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Etiquette for Beginners Unit 5 Foods and Nutrition Miss Godbey.

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1 Etiquette for Beginners Unit 5 Foods and Nutrition Miss Godbey


3 Why do we need to know this??


5 General Etiquette Be sure to thank your server or bus person when they bring something or take something away Food is served from the left and removed from the right Taste your food before you season it Don’t blow your food off at the table

6 During the meal Avoid loud talking and laughing Turn off your cell phone or switch it to silent, leave it in your pocket or purse If you must take a call excuse yourself from the table and step outside of the restaurant If you need something you should NOT snap or call out at your server.

7 Place your napkin on your lap before you start eating. Do not tuck it in your belt or under your chin!


9 If there are six or fewer people at the table, wait until everyone is served before you begin to eat. If more than six, wait until 2 or 3 around you have been served, then eat.

10 Never reach across someone else’s food! If you can’t reach it, ask for help!

11 Break bread into smaller pieces before buttering or eating it.

12 Never talk with your mouth full! No one wants to see that!



15 Don’t leave a spoon in your cup. What could happen if you leave your spoon in your cup?

16 Never comb your hair or apply makeup while at the table

17 How should we blow our nose at the dinner table?

18 When the meal is over When you are finished do not push your plate away from you or stack your dishes It is okay to take it with you—if you need a box ask for it However it is not okay to bring outside food in; check with the restaurants BYO policy before

19 Where do I put my utensils when I am finished? Lay your flatware on your plate with the utensils placed in the center.

20 When you have finished eating, place your fork and knife on your plate, pointing toward the center

21 Paying the Check When the meal is over your server should offer the check It is not considered impolite to ask for the check yourself When the check paid don’t hang around the table Consider the server—the table is his real estate

22 Tipping Tipping is the way for the customer to provide feedback to the server. If service is not up to par leave a smaller tip—only in extreme cases is it okay to not leave a tip. On the other hand, if you have great service show it in the tip as well.

23 Tipping The wait staff makes their living off of tips. Most servers only make $2.13 an hour. (In Kentucky this is what all servers make) Remember the amount you tip reflects the total amount of the check before any coupons, gift certificates or discounts

24 Tipping Always leave a tip!!! –Waiter should receive 15%-20% Incases of split checks 18% –25% for extraordinary service For coat checks $1 per coat Car attendant $1-2 dollars per car

25 If you are dining at someone else’s home and are not sure what to do, follow the host/hostess.

26 R.S.V.P Respondez S’il vous plait RSVPs should never be ignored! Let the person know EITHER WAY!

27 Invitations If your name is only on the invitation, the invitations is for you only! Do not ask to bring someone else! Miss Sally Smith 123 Rebel Road Danville, Kentucky 40422 Miss Sally Smith and Guest 123 Rebel Road Danville, Kentucky 40422

28 Thank You Notes Discuss importance!





33 Creative Place Settings

34 True or False 1. When someone asks for the salt, you should pass both the salt and the pepper

35 True or False When buttering your bread it is proper etiquette to butter the inside of the roll so that the butter can be melting.

36 True or False If you are unsure of what to do while eating at someone’s home, you should watch the host’s actions as a guide.

37 True or False Before eating, place the napkin on your lap, tuck it in your belt or under your chin before you begin eating.

38 True or False It is safe to say that when dining at a restaurant with multiple eating utensils, you can begin with the fork on the outside and work you way in.

39 True or False If you must go the bathroom during dinner, your napkin should be placed in your seat until you return.

40 True or False After a utensil is used it should never be set back on the table.

41 True or False If Sally ordered a steak while celebrating with her family at a nice restaurant it is proper etiquette to cut up the entire steak before eating one bite.

42 Draw a Place Setting and include the following: Dinner Plate Bread Plate Napkin Knife Dinner Fork Salad Fork Spoon Dessert utensil (fork or spoon) Water Glass

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