret If you think of negative things, more negative thins will happen to you because that is the energy you are putting out into the universe If you think about things you want and have positive intentions, good things will happen to you We chose exactly what we want in our life (Byrne & Heriot, 2006)

14 Conclusion from The Secret Think happy and you will be happy by using the law of attraction to attract it.

15 Personal Research I posted a paper titled “What I am happy for” in my house here at school and encouraged friends who visited to write on it Next, I asked my family what it was that made them happy and recorded those things separately Now, lets see what my friends think…warning: uncensored


17 My personal favorites Megan Cullen ;) Existence Good people My health Wine Food Animals

18 Things my family is happy for… Nice weather Sunny days Fresh air My grandchildren Beach Music Food Riding my bike My dog Winning a poker game My daughter Accomplishing goals Having mental snap shots of moments that have touched me

19 A quote my cousin shared with me- “Happiness is different for everyone. Happiness is what you define it” ~ Different things make different people happy ~

20 Some more quotes… “People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be”- Abraham Lincoln “Happiness depends upon ourselves”- Aristotle “The greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances”- Martha Washington (Chandler, 2013)

21 A lot of stuff to be happy about! Fkg Fkg “Whoever is happy will make others happy”- Anne Frank (aren’t you happy now?)

22 My conclusions There is not one set definition of happiness or one set way in which to be happy Some tips for happiness - Make the best of every situation Find good in the bad Recognize and reflect on things you are grateful for often

23 Its not about what you have, its about what you make of what you have. It is what you make it! If you want to be happy…be happy!

24 Sources Belik, R. (Director) (2011). Happy. Byrne, R. (Producer), & Heriot, D. (Director) (2006). The secret. Chandler, O. (2013). Goodreads. Retrieved from ss?page=4 ss?page=4

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