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College of DuPage Stormchasing GuideLINES, Rules, and Suggestions.

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1 College of DuPage Stormchasing GuideLINES, Rules, and Suggestions

2 What to Bring Clothes  Bring at least one pair of long pants or jeans.  Bring at least one good sweatshirt or jacket. It gets cold in the van and in the outflow of a storm and sometimes it is just cold.outflow  We recommend one nice shirt (non-t-shirt) in case we eat at a respectable place. (Sometimes we try to be respectable.)  Bring two pairs of shoes. Sandals or flip-flops are OK but not a good choice of shoe for most circumstances. Think ants, softball, fields, grass, etc…  Swimwear. Lots of nice hotel pools. Skinny-dipping not allowed.  Do not over-pack with shorts. Bring enough shirts, underwear and socks. (Think number of chase days +1)  Laundry is possible but not guaranteed. Actually, it is uncommon to have time to do laundry.

3 What to Bring Helpful Tip #1  Bring a plastic garbage bag. Separates dirty clothes (smelly) from clean clothes (not smelly…unless you don’t have a garbage bag and thus all the clothes are smelly.)

4 What to Bring Gadgets  Limit your “gadgets” such as tripods, zoom lenses, etc. Remember, space is at a minimum.  Remember; batteries, chargers, memory cards, etc…  A small power strip to charge gadgets (outlets in hotels are few.)  No flash photos in the van as you will only get a picture of the reflection in the window!  Charcoal sketch pads (in case you want to sketch the storm.)

5 What to Bring Health and Comfort Items  If you wear contacts, you should bring… Re-wetting drops Extra contacts Your prescription glasses Don’t forget your case and solution!  Medicines (Dramamine, aspirin, allergy, Immodium, etc…)  Eye drops  Health insurance card  Tissues (especially the girls, ummm… yeah…for that.)  Sunscreen and aloe for post-sun burn treatment.  Sunglasses (or tinted safety goggles.)  Hat (or sombrero.)

6 What to Bring Miscellaneous  Passport or passport card (required for all trips)  Drivers license  Bring enough money. We recommend at least $35 per day. Bring cash since it makes paying at restaurants easier.  Credit/Debit card (just in case.)  Water Bottle (for refilling at the hotel, etc) Water Bottle  Headphones  Atlas  Colored Pencils (SUPER IMPORTANT.)  Small Pillow  Security Blanket (optional.)

7 What NOT to Bring  Weapons (including pepper spray.) We cross borders and its illegal.  Excess or unnecessary schtuff. (Remember, space is at a minimum.)  Illegal drugs  Too many or inappropriate movies.  Cases of water (it doesn’t help anyone.)  Encyclopedia (we’re all about wikipedia.)  Large body pillow (or life-sized inflatable “bed partner”.)  Electric blanket

8 Luggage and Packing Tips  One Duffle Bag or Soft Suitcase. One Duffle Bag or Soft Suitcase  One Carry-On Bag (backpack, etc).  You may bring your lap-top as well, although tablets are better, smartphones are best.  Bring Ziploc bags for shampoo, contact solution, etc… Sometimes they might explode in mountainous regions or if one of our drivers gets a hold of it.

9 Helpful Tip #2 Don’t make us angry Don’t over-pack suitcases and carry-ons. Space is at a minimum.

10 Hygiene These rules wouldn’t be here unless people broke them!  Shower!  Shower with soap and shampoo!  I’m serious.  Use deodorant  I’m serious.  If you have foot odor problems, keep your $^%*&$ shoes on!  Wash your hands before leaving the restroom. Disease can and WILL spread easily in a closed van. Besides that is just disgusting.

11 Seating in the Vans  Don’t sit next to the assistant unless you are very small (like the size of a small rodent or cat,) it’s a down day and the assistant likes you. There just isn’t room.  Mix it up! Sit in different vans with different people! Cliques suck.  The assistant position in Van 2 is a working seat. You must be operating the computer.  Shotgun seat in Van 2 should be using a video camera or taking pictures for others during a chase. It’s a great vantage point.

12 Helpful Tip #3 Don’t make us angry No cliques and no sitting in the same van every day. (Yes that means you Laura! :-)

13 Chase Modes Non-Chase Mode  We have a broad target area but are not really hurrying to get there.  Stops for food and bathroom break as needed to maintain schedule.  Do not dilly-dally. (Yes. That’s a word. Look it up.) We always want to “hurry up and wait”. The faster you go, the less likely we will kill you if we miss a storm.  In any mode, at every stop, listen to the instructor at all times for directions.

14 Helpful Tip #4 Matt’s Golden Rule: Pee when you have the chance. Anyplace. Anytime.

15 Chase Modes Chase-Mode  Storms are likely and there is probably a watch out or our area has been highlighted in a mesoscale convective discussion.  We stop when possible but it is not a certainty.  Stops are usually for bathroom breaks only or very quick food stops. Food is everyone or no one. Have one person buy for several people, sort out payment later.  We have even left Glen Ellyn in chase mode.  In every mode, listen for instructions from the instructor.

16 Helpful Tip #4 (once more) Getting the hint? Matt’s Golden Rule: Pee when you have the chance. Anyplace. Anytime.

17 Chase Modes Intercept Mode  We have our storm!  Almost assuredly, if we stop, it will be a gas- only stop.  Purchase of food is prohibited. It can wait. Seriously.  If you find yourself in this mode and you didn’t understand Matt’s Golden Rule, I bet you will now.  The term “bathroom” in intercept mode has a very broad meaning. Girls, this is why you might want to bring a packet of tissues.broad meaning  As always with every stop, listen to instructions from the instructor.

18 Chase Modes DFP Mode Talk to a veteran COD chaser about this one.

19 DVD’s in the Vans  Except for instructional videos, we will usually run the audio through the headphones.  At no time will movies be allowed in chase or intercept mode.  Please respect others when picking a movie. Refrain from insensitive material and movies with excessive swearing, nudity, violence and police scenes (it scares the drivers.)

20 Lodging  We often get in late at night. Please keep noise down to a minimum. Please, do not let hotel door SLAM shut.  You represent the college. Your costs are kept down as a result of our good standing at hotels.  You will not take towels, pillows, etc. from the hotel.  Most of the places we stay (not ALL Kris w/ a K) have a deluxe continental breakfast including cereal, toast, fruit, etc. However, one can venture to the McDonalds or Burger King if you know the weather is ok and you tell someone where you are going.

21 Food  We either sit as one big group or a few smaller groups. We always figure one bill per table.  We tip 20%. Remember you are paying for your food, drink, tax and tip!  Do not leave the table until we know the bill is paid!  Try not to be too obnoxious (a little obnoxious is probably understood.)

22 Helpful Tip #5 Restaurants can be really slow. If we are in a hurry, do not let them seat us together. Just get tables. Quickly!

23 Helpful Tip #6 Don’t make us angry Do not smoke until after your meal has been ordered.

24 Radios  We primarily use Ham Radio’s which require a license to use.  You may only talk on a radio if you have a license and/or have permission.  Often you will be given a portable (HT) radio when groups split off. Do not fool around on the radios!  No singing, swearing, or playing music on the radios (FCC regulations).

25 Weather Information & Communication  In the morning, if we have enough time, we will try to have a morning weather briefing and give maps to analyze.  Sometimes, in a hurry, we do morning briefings (or even forecasting) on the road.  Most other info is passed on via the radio. Everyone needs to pay attention to the weather briefings and make sure everyone in the van heard everything.  Be involved and ask questions!  Van 2 is never left in the dark on purpose. We pass on the info when we get it. We never hide information from you! (Unless you tick us off. :-)  We will try to do a review at night, too.  Follow us on Twitter!

26 Libraries  We stop at libraries occasionally to access the internet for weather information.  No one is allowed in the library unless you are given permission. Some libraries are very strict (i.e. Woodward, OK and York, NE)  Sometimes we will be in for a lengthy time. We are never sure how long we will be there until we get there. Be patient as we are in there for you! Frisbees and footballs help pass the time, but stay close!

27 Rest Stops Part I  As mentioned before, we are always in a mode to “hurry and wait”.  Bathrooms in these small town gas stations and stores are usually one toilet only and often it is only a unisex bathroom. Girls, use the guys bathroom. Guys, feel free to check behind the building for the “alternate” bathroom.  If you haven’t figured it out already, the “big gulp” is not recommended! Sipping water or small pops or juices are the best. (Judge each situation accordingly and ask if you aren’t sure)  Make lines go faster buy pooling money, buying big bags to share in the vans, and other time saving ideas.

28 Rest Stops Part II: Think of the Drivers!  Drivers are in charge!  If they ask you to check the oil, add Rain-X to the windows, clean the windows, etc., then please do this. Ask others then to get your food and drink! It is better if a van decides to do this before we even make the stop. Work as a team!  Sometimes we have to do a quick, fast-food lunch. Again, think of the drivers, and maybe the instructor and assistant.  Usually, the above go very well and very easily. Please do not dawdle.

29 Alcohol  You must be of legal age to drink.  Leftover alcohol will not be transported in the vans.  Drinking alcohol will not be allowed except by instructor permission.  No drinking during or prior to chase activities.

30 Helpful Tip #4 (yet again) DO IT! Matt’s Golden Rule: Pee when you have the chance. Anyplace. Anytime.

31 Helpful Tip #7 Don’t make us angry Paryting all night and sleeping in the van all day is unacceptable. If this occurs, you will lose privileges and may be kicked off the trip.

32 Helpful Tip #4 (last time!) C’MON! Matt’s Golden Rule: Pee when you have the chance. Anyplace. Anytime.

33 The Unwritten Rule

34 During the Chase While in the Van  You are not only a spectator, you are a participant! Often the storm is on the opposite side of the van from the instructor and assistant.  People sitting in the back (“tailgunners”) need to watch the storms when they are behind us. You are the only ones that can see the storm!  ES 2800 students: It is YOUR job to help teach and be a leader.

35 During the Chase While out of the Van  No one is to get out of the van until given permission. Sometimes the instructor and/or assistant need to get out quickly to assess the situation.  Occasionally the instructor and assistant will need to walk away from the group to discuss the weather situations.  Get in the vans means NOW!  Stay off the roads. Here is a good example and a bad example.Here is a good examplebad example  Watch your language around those who are videoing. Try to stop yelling. Yes, it’s a tornado. It’s cool.  Be careful of lightning! Thunder occurs 5 seconds per mile after lightning is seen. Sometimes we will just stay in the vans if lightning is too frequent or too close.

36 Helpful Tip #8 Don’t make us angry Do not make us wait for you…ever. In the mornings, during a meal, or at a gas station. Ever!

37 Additional Rules Richard Ordonez Make sure everyone is present before leaving the hotel.

38 Additional Rules Star Lis Black fishnet pantyhose scare people in the Plains.

39 Additional Rules Annette Marshall In North Dakota, chicken is considered a “vegetable.”

40 Additional Rules Jesse It is a long ride to Little Rock, Arkansas. Ask Jesse’s mom. Oh, and make sure you can be contacted before the trip.

41 Additional Rules Matt Powers Very Fine juice bottles are not big enough…think about it.

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