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Miss Alaineus Notes Story Structure

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1 Miss Alaineus Notes Story Structure
How the author uses the events of the plot using story elements such as character and setting Plot Series of events that give a story a beginning, middle and end. The parts of the plot are the exposition, rising action, falling action, and resolution.

2 Miss Alaineus Notes Main Character
The character the story is usually about. This character has a problem that needs to be solved. Minor Character Other characters that appear in the story that are not main characters.

3 Miss Alaineus Notes Foreshadowing
Hints about what may happen in the story “She knew as she took the envelope that the letter inside would change her life forever.” Flashback A return to the events that took place before the beginning of the story. “It all started six months ago, before he ever moved to this horrible town. Johnny was a happy fourth grader in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with more friends than one kid could count when his parents told him they were moving to a place called Unlucky, Indiana.”

4 Read Miss Alaineus After we read the story, answer these questions in your reading journal: Who is the main character? Name a minor character. What are some qualities of the main character that create the problem? How does the setting help to tell the story? Can you find and example of foreshadowing in the story?

5 Vocabulary Review Slumped Soggy Capable Categories Strands Gigantic
Credit Luminous

6 slumped capable soggy credit luminous strands gigantic categories
The _____ towels made the seat wet. I am able to paint, but Archie is more _____. I did more work, and the teacher gave me extra ____. The ____ reflection make me look huge. The thread had to be pulled in individual ___. Her face looked _____ in the pale golden light. Dan was too tired to sit up and ____ in his seat. We needed ten sections, one for each of the ____.

7 Grammar Review What are the four types of sentences? Statement(.)
The elephant is a pachyderm. Command(. !) Take out your social studies books. Exclamation(!) They are giving away free hamburgers at McDonalds! Question(?) What movie did you see last night?

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