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Scheduling Information For Incoming 7th Grade Parents

2 Administrators Principal Ken Rocha Vice-Principal Kathleen Rief

3 Counselors Counselor A-I: Monica Wharton/Jennifer Campbell
Counselor J-Se: Linda Carey Counselor Sh-Z: Reine Anderson

4 Topics for Discussion 7th Grade Program Overview Schedule Options
Course Descriptions from Teachers Important Dates & Questions

5 7th graders-Where do they fit in?
High school l 8th grade Thinking ahead to high school. 7th grade: In the middle. Transition: Social and peer acceptance. Goal: Keeping the 7th grader motivated. 6th graders New to middle school. Transition: Social, emotional and academic. 6th graders

6 7th Grade Program Overview
Language Arts Language Arts BLOCK History Math 7th Grade Science LUNCH (4th or 5th period) P.E. Elective

7 Option 1: Extended Exploration
Year-long program. Students take 4 classes, rotating every 9 weeks (quarterly).

8 Option 1: Extended Exploration
Art 7 Computers 7 Consumer/Family Studies 7 Speech/Drama 7

9 Option II: World Languages
Year-long class. Requirement: “C+” or better in 6th grade Language Arts. Teacher recommendation. Students select either: Spanish 1A or French 1A

10 World Languages High School and College Info
2 years middle school =1 year high school Note: Application to a 4-year college/ university requires a minimum of 2 years of the same world language. Competitive colleges recommend 3 or 4 years of the same world language.

11 Option III: Band (Band/Strings)
Instrumental Band Concert or Symphonic OR Strings II

12 Option IV: Chorus Chorus is a year-long elective
Performance requirement

13 Option V: Band/Strings AND World Languages
Music AND World Languages: French 1A or Spanish 1A This option requires the student to attend “A” period P.E. (this period meets 7:35 to 8:31 am , M, T, Th, F). A-Period is based upon availability of space and is a year-long commitment.

14 Laptop Program Current LAPTOP students must complete letter of intent to continue or exit LT program. Due Friday Feb. 4th. LAPTOP meeting (for students interested in joining LT) will be Tuesday, February 15th, 2011 at 7PM in the MPR.

15 Keys To A Successful Middle School Experience
Homework: Complete all homework and turn it in on time. Organization: Use Student Planner to help with deadlines on projects/homework. Time Management: Balance time between studies, activities and your social life. Attendance: Attend regularly. If absent check in with the teacher.

16 New information A new California Law (AB 354) requires students entering 7th through 12th grade provide proof of pertussis booster shot to school in the coming Fall. Tdap Booster (Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis) (Pertussis is also called whooping cough). Students who do not meet the requirement will not be allowed to attend school beginning the first day of school year.

17 Booster - continued * We encourage families to review this information and begin the process to fulfill this new requirement now so that you can avoid any difficulty with your child’s entry into school in August. Check your child’s immunization record. The booster must have been given after the 10th birthday and may be called Tdap, Adacel, or Boostrix. Bring a copy or the original immunization record to the Health Office If your child has not received a Tdap booster, please schedule an appointment to see your health care provider soon. Submit updated immunization record to school by May 2nd.

18 A few words from the 7th grade teachers
AND NOW… A few words from the 7th grade teachers

19 Seventh Grade Block Language Arts: Spiral curriculum
The Leap: Literature State Writing Assessment World History: - Spiral curriculum - Many approaches to learning - Previews of 8th Grade

20 Math 6TH GRADE 7TH GRADE 8TH GRADE “Sequence 2” - Advanced
Most Students Course 1 (Sequence 1) Course 2 (Sequence 1) Algebra 1 (Sequence 1) Algebra 1 (Readiness) Course 2 (Sequence 2) Algebra 1 (Sequence 2) H Geometry (Sequence 2) Advanced “Sequence 2” - Advanced Placement based on test score, performance in 5th grade classroom and teacher’s assessment. Movement during 1st semester at HP as appropriate.

21 Spanish and French 1A Curriculum
Alphabet, numbers, days of the week, months of the year, weather, greetings and introductions, expressing likes and dislikes, school, food and healthy living, location of places in the community, activities after school and accepting and declining invitations. Focus Areas We practice daily developing our listening, speaking, reading and writing proficiencies in the present tense of the target language.

22 7th Grade Science Life Science and Health
2nd SEMESTER HEALTH Focus: making healthy decisions body systems social and mental health nutrition and fitness disease substance abuse prevention human growth and development 1st SEMESTER LIFE SCIENCE Focus: structure and functions of living things: cell biology genetics, heredity, & evolution plants light’s effects on living systems

23 7 grade science class work looks like
Lecture Discussion Lab Computer simulations Group work Videos Guest speakers

24 A common day in 7th grade science:
Could be students taking Cornell notes from a teacher’s powerpoint, interspersed with student discussion. Could be students dissecting a rat to view internal anatomy of an adult mammal. Could be students using computers to investigate a simulation of photosynthesis. Could be students watching a video and taking notes for later review.

25 7th grade science homework
Generally, reading support material from text and taking Cornell style notes. Often, simply finishing work that was begun in class (labs). Answering concluding questions from labs or class activities.

26 7th grade PE Dance Wrestling Basketball Softball Football Hockey
Ultimate Frisbee Badminton/ Paddle Tennis Lacrosse Track and Field Tumbling Volleyball

27 Fitnessgram Requirements
Push ups Curl ups Sit and Reach Trunk Lift Pacer Mile Run Girls 10-20 20-32 9-12 23-51 Under 11 minutes Boys 15-30 25-45 8-12 41-83 Under 9:30

28 PE Requirements 1 Be there and be on time. Don’t miss class, don’t be tardy. Get along with your classmates 2 Be properly dressed. 3 Participate to the best of your ability.

29 These students are properly dressed for class

30 These students are wearing flip flops to class. This is not allowed.
This student has put their uniform over their school clothes. This is not allowed. These students are wearing flip flops to class. This is not allowed.

31 Locker room Each student is issued their own small locker.
Do not share lockers or combinations with other students

32 Locker room Each student may use the big locker during Physical Education class only.

33 Important Dates GATE information night February 15th, 2011
7:00 – 8:00 p.m. in MPR LAPTOP information night February 15th, 2011 at 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. in MPR

34 Questions Any questions, feel free to ask now.
Or contact your child’s counselor at (925) Student scheduling handbook and information are online at our website:


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