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BUSINESS ETIQUETTES. SESSION OVERVIEW Part I – Appearance Part II – Workplace Etiquettes Part III- Office Etiquettes Part IV – Food Etiquettes Some Common.

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2 SESSION OVERVIEW Part I – Appearance Part II – Workplace Etiquettes Part III- Office Etiquettes Part IV – Food Etiquettes Some Common Mistakes in Parties Test your Business Etiquettes

3 INTRODUCTORY THOUGHT Compare a Raw Diamondto a Polished Diamond

4 INTRODUCTORY THOUGHT Etiquettes can bring your real value in the market place as a polished diamond.

5 WHAT ARE ETIQUETTES ? Etiquettes are the manners, protocol or the way of behavior one presents during his/her interactions with people…. “Every action done in company ought to be done with some sign of respect, to those that are present” …….George Washington

6 Professional Etiquette influences success as it differentiates people in a competitive market.. People who have proper etiquette move up the ladder faster & get rewarded better. Without etiquette, you limit your potential, risk your image, jeopardize relationships that are fundamental to business success. WHY ARE ETIQUETTES IMPORTANT

7 Good etiquettes are just good human relations. Being polite is right, it makes people feel cared about and important.

8 I ntegrityI ntegrity M annersM anners P ersonalityP ersonality A ppearanceA ppearance C onsiderationC onsideration T actT act CREATE AN IMPACT


10 APPEARANCE Dressing Grooming

11 DRESSING First impressions count. An initial impression is made up of:   Non-verbal perceptions (55%)   Vocal quality (38%)   Words (7%)

12 First Impressions Within 30 seconds people judge yourWithin 30 seconds people judge your  Economic level  Educational level  Social position  Level of sophistication  Level of success Within 4 minutes people decide yourWithin 4 minutes people decide your  Trustworthiness  Compassion  Reliability  Intelligence  Capability  Humility  Friendliness  Confidence

13 THE SUCCESS FORMULA The following attire gives a person complete control over the group.   Black\Blue suit: Black and blue are the colours of authority   White Shirt   Red color tie up to the waist   Black socks   Black shoes   Sober buckled belt

14 DRESSING FOR WOMEN Salwar/Suit/Saree Shoes Purse Watch Jewellery Cosmetics Casuals

15 When buying suits, ties and shirts, professionals should always look at the best quality they can afford and then spend 10 per cent more.DRESSING

16 “ONLY THE RICH Can afford cheap clothing”REMEMBER

17 GROOMING Good grooming is the essential basic, so invest as much time as you need in front of the mirror before you go out. Then forget about how you look. It's not smart to be fussing over yourself in a meeting. Important parameters are:   Hair Care   Nails   Skin Care   Odour


19 WORKPLACE ETIQUETTE When in office… Email Telephone Voice-Mail Cell Phones Answering Machines

20 WHILE IN OFFICE…. Speak in English Usage of office resources Punctuality Lunch Dealing with Seniors and colleagues Group behavior Hospitality

21 EMAIL ETIQUETTES Check the organization's email policy Think about the message content before you send it out. Make sure that content is relevant to the recipients. Be polite. Trim any quoted message down as much as possible. Use humor and irony sparingly

22 EMAIL ETIQUETTES Ensure that you have a relevant "Subject" line. Try to quote from the original message where relevant. Be patient, especially with inexperienced email users. Include a brief signature on your email messages to help the recipient understand who it is from. Be careful when replying to mailing list messages, or to messages sent to many recipients. Remember to delete anything that isn't needed or is trivial.

23 TELEPHONE ETIQUETTE Vocal quality counts for 70% Words spoken count for 30% What you say and how you say it are important Be sure listener gets message loud and clear Don’t chew, eat or drink while on the phone

24 BUSINESS TELEPHONE ETIQUETTE Never leave a caller on hold for more than a minute If you need to speak to a co-worker who is on the phone, leave and try again later Don’t listen in on co-workers’ phone conversations When using a cellular phone in public, try not to bother others - keep it short and discrete Use your speakerphone sparingly

25 Leave a clear and complete message including:   Your full name and title   Your phone number   A time which is best to reach you   (Briefly) the purpose of your call VOICE MAIL ETIQUETTE


27 OFFICE ETIQUETTE The Proper Handshake Introductions Complimenting Mastering Manners Business Visits Manners speak louder than words Business Cards Strategies for Effective Meetings

28 THE PROPER HANDSHAKE Keep thumb up and touch webs before wrapping the fingers around the other person’s hand. Start and stop crisply during the handshake Do not continue through the entire introduction

29 INTRODUCTIONS Always remember to introduce the person of lesser importance to the person of higher importance. Introduce a younger person to an older person, a co-worker to boss, boss to a client (the client ranks higher in importance than anyone else in the company!) and lay person to an official. Whilst being introduced, stand up, or at least make an attempt to rise. Smile and greet the person before shaking hands.

30 COMPLIMENTING Never ask people where they got their clothes or what they cost. Don’t talk about what you paid for clothes or brag about designer labels. If someone compliments you, it’s not necessary to return the compliment.

31 MASTERING MANNERS Eyes are the windows to a person’s soul. Eye contact creates a strong connection between two people and also creates an impression of sincerity and trustworthiness. Listen actively Punctuality Is The Politeness Of Kings

32 STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESSFUL MEETING Do your homework Bring all necessary material Don’t Play Turn off cell phones and pagers

33 SPEAK UP Think before you speak Be brief Get to the point Avoid confrontational language No public criticism

34 THE AGENDA List discussion items Designate who is responsible for each item Amount of time devoted to each item Handle most important items first Distribute well in advance of the meeting


36 PLACE SETTING Liquids on the right   Glassware   Water glass   Cup and saucer   Knives and spoons Solids on the left   Bread and butter plate   Salad plate   Napkin   Forks

37 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 IDENTIFY THE FOLLOWING

38 1 Salad Fork 2 Dinner Fork 3 Bread and butter plate 4 Butter spreader 5 Napkin 6 Place Plate 7 Dessert Spoon 8 Dessert Fork 9 Dinner Knife 10 Salad Knife 11 Soup Spoon 12 Water Goblet 13 Wine Glass 14 Sherry GlassSOLUTION


40 ENJOY THE MEAL- BASICS Don’t talk with food in your mouth Don’t order messy foods Don’t burp Elbows off the table Go to the restroom to remove stuck food Pace your eating (stay with the group)

41 ENJOY THE MEAL - SEASONING Salt and Pepper are married Removing bad food   The way it comes in is the way it should come out (pits,bones)   Use your fork to place on the side of the plate   Bad food/other items should be discretely removed with your napkin

42 USING A FINGERBOWL At a formal meal, just before dessert, the fingerbowl may be brought to you on a doily on a dessert plate. Pick up the bowl and doily and place them on the upper left hand corner of your place setting. This is not the time for a thorough wash and wipe session. Dip fingertips of one hand and then the other in the bowl and wipe discreetly on your napkin. Don't try to clean your mouth at the dining table. Dab your lips with a napkin and save the rest for the washroom.

43 9:00 Food Eye Contact WEAKRight HandCigaretteToo Short Too Comfortable Should be worn Invading PS Watch the Drink SOME COMMON MISTAKES IN BUSINESS PARTIES


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