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ArSCA Summer Conference June 2012

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1 ArSCA Summer Conference June 2012
Integrating Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences Theory Into Classroom Guidance Heather Barron, 7th Grade Counselor Helen Tyson Middle School, Springdale ArSCA Summer Conference June 2012

2 Multiple Intelligences
Howard Gardner: John H. and Elisabeth A. Hobbs Professor in Cognition and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education; adjunct professor of psychology at Harvard University and adjunct professor of neurology at the Boston University School of Medicine 1983: Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences

3 8 ways people are intelligent

4 Multiple Intelligences in YOU!
How are you smart? Multiple Intelligences in YOU!

5 Like bulbs of a chandelier…

6 Who is smart?

7 Who is smart?

8 Who is smart?

9 Who is smart?

10 Who is smart?

11 Who is smart?

12 Who is smart?


14 Eight Ways of Being Smart: Verbal/Linguistic-WORD SMART
If you are WORD SMART, you generally have a rich vocabulary and sensitivity to the meaning of words, grammar rules and the function of language in writing and orally. You enjoy listening and talking to people. You probably like word games and puzzles. You sort new information through your listening and repeating skills (memorization).

15 If you’re WORD SMART, you might make a good…
Author Lawyer Editor Interpreter/translator Playwright Poet Reporter Teacher Librarian

16 Eight Ways of Being Smart: Logical/Mathematical-NUMBER SMART
If you are NUMBER SMART, you have the ability to see relationships between objects, to see patterns, to understand cause and effect, and solve problems. You are curious about how things work; you like to ask questions and investigate. You enjoy strategy games, logical puzzles and experiments. You like to use computers. You probably learn best when you outline or use graphic organizers, classify things into categories.

17 If your NUMBERS SMART, you might consider a career as a(n)…
Accountant Investment Broker Lawyer Chemist Pharmacist Physician Computer Programmer Engineer City Planner

18 Eight Ways of Being Smart: Visual/Spatial-PICTURE SMART
If you are PICTURE SMART, you are able to visualize three-dimensional objects. You have the ability to retrieve information already learned through images and pictures. You have the ability to understand geometry and recognize the relationships of objects in space. You may be very good in visual arts, sculpture, architecture, or photography. Maps and charts are usually easy for you to understand. You enjoy mazes and jigsaw puzzles. You learn well using pictures, colors, visualizing images, or drawing.

19 If you’re PICTURE SMART, you might make a good…
Photographer Graphic Designer Advertiser Pilot Architect Cartographer Dentist Engineer Mechanic

20 Eight Ways of Being Smart: Bodily/Kinesthetic-BODY SMART
If you are BODY SMART, you use your body to communicate and solve problems. You are good with objects and activities involving your body, hands and fingers. You like being physically active, playing sports, dancing, or acting. You like doing crafts and working on mechanical projects. You prefer to learn through your body or feelings. You learn by touch, manipulation, and moving or feeling whatever you are learning. You learn information best through games, acting, hands-on tasks, building.

21 If you are BODY SMART, you might consider a career as a(n)…
Dancer Coach Athlete Actor/Actress Equestrian Massage Therapist Physical Therapist Physician Carpenter

22 Eight Ways of Being Smart: Musical/Rhythmic-MUSIC SMART
If you are MUSIC SMART, you have the ability to hear and recognize tones, rhythms and musical patterns. You are even sensitive to nonverbal sounds in the environment. You enjoy listening to music and singing to themselves. You may play a musical instrument or sing in a choir. You like to sing/play or drum to yourself. You can remember and repeat a melody after listening it to once. You may use music to create melodies and rhythms. You learn through rhythm and melody. You may need music to study or you may learn new things more easily if sung, tapped out, or whistled.

23 If you are MUSIC SMART, you might make a good…
Band Director Composer Recording Technician Singer Sound Engineer Musical Performer Music Critic

24 Eight Ways of Being Smart: Interpersonal-PEOPLE SMART
If you are PEOPLE SMART, you understand and care about people and their feelings and get along with almost everyone. You have many friends and like to help them solve their problems. You can see things from another person’s point of view and respect differences among people. You usually pay attention to other people’s facial expressions, gestures and tone of voice. You like to teach other kids and participate in school organizations and clubs. You have the ability to influence people and are natural leaders. You learn best by sharing and comparing things with others.

25 If you are PEOPLE SMART, you might consider a career as a…
Teacher Counselor Travel Agent Child Care Worker Coach Mediator Physician/Nurse Manager Public Relations Specialist

26 Eight Ways of Being Smart: Intrapersonal-SELF SMART
If you are SELF SMART, you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses, moods, and motivations. You usually have good self-discipline to achieve personal goals. You are self-motivated. You can monitor your thoughts and feelings and control them effectively. You may need your own quiet space some or most of the time, and you prefer to study by yourself. You learn best through observing and listening and working at your own pace.

27 If you are SELF-SMART, you might be good as a(n)…
Entrepreneur Consultant Counselor Psychiatrist Researcher Writer Trainer

28 Eight Ways of Being Smart: Naturalist-NATURE SMART
If you are NATURE SMART, you have the ability to recognize plants, animals, and other parts of natural environment such as rocks, trees, flowers, clouds. You may like doing outdoor activities related to nature such as fishing, hiking, camping. You have a strong connection to the outside world or to animals. You notice patterns and things from nature easily. You may love collecting flowers or rocks, or you may love caring for animals or plants. You may enjoy stories, shows, or any subjects that deal with animals or natural happenings (events). You may be interested in biology, astronomy, meteorology, and zoology. You learn best when you work in nature and learn about plants and natural events.

29 If you are NATURE SMART, you might consider a career as a(n)…
Botanist Chef Environmentalist Landscape Architect Marine Biologist Sailor Veterinarian Astronomer Meteorologist

30 (Counselor Page)
Contact Information Heather Barron (Counselor Page)

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