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Gerunds and Gerund Phrases

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1 Gerunds and Gerund Phrases

2 Verbals and Verbal Phrases: A Review
Remember, when verbs do what they’re told, they are an action or a state of being… John, a 10th grader, plays Playstation 2 until PS3 comes out on the market. Easy! PLAYS is our verb, right?

3 Verbals and Verbal Phrases: A Review
But sometimes, verbs act like NOUNS, which as we all know, can be confusing…. Playing Playstation 2 is something that John, a tenth grader likes. Now….”playing” is acting like a noun Our verb in the sentence becomes “likes” Crazy!

4 Gerunds Gerunds always, always, always end in –ing.
They act like nouns in a sentence. So they can be: Subjects, Direct objects, Indirect Objects, and Objects of a preposition.

5 Gerunds Let’s try a few…. To swim Swimming To eat Eating To dance

6 Gerunds Okay, now a few examples within sentences…
Leaving one’s school during senior year is painful. Gerund: leaving The result was winning the football game with a safety in the fourth quarter. Gerund: winning

7 Gerunds vs Present Participles
A gerund ends in –ing and acts like a noun in a sentence. A present participle ends in –ing and acts like an adjective in a sentence

8 Gerunds vs Present Participles
Francisco’s first love is swimming. Swimming is a gerund Francisco’s swimming coach was eaten by a great white shark Swimming is a participle, it modifies “coach”

9 The “it” test One last thing….a trick if you will…try to replace –ing verbs with “it” If the sentence makes sense, you’ve got a gerund If not, it’s a present participle….

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